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I like to keep my posts short and and simple; who cares right??

This one is simple and directed to the steemjet community.
Lately, just out of curiosity and so much gratitude, i have been wondering about who the boss @dimimp truly is behind this famous image we been seeing. i have made efforts to ask because personally, i can't write my youthful success story without him being involved, although my curiosity wasn't attended to for personal reasons i guess.

so here's the question:
If you have an opportunity to to meet @Dimimp personally, whats that one question you would ask him??

of cause after you said thank you.

Drop your Questions in the comment box, i will drop mine along side every other persons own on another post once i get enough responses.

Lets hit it, he just might reveal a piece of himself due to popular demand, as he always grants our request.


My comment to @dimimp if I ever meet up with him will be

"Hey man you are the God of steem" 😁

and you are my money man!

just hit you with your raise today!

thanks for taking that heavy load off my back, I feel more inspired already!

Thanks man. I am now feeling stronger with the SP to do more credible works for steemjet

Wow...... Congrats @empato365

You really help
@dimimp sir

pity he has robbed you of so much

Well my question to @dimimp will be why the character tyrion lannister
If you've watched the series Game of thrones he was hated by his family but he turned out just great in another kingdom. Maybe this is a sneak peak towards knowing him. The imp choosed the path which he believed was right and he is very wise. That which have kept him going through out the whole series

he makes me laugh

yes. And very smart. Never expected him to survive this long in the series.

seriously, I gave the name 1 second of thought, I just chose the first thing that came into my head. That's how FAST my scatterbrain runs. Weird, I know. Just blind faith that it would someday evolve into whatever it was that I was destined for. When you get this old, you don't have TIME to contemplate and WONDER what your destiny will be, you just run to it FASTER.


It's my dream to live as long as you have, and I think you have lived a fulfilled life, which is what i want too.

You brain will improve

Honestly I get scared of making fast decision. I might make mistakes. And most mistakes comes with consequences. Would love to learn how you make such fast right decision. I read your earliest post and found out you invested your complete savings into steem. And know you've made your profit. I will love to learn

I even made a post about him. Because I was fascinated on why you chosed him. And not john snow


seriously, I gave the name 1 second of thought, I just chose the first thing that came into my head. That's how FAST my scatterbrain runs. Weird, I know. Just blind faith that it would someday evolve into whatever it was that I was destined for. When you get this old, you don't have TIME to wait for destiny.


You shall be guided sir

Lol.... Great! I have loads of questions to ask @dimimp. Damn! I'm not sure of which i'd ask first! ...I'd Probably ask him "what is it that compels him to be so generous".

Exactly ,i have never seen a person like him.

Always helping....

I have never seen another person like YOU!

We are ALL unique Just like Olivia's Superstar. I am going to help bring out the best qualities of the Steemjet Space Force because as a team, we can really create something unique AND helpful!

You are a tool that I am using to create HELPFUL TOOLS for humanity.

How does it feel?

Absolutely awesooomeeeee

I would say that humanity is lucky that someone like you is walking the earth. I hope to change lives one day like you by physically sending steem to broke people thus showing them what steem can do for them

Witnessing desparate need never fulfilled helps, but really I was ALWAYS generous, just broke.

because who PREFERS drinking alone?

I understand you very well @dimimp. One could have the heart to give, but don't have the resources to.

But, i believe even when broke, you were ALWAYS generous. :)

I love to create things that inspire people to love, and your cover for Olivia and the Superstar helped bring that whole project to the next level. I could not have done it without you!

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.
God bless you

Thank you, steemjet community is my inspiration.

It's a strategy..... The reply is your comment

Yes, it is true. I am also very curious who @dimimp. if you meet him. send my greetings. I want to ask. what makes him so generous

All my friends and family are BROKE just like YOURS, and in situations that are even worse than being broke, and now I have money and can finally help.

Honestly, what would YOU do in my shoes longming?

for me, I have been generous to a fault since I read the bible as a kid and saw how jesus just walked around giving his entire net worth away EVERY SINGLE DAY.

and he said it would make us all happy if we did that, and so I tried and found out that yes, it does make me happy to be generous, but I ended up being broke when I wished I wasn't.

And I thought, well, maybe there is a balance here somewhere becasue I did not fully realize all the 4th dimensional stuff that he did, so he was able to make infinite fish, where I can maybe only catch one or 2. I want to learn to meditate and realize the 4th dimension, but if I fail, then maybe YOU can!

Wow. I have the same idea with you. To help fight for the rights of the weak.
I was born from a poor family.
In a village far from the city.
The villagers do not have jobs.
These are some portraits of youth work in my village.
They work to mine rocks in the river.
They do not go to school because of economic limitations.

I went to town looking for work. 4 years I work in town.
After that.
I went back to the village to share my experience while in town.
When the night I went out looking for a youth gathering place.
I teach them to make money on the internet.
I teach them to make money through STEEMIT.

And I am still limited economically.
Maybe if one day I have a lot of money. I will facilitate them with free WiFi network.
So they can easily access the Internet.
My dream before I die is to make people smile.
Hopefully it's achieved pack.

I will send you some steem today

Lucky him.. Sir @dimimp.. I wanted to make an enquiry please.
I wanted to now when the steemhigh,steemjet gold and happie/flippie contest will be over.
When the winners will be determined??
And how will they be chosen. As well as prices..
Just a concerned steemjetter..

On the wings of superstars, we are words and steeeeeem

Some soon, some later :)

Good guy @dimimp helping out people in need here.

It's rather pathethic. Mankind keep groaning in darkness. No thanks to poverty. I hope you find enough funds to help your community and friends soon. I dropped a few cents from @dimimp's delegation to me. That is all I can afford for now but I hope to help more in the future. Extend my regards to your friends

Thank you for your attention. I have to collect about 100SBD more to build my friends.
we here still have to use power plant tools. state electricity is not very functional
hopefully can be realized quickly.

I will send you twice that, good luck, let us know how it progresses. Setting up wi-fi is super hard work.

I hope you extend my contract in this community. so I can pay monthly wifi fees to a service provider and I can continue to buy generator oil. I will work hard for this community.

thank you very much boss @dimimp. I will buy the equipment to install wifi. I had to buy a long iron pole 30-40 meters long. because our village is far from the city. and I purchased the wifi device from the service provider.
for power plant I have purchased used genset. I can fix the power tools.

Welcome to steemjet.. I wish you a change for better In life..

Hmmm, the ways of @dimimp though, truly one needs to be skilled and well read in topics like religion, philosophy, science and the arts to understand your messages sometimes they are artistically sublime ,Well thank God I studied some literature ,religion ,science and arts in school nigga be crazy with word pun, metaphors and biblical allusion yeah. Life of an illuminated mind, i can relate yeah.

He keeps talking about his left brain being dim. I'm not sure what this means, but if dim is the definition for a brain that produces these manner of intellectual masterpieces we read, then I am proud to say, without mincing words that I pray for my brain to be dim too

left brain is math/science right brain is creativity/art

I remember learning this during my Neuroanatomy classes in my third year. Oh well, I think I get the picture now. God bless. But I still doubt that your left brain is dim. Maybe I'll believe it when I see the evidence. Lol. Good day Boss!

Then your right brain is on a whole another level @dimimp

Why is he so kind to all of us?
and what exactly is steemjet?
I have joined it a month ago, I don't know the rest.
Hopefully, I'll get the answer.
If it is just promoting steemit? Luckily I know that, and it's really a great initiative <3
I'm proud to be a part of Steemjet Community <3 and to have @dimimp!


you work HARD, and deserve pay for your work, and hell, I am kind to everybody, why not?

being an asshole seems to take more energy from what I learned, and who wants to die young, life is precious, and I want to learn as much as my dim mind can handle in the blink of an eye that I am alive

what exactly IS steemjet?

good question

Have you ever composed a piece of music AS a group?

The song evolves, and changes, until it DOES NOT, and then, it's done. This is where we are NOW. We are creating a template/framework to improvizationally teach over and over in different places around the world. What that will look like EXACTLY is changing daily, therefore, I am JUST AS CURIOUS AS YOU to know what IS steemjet!

Have you ever been in a JAZZ band? The song is never played the same way twice.

Steemjet is a group of people working to build an improvizational vehicle that rolls out the red carpet for newbies in cities all around the world like clockwork, but does it with a different STYLE each and every time.

I am trying to stear steemjet to teaching and onboarding focus, and if we pitch our commercial (it was not hard to convince ME of the value of crypto, but we are not average my friend and have lots of work to do). But if we retain our party vibe, then I think that we have an EFFECTIVE angle.

I love the shirts/mugs. I doubt that we will ever eclipse that graphic. It was kind of like the end of the logo search. Now our art will focus on getting people to WANT to join Steemit via Olivia and Superstar, party paydays etc.

The graphics are kul... @mbj sent the design to me. And it's really kul. I'm thinking of getting it on a Byc polo or a drake like hood but I think a hood would be better??

This explanation just encompasses everything. Amiable!!!

You are really a blessing to this community

My question would be what inspired him to invest in steemit

just saw you requested early payout on your total


I will send you liquid steem in the next batch

Hello @dimimp on the course of serving the steemjet community better and Also the joy I've got to work with a genius like you. Please sir, I kindly request also for some part of my payout remaining, because I've got some stuffs to sort out in school, had this thought for long but didn't know how to tell you due to the fact that you've got much responsibilities on you, and this happens to be my last turn.
Thanks as you heed to my plea sire.
Yours faithful Donatello
Long live steemjet 🙏

Ok sir, when is the next batch?

In life all you have is your reputation, your word, your bond of trust.

Same with the steem blockchain, your soul is bared for all to see.

I am not an innovator, but an early adopter.

This is why I know nothing technically, but just want to use the technology in my daily life.

Steem was the only blockchain I saw with the utility to run a business.. How are we doing so far partner?


It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings

We are doing so well sir, thanks to you

If I have the opportunity to meet him I will ask him which planet he is from bacuase so far in my lifetime I haven't seen someone who is as nice as he is without asking for anything in return,Long live steemjet and long live sir @dimimp...

@shartzy thanks for the post.

that's the right question!

I don't know, but I was just born this way, and my family proved to me this great truth:


and I can never leave anybody behind, or left out, especially after seeing all my unfortunate friends suffer.

I cannot tolerate injustuice among us, and you guys are going to help me include EVERYONE!

It is a sickness that drives me to get sick. Driven to make things better after seeing them destroyed irrepairably. Like I said in my post, the challenges I am dealing with in real life are more impossible than simply distributing crypto to everyone in the form of a HUGE PARTY.

Hey, but at least I have NOTHING to lose but you guys. Absolutely LOVE your voice by the way. I was talking to lordjames, and it seems I can have amazon.com deliver some gear to him, and he can get it to you. Can't wait to have you narrate our book!

She is right sir you may reason that but you are definitely different

But at the same time you can't help everyone... Try not to get sick when not helping, steemjetters needs you hale and hearty.

thank you so much.

Me too am curious.... I am sure i'd go dumb for a sec.. And prolly ask his real name

oh come on now, it is not YOU who would be starstruck!

your song and sound is incredible, and perfect for our initiatives and our style

I just talked to lordjames who said I could send him some recording gear and he could get it to you.

Something like this to start off with, and if we are successful, then we can get you guys some even BETTER gear. Your initiative is the one which I am MOST excited (that and Kristenanantai's storybook) about (that's why you got the contract extension), because producing music is my strength. All this computer stuff is NOT!


i think i have already heard this music (tune) somewhere

great ideas travel FAST!

Yeah you are right @dimimp
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go

Thank you for letting us know

No you haven't @yatri this piece is totally original and my brain child, I arranged and composed every thing, from scratch to finish maybe you should check out my blog I am a sing writer. Thank you.

Yes, I have sent you the mail. I would really want to hear Olivia narrated on audio. I'll talk to you guys on whatsapp

thanks, I won't be able to read it for 3 days, but maybe next week I can try sending something (at least a reply) thanks!

We shall wait for him.
The audio is still on

The evergreen man @dimimp I thought it wise that since we have the STEEMJET workers, why don't we have steemjet 🆔. Check this out BOSS


By @goalsetter #Mrspeaker

Link: https://steemit.com/steemjet/@goalsetter/the-steemjet-intergalactic-identification-certified-c00a919292f33

@dimimp thanks mate, i am really grateful this is all coming out right yeah, glad our contract was extended, we got more projects to wow you watch out, for stardust everywhere.

Why are you so benevolent...?@Dimimp


Hello from Venezuela .

hello @dimimp ...where were you born ? What did you do 10 years ago?

I was born in a rough place, but nothing like yours right now

producing music

Right descision sir

Wow!! What genre??

wow VERY INTERESTING, I love music madly and my favorite genre is rock.

I would ask him hey dude do you you help to help

helping feels good and gets me high, the thought of ACTUALLY growing steemjet to the point where we ACTUALLY are able to deliver steem into EVERYONE's hands is orgasmic!

yeah, I'm weird

givers never lack @dimimp

a man that is so generous like you receives his blessings in many ways

you might be surprised on how you get success in some impossible things

only to discover that in reality , you goodness and generousity is at work

thanks once again sir for touchin so many lives through the steemjet initiative

Orgasmic..... Crypto Orgasms 😁😁😁

Yeah and God will blessed you for that
Great man

@dimimp sir
I have uploaded much artwork
But you haven't noticed any

He must notice you one but we are all here for you.
I am s7

Thanks you man

I love this man you are the best

I would probably not have one but multiple questions :)

Let's hear it then


but thanks for not asking.

Hahahahahahahahahhahah "thanks for not asking" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

She'll definitely come back to ask but by then I think the Q&A would have been over!! "thanks for replying in advance". 😂😂😂😂

Am trying to figure out what could that be

@dimimp this is my question. Are you a man or a woman and what is your push towards steemjet

Hahahaha, this is a tough one. Do angels have gender? Yes they do and I think they are mostly male.

alas, merely male, wish I had both

Funny to hear sir you cannot be both

Hahahahhahahha. Angels??????? Male. So no FEMAle angels?

There should be.... Judging from the Greek gods. I still wish to watch a kul Greek movie narrating their god's apart from "Odyssey"

Lol lol lol... @sweetim leave the question first. Focus on the project at hand.

Lol lol lol... @sweetim leave the question first. Focus on the project at hand.

I have read each reply to all the questions here. And each one paint a clearer picture of him. So, if I ever meet him in person, which I hope to one day. I'll just ask him if I can hug him and if I can at least buy him a drink. I hope he would answer a yes and make me the happiest man on earth.

you are my brother

I obviously trust you the most

It is easy for me to be so honest when I am anonymous

it is harder for you guys because you are not

i understand this reality and am honored that you show me your face

He as a baby face @dimimp
But he is hard working

I would love to see you sir

Maybe just one day ,we will make music together in the same room @dimimp

@Dimimp once replied I and @udembahenry that he would come to Nigeria, I'm still waiting for that day. Else I'll visit him anywhere he is someday.... Thank God we have a "Jet".

You have to meet me at space 7

And when I get to meet him I'd be like:Hey man, you're the last Good man ✌️

I'd ask @dimimp to tell me his story of how he moved from a broke person to a wealthy person.

@dimimp I'd like to ask where are you from and what was your job earlier? :)

I honestly don't know what to ask if I met him.
I'm a fan, an admirer
I'll just be happy in his company :)

@dimimp is the man ✌️

Anothe question @dimimp. I'm so happy that you featured two of my arts in your post. "Steemjet guide ' and cheerleaders (steemhigh). Are they included in the competition. Lol.

@dimimp sir.
can I join your space force ?? how can I join space force?

After a warmth greetings to @dimimp
My question will be.
How did he manage to cope in this community as a minnow and why he chose to help all?

@dimimp is a blessing to this community

@dimimp has been a source of inspiration to me right from the day I knew him here

I just have two questions for the boss @dimimp. I hope he finds time from his tight schedule to answer them.

Our lives have been greatly transformed by the Steemjet Network. I personally would love to know if there was an event in your life that spurred you up to create this life inspiring initiative (STEEMJET).

I would love to know how you feel about the STEEMJET PHOTOGRAPHY CONCEPT. I'm sure you've not had time to go through our works dedicated to the steemjet network.

I will try and make it easier for you to access by dropping the links to our photography exhibits here.

Thank You