Solve some English questions

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Hey guys,how are you all?
Today i came with some new english questions, Which i need answers.Help me by giving those answers.I Don't want all answer.give you are sure about.IMG_20180910_192201.jpg

  1. Youth like summer morn. Here the word "morn" means?

  2. "Crabbed" means. ?-

  3. That man is a mad dog now. It is an example of?

  4. Much have i traveled in the realms of gold. It is an example of.?

  5. John keats was. ? -

  6. "realms of gold" refers. ?-
    8)the word line "tossing their heads in sprightty cance" sprightly' is an. ?-

  7. " ten thousand saw I at a glance" this line has been taken as. 11) The word " wande" in 'I wandered lonely as a cloud' means.? -

  8. The daffodils were ?-

  9. In robert herrick's 'To Daffodils' apart from human beings what other things are short livedz ? -

  10. Herrick's daffodilas describes ?-

  11. What does it mcan by "The hasting day"?

  12. The pearls of marnig's dew" has been taken as?

  13. " As quick a growth to meet beea" here the word ' decay' is a/an? -

  14. In the lines "Here shau he see/ No enemy" here stands for ?-

  15. What is the major attra ction of life as expressed in " under the green wood tree. ?-

  16. Shakes peare thinds that the only enemies in the forest are.?-

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