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Steemjet Kids School

We opened a small school for child. Now we need help from you. If you will help us, then we can take a house and buy t-shirt for all, so we need help to you.

Now we need some money sir. Please help us. Sir
Please Visit My Post & Help Us


This is a good idea, but, please let me ask you;

  1. Who are you? are you a SF member?
  2. Do you have another(older steemit account) or do you just woke up with this idea?
  3. Did someone in SF recommended you(if yes. who?) or you found us yourself

Reply me as soon as possible, let's start from there!!!

Welcome aboard!

I am very simple and needy and poor man. I had a wise to give education and T-shirt among poor children in free of cost. But I have not enough money to serves them.I think you @dimimp sir and Steemjet to help me giving money to build up a school and giving them T-shirt.My name is Borsha Islam.My steemit account is @borshaislam.I am not a member of SF and I have been long day in Steemjet.
Please Help Us

Who are you please

Hey can you stop spamming with steemjet name or you reveal your identity??

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