Steem's First Freelancing Marketplace is Online at!

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Will you join us in celebrating the launch today of Steem's new freelancing website at because we can use this to help earn money with our skills and hire each other to do the work we need? Thank you very much to @sarasate for building and agreeing to continue development on it based on what we ask for!

Today I sent the prize I offered of 2,000 Steem to @sarasate for creating the first working version of SteemJ first based on the original post at
If you have not read this already, would you read it because it explains in detail my long term vision for SteemJ which I think has the ability to add massive value to our community here on Steem?

To summarize, freelancing online is a $10+ billion dollar business that Steem has the perfect opportunity to innovate in because of our profiles which act as a resume and our payment system with instant transfers and transparent wallets. Building an exciting freelancing platform with Steem specializing in services related to cryptocurrencies gives us the opportunity to bring potentially millions of new freelancers onboard and to increase our ability to make meaningful purchases with Steem.

We did this together because of the support of 1073 upvoters on the announcement post at which helped pay almost half the cost to fund the development of SteemJ! The top 10 upvoters for SteemJ are @hendrikdegrote, @transisto, @fabien, @teamsteem, @nanzo-scoop, @geoffrey, @craig-grant, @livingfree, @sweetsssj, and @gigafart. Thank you each very much for giving enough to launch this first version of SteemJ and also to @o5faruk who has been working on his own version of SteemJ!

sarasata steemj winner.png

What are the key features available on SteemJ?

On today we have the ability to search through job posts made to Steem including @steemgigs, peer to peer exchange, research, writing/editing steem posts, marketing, programming & tech, translation, graphic design, and video production. We also will soon have a working post feature to make posting a job in the right place easy! If you would like to hire for one of these kinds of jobs, would you please post on SteemJ because this will help us find your job?

My longer term plan for SteemJ is explained at where I hope to use SteemJ to make it easy for us to connect with any of our services and hiring needs in one place because this will help us spend our Steem and earn more Steem using our skills! While Steem is planning communities in future interface releases, I believe SteemJ will be most effective in both bringing new freelancers to Steem directly via SteemJ and offer the best marketplace to view and browse all current Steem jobs especially when combined with all the existing posts from @steemgigs.

Growth Proposal Format

  1. Positive feedback! 1501+ upvotes total on the first two SteemJ idea posts (which were not correctly tagged with "growth-ideas") along with nearly 500 comments totaling over $1,000 in rewards.
  2. Summary! Our blogs with Steem present the perfect resume to show what we can do. How much value would making an online freelancing platform using Steem add to our community if we made it easy to hire contractors and get hired as a freelancer here?
  3. Problem! Currently to get freelance work online takes going to Upwork or Fiverr or Craigslist or another third party website that requires starting essentially from zero. Getting the first job is really hard and often linking to a website like Steem is not allowed. Meanwhile, we have thousands of people interested and available to be hired here plus hundreds of clients like me that need help with our businesses already using Steem. Today making the connection is very difficult because there is no easy way for the workers to connect with the clients. Even adding communities might make it possible for certain specialized groups to form like "Steem Freelancers" but these will still be ineffective to actually attract freelancers to join Steem just for the ability to earn as a freelancer.
  4. Solution! We are in the perfect position to make the best freelancing platform in the world because where else can we actually get paid to build our resume? All we need is an interface to bring all of the freelancers and clients together. SteemJ is my attempt to produce that for us.
  5. Outcome! In five years, I would like to see the majority of the world's freelancers being hired on our Steem blockchain and receiving payments in Steem. Having the world's top freelancing platform on Steem would guarantee a Steem price of $10 with as high as $100 possible as Steem became the first cryptocurrency adopted by the masses globally for making person to person transfers. Bitcoin by comparison is still not even close to main stream with almost no one in normal life I know offline ever having bought or sold any Bitcoin. In the short term, giving every Steem user an easy option to post a job and to browse all the existing jobs on Steem helps us build deeper relationships with each other. In three months, I would like to be able to count on SteemJ to help me hire anyone else I need to work with for my business. Within a year, I would like to be running ads on Facebook and YouTube to bring freelancers and clients to Steem.
  6. Cost! To make building our freelancing platform a reality, we need a developer to consistently be available to maintain and improve the code. For this service, would we be willing to give @sarasate 5,000 Steem a month to be the lead developer because he has already committed to continuing to make consistent improvements after proving that within a month of starting he was able to build the entire from nothing? Within a few months, we would expect to have active jobs in every category plus consistent transactions from existing Steem users giving SteemJ a try and from the existing activity in @steemgigs matching with our efforts? Within six months, we would hope to be ready to launch video advertising campaigns on Facebook and YouTube in the same format I have already done on two previous ad campaigns to bring in thousands of new Steem users directly through SteemJ with a budget of 5,000 Steem a month? Our potential gain within a year is significant increases in the price of Steem as thousands more users join Steem to use our marketplace while existing users build deeper relationships with others and make more peer to peer Steem transactions.

What do you think?

Would you like us to continue developing SteemJ as a growth project under the "Crowdsourced Marketing Protocol: Ideas, Proposals, Projects" as explained at because we will need further development and advertising funding to make this truly a valuable contribution to Steem? What key features would you like to see in order to become active on SteemJ? How important do you think it is we continue to improve this and bring more people into Steem this way?

Thank you very much for collaborating with me to make SteemJ a reality today within two months from the day I announced it! Are we ready to keep making SteemJ better and begin using it today to connect?

Jerry Banfield

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These are the kinds of initiatives that help the world forward, to fiat money free trade!


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are you working with @steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle on this? It sounds as if a merger would be a good idea..


Hope we can see a link which he made a collabo with steemgig....


Makes sense yeah! Thanks for bringing this up and have a wonderful day! Following you!


@stellabelle definitely we are hoping to integrate @steemgigs into the interface deeper as we keep building! Currently we have a link to browse Steem gigs at

Again full upvote! The projects that are happening and the things I am seeing since I start paying more attention to the platform are just mind-blowing. This is absolutely brilliant and if it does take off then this will add tremendous value to the steemit platform. Other projects that I absolutely love that I came across is @steemsongs and #SteemBnB. Those are very exciting times to be around! Full steem on:)....


@czechglobalhosts thank you very much for sharing your support here and being one of the top upvoters!


Absolute pleasure! I love what you do for the patform!


Another great idea that has been born from the mind of @jerrybanfield , thank God for a person like you, sir!

Keep it up, is a very wonderful initiative, many people will benefit from it, I´m sure there´s a lot of talent already within the Steemit community. The sites you mention pay very low and is very impersonal. I think the designers, voice-over , etc are not appreciated at all


@luisneira thank you very much for your support and confirmation that the other top freelancing websites are not very helpful for most users!


agreed ! athought its just me, a single person, but i do definitely appreciate the efforts in helping freelancers in this way !

Thanks for sharing


You're welcome @coinlend thank you for the comment!

This is just incredible! Go steemit! And go Jerry Banfield!


@fisch thank you for your continued support and upvote!

Thanks for sharing... IMHO, it is a job worth more than 2000 STEEM


Thank you @justyy I was wondering about the price beforehand and I just edited it after reading your comment to ask for 5,000 Steem because you are right this level of a project that could add so much value here is also worthy of compensation to give the developer a chance to take the project seriously in a world where developers are very competitive!

Hiya @jerrybanfield I just signed up on your dream come true and it is very easy to see that this is just the beginning of something outstanding.

I am new to Steemit and still trying to understanding how everything works so with that in mind I would like to ask a few questions if I may…

I clicked around to see what had been posted, and if I am honest I am slightly confused as you said this has launched today, yet in the translation section I see posts made a year ago?

I am kinda of thinking folks are reposting on SteemJ what they have already posted in the past?

Is this correct?

Also I was on the understanding that after 7 days a post could not be voted on, no more comments could be made and it was not possible to Resteem, does this change when using SteemJ? yet clicking through from a post on SteemJ to steemit hat was made a year ago seems i have it totally wrong ??/

Would we using the “Post new job” for both the hiring a service and offering a service?

When we are offering a service do we post directly onto SteemJ and this will automatically appear on our Steemit Blog too or the other way round? First on our Steemit Blog and then it will show up on our profile in SteemJ or do we use them separately ?

I realise that this is an ongoing work in progress but you did ask, so one thing I would want to see is a Clear Price TAG for any services offered.

In the New Job section there are the same boxes as for the a regular post on Steemit, “title post and tags, not sure if this is possible or not but an extra box specifically for Price for Service Offered and a proper description of what is being offered as to provide full transparency, the additional post could be for further details, hope I am not steeping out of line here, it is just what I would like to see thanks for creating and look forward to following the developments


@lobbylux we love your feedback here because this is exactly what we are hoping to build in going forward especially if the Steemit team will help us advance this to a growth project. We will need a "post service" feature added to share services because now it only has for posting a job. We just used a tag browser so far because this shows the format which would all be blank with using only our own tags. Thank you for your support and helping us understand what is most important to build next!


Hi @lobbylux are you a translator? Thanks for bringing this up and have a wonderful day! Following you!


hiya @pjcswart when i saw this new platform and went to check out the translation section to see basically what kind of services were being offered as i was kinda thinking i could offer translations from Italian to English, i have done the odd job the last once of which was the translation of a HACCP Manuel for a UK food Firm


I can help you if you are looking for work in that language combination. Shall I introduce you to some people? I hope you have a wonderful day!! Following You!!!


hi @pjcswart i would love to see what is available thanks sending you a message in chat


oops i can't find you on there !!!!

Always working for somthing better thats what we like to see! 🔥🔥🔥


I hope so Crypto-Willz thank you for your support!

This is truly a great initiative... Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing the updates and all the very best!


You're welcome @hms818 thank you for your consistent positive reinforcement! I am so excited about this project I was afraid to even check the comments and am very happy to see them now!

Wow, this is great for Steemit! Thanks for your effort!


You're welcome @michiel I am very grateful @sarasate agreed to code it because without him we would have nothing to show yet!

Hey @jerrybanfield,

You need to add some intro text above the fold on the site to explain it!!

I keep seeing this over and over in the crypto space. There is a complete lack of basic marketing to explain it to outsiders.

Just my direct feedback. I am an absolute fan of what you have done and will begin using the site immediately for service. Congrats on the launch!!



Love the meme thank you for another :) I will take a look at your post!

Wow This look great. Don't know do I understand what is exactly, but it seems to me this gonna improve connection between Stemians and make this community even more greater. So I can apply for some job Steemit needs at the time or there would be offered jobs outside Steemit also? Sorry, I just heard about this and still exploring it.

This idea coming to life alone is great work! I am highly impressed there needs to be some kind of safer alternative to craigslist as far as transactions and personal safety I think this could help.


Daniel we appreciate you mentioning the added safety of working on Steem versus Craigslist because I had not thought of that yet!


Well I have switched to facebook buy and sell groups where I can click their profile and see if it matches their appearance if meeting in public or see what they are posting. On craigslist all you get is an e-mail. they could be a truck of masked bandits on the other side of the computer and you would think some old lady is coming t pick up your vintage sewing machine. I got paranoid when I was selling some boat motors for an older neighbor and I got an e-mail from someone saying they had the cash and wanted the address where the boat motors were. I explained I had to go talk to my neighbor and we could probably meet at a store in which they replied no its ok ill just come to you. I wasn't going to do that with a photo with my neighbors location let alone without one and just some random e-mail. Another thing is on some of the silver buy and sell groups on facebook they have people vouch for them if someone is going to send money to see how many successful transactions a person has made. That also seems to be a good system.

this is pretty typical for a steem "growth proposal". you built a tag browser, and youre representing it as some kind of revolutionary new app.... when really all you have is a way to view exactly the information available on

Its almost exactly the same recycled idea as steemsongs, steembnb and the most of the other proposals you see here. You want to make a steem based site that looks like fiverr, or AirBNB or itunes, without providing any of the value that these sites do.

EDIT to add -- theres nothing necessarily wrong with a tag viewer, or an alternative way to view the same information, it just is what it is, and not what youre advertising it as.


Sigma as it currently stands today you are exactly right because after sharing the idea a little over a month ago and getting the initial version coded all it does is tag browse. We will need more support to build it deeper with the features that will give it equal functionality with Fiverr and Upwork combined with the unmatched value of Steem!
Some of the very first features we would like are the ability to custom pin blog posts as a resume, show account value, share tracked transaction volume, and show active freelancers with skills! This first version proves our commitment to making the ideal version a reality and we will need to continue working together to build in the additional features over the next months!

Jerry you really understand what this is all about. I even broke my rule of not voting on a post that is already trending.

So now we need a descentralized marketplace for goods and services.


@onthewayout thank you very much for your upvote which is one of the top and for confirming the value of building a decentralized marketplace for us to use together!

@JerryBanfield - congratulations! I didn't know this was in the works. This has so much potential. I was working on a similar idea, off of Steemit, actually 😅

This is perfect for me, as I just went full time freelance in marketing and web development, but I often find myself anxious when a large project comes up as I want to be sure our team has the bandwidth. That's where additional freelancers come in.

I'll definitely be digging into this! If there's any assistance you guys need, drop me a line. I'd love to get involved :)

@jerrybanfield I love the idea. I tried to access it though and I couldn't reach it.


I also tried but the page doesn't seem to be working.

Sounds very interesting, I'll definitely have to join the site.


Thank you Wix it currently is set to use our existing Steem profiles with the posting key!

wow, a real push forward for the steem platform. Steem is here to stay . Thanks to everyone involved.

Wow, deffo something to consider!


Thanks Tomas I am happy to see you got your Steem off of Bittrex with the automated maintenance which was on when I tried to buy today!


Yes, it took a while, but now I've got my some Steem Power :)

OMG!! Finally it's here!! Can't wait to get involved with my freelancing services on SteemJ :D :D you finally made the project come into life my @jerrybanfield !! I really can't thank you enough! and of course @sarasate cheers to you!!


Thank you @ishratamin I hope we can all work together there to earn the most for doing the work we enjoy!


Definitely!! @jerrybanfield we will make it work in best possible way for our own betterment and for the community as well 😊😊!

I love where this is going! This has quickly become my favorite social media site. I spend more time here each day because of posts like these. I am excited to come in early!

So Exciting to see where you are taking Steemit @jerrybanfield. Feel like most people are stuck on the 'it's better than most blogging sites, and you can get paid!" aspect of Steemit, but they are looking at the finger and not the moon. You constantly amaze and inspire me with your ideas and innovations. Thank you for sponsoring the changes you know are possible on here and please don;t stop. Steemit has the potential to transcend practically all major websites we use currently, if only people start working together to come up with things that are better. This is definitely one of them Bravo Jerry, Bravo! @wuji


Most welcome!

Wow great stuff!.. how can we make money from it @jerrybanfield ?


It's a freelancing website so, you will select a skill from what is listed at the site and people will contact you based on the skill set u chose, then you can work out the cost of your work with your client. Hope that helps answer your question. For example; you can re steem posts & charge 2$ in steem, depending on the audience you have(followers)


Exactly and what is amazing with Steem is that we can attract clients to post jobs on SteemJ which will then be visible on Steem. We can then reward job posts with dollars which should make clients sign up in great numbers!


As we continue building it, I hope that anyone with a profile on Steem or anyone that signs up for Steem can view jobs open and make connections with clients using our Steem profiles instead of having to set one up on another website! For now we basically have a proof of concept and functional website to help assist in gaining additional support to build it all the way out!

This isn't the first freelancer marketplace on steemit, it's just the first one to have youtube money behind building a third party website.

Good luck managing abuse, btw. Already seeing tons of stuff on there that isn't a service offer 😂 welcome to Steemit...


Yes we used a few tags that are already in use to help show the formats of the post and are asking for funding from Steemit to make continuing upgrades!


I'm not sure I understand, but that's ok. I just hope this doesn't take away from the movement we've built behind @steemgigs over the past few months.


Aww don't be salty. Just make both products better! :)


I realize I shouldn't care so much, especially considering it wasn't me who started the #steemgigs movement, it's just going to be really hard for the original idea to keep a following when thousands of dollars are being put behind a second marketplace.


But that is the "free market" though...

great!!! looking forward to this new platform!!

Wow! That was really fast! I remember it wasn't long ago when you proposed this. Good work!


@coincentrado you are right we got it all done within two months of sharing the very first idea thanks to @sarasate's rapid speed in programming and communication with me via!

I must say that I'm really excited about this platform! As a multimedia producer, I couldn't ask for more since I work with almost everything around tech, design, video production, photography...

I feel like this is a great opportunity for content creators in general so I would like to thank @jerrybanfield, @sarasate and everyone else involved in this awesome initiative!

Keep up the great work,


Shaden thank you very much because with your excitement to use it given your talents we have confirmation that we can benefit a lot from continuing to build the functionality together!

I really hope this takes hold. It would be a great way to make extra Steem. Thanks for Sharing @jerrybanfield and supporting this project.


You're welcome David I hope it does too and appreciate your support here!

This is really good news. I am an artist and I have to sell. I wish all to become crypto millionaires!!!! Upvote bro !!!

This is really awesome. There really is no end to what steemit can do. The potential is massive. I don't know how to create these kinds of websites, but I can participate and spread the word. Which I intend to do!

Awesome! Going to check it out now! I'll see if I can make some extra Steem on there. I'm sure it has it's bugs since it's just beginning, but it could be a major platform in future. :D



Yes I was unable to make a post with it and we minimized adding too many features at this point to get it out there for feedback! I hope with the continued support we will be able to build it into the world's best freelancing website!

This is a great start. More the number of platforms using Steem blockchain, more ubiquitous will steem become. While I don't agree on a couple of things with you @jerrybanfield this is really a great initiative.

I hope this will have a snowball effect and lead to many more platforms like these. I am working on a Steem based QA Site and have parked the website Would love to hear you feedback on the same.

Wow this is amazing, I will using many of the services provided! Thanks @jerrybanfield for creating this 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


Thank you Charles for sharing your support here so fast after the post went live!


I got my cell phone right here to check all updated posts haha


It is amazing what a Recovering Alcoholic can get done when he sets his Mind to It. Thank you @jerrybanfield.........
Love you Brother..........


Amen love you too @stokjockey! Without spending 40 hours a week drinking and killing zombies in Call of Duty I do have a lot more free time :)


Yes you do Jerry !

Hey @jerrybanfield, @sarasate
This is a wonderful idea! A freelance market place based on steem.
Do you guys plan to add more tags/categories?
For example, I am a songwriter and music producer and have a studio.
So incase someone wants some music production done, some voice-over, jingles or even a song made, I can do that.
So like there is a tag for Video production, maybe one for Music Produciton would help us musicians and engineers? 😊
Keep up the super work!


Thanks. Yes, more categories about to come.. this is just the first draft. We will listen to what people ask for.. I'll add it to the list ;)


Super! ✨


Thank you for the update @jerrybanfield. I can see this working very well for my graphic design, branding and website development services. Currently, I mostly find my clients on Facebook. This will be a whole new fun way to collaborate and get things done.


@jerrybanfield and @sarasate, I'm getting this error when trying to post my design services at : GraphQL error: Non-base58 character


Hi @mitchmahoney, would be useful to see the the text you tried to post. Can you contact me on and share it with me.. username is the same there.. Thanks

I just learn something new! Thank you Jerry

Awesome post! Can't wait to use this!

Gonna check this out asap 😲

This looks amazing! Trying to wrap my head around it. Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks, @jerrybanfield.

As a Freelancer I'm feeling let down, I was really anticipating this, however, its seems to be just a "tag viewer" as @sigmajin stated, and is full of self-promotion and unorganized posts with few real prospects for me as a designer and video producer.

I know it's a work in progress, and I am still hopeful, here's to the future of steemJ! Also thanks for the effort to get it going!

Congrats, let's see if this marketplace will make steem/steemit mainstream!

Why steemj? Oh I get it.. Will have a look and check it out.

Congrats Jerry! I fully support this.

Nice..... Good job. Very interested brother :), i hope always success. Keep Steem On!

Waoo! I have been looking for a great day like this. Thanks to @jerrybanfied and everyone that made this possible.

I like this project. Thank you @jerrybanfield for spearheading this! From @go2sheila.

Hello Jerry

I have sign up just a few minutes ago. I found out about steemit because of your video ad. I was seeing another video about software development and i saw your video add and finished it and now i saw this post that is very useful for me because i know the feeling of how difficult it is to find freelance jobs and if you find it getting paid even more difficult in the country where i'm from. But Steemit and Steemj offer the solution for both problems and will use as soon as possible. Please follow me and thank you very much for the content.

Video Add:

These are very innovative projects, ''getting there before the whole world arrives!''

This sounds really great!! I just joined and this platform is super awesome.

And from the improvements - it would be nice to make tape filters for groups. For example, today I want to see only those friends who write about the crypto currency. And tomorrow - only those who photograph nature.

Now you can filter by tags, but all at once. But you can not create groups of friends.

Great idea! Thanks for sharing the link!

Why does it need a google analytics tracker running onto it, though. I love idea like that, but, seriously...

is this actually working for real

A really cool website for the people who have talent but dont get proper opportunities... Someone give this man a medal for his contributions

thanks for the info man very cool and informative loving the posts, looking forward to the next one cheers man

I like you're post.
This is my
Please keep follow & upvote me.

Hey buddy i upvoted your post. Love your videos and your music creations lol

This sounds amazing! As a graphic designer I will definitely take a look at it! ;D

@jerrybanfield - what an amazing initiative!!! LOVE IT!!!!

This is an Awesome way to go for Steemians to make money, by freelancers making money doing assignments and Advertisers posting their Work assignments.
Thank you @jerrybanfield and Kudos @sarasate for being lead developer.

Congratulations. The site looks amazing! I love that we can log in with our posting key!

You always have something new to share. I am your big fan and follower. :)

Thanks @jerrybanfield for informing us ! WIll use the service

nice post

Cool, gives me a warm and fuzzy with the project I'm working on:

Best post..
Thank you

Wow, I'm really impressed. It's the greatest project I have ever seen on Steemit and it creates huge value for our community. I'm webdesigner and internet marketer and I want to be a part of this community. I hope I will find interesting projects to make on SteemJ :) Great respect for you @jerrybanfield. You are doing a great job here! Upvoted!



Great Initiative !

Hope this is a Huge Success.


I am looking forward to seeing your platform.

(AKA @clevercreator)

Nice job, Jerry! Exactly what we need to monetise Steemit:)

Can steem really help minnows to boost their articles ?@jerrybanfield.

Fantastic, obviously steemit is on the right paths ,thats encourage many people to join for multiple uses. The future is now indeed the future is not somewhere too far but its what we achieve tomorrow based on what we working on today.the world is gonna face extraordinary achievments soooooon.we will make our life worth to live. My best wishes to those who made the history. We still have long way to go but absolutely we are million times better than we used to be. @jerrybanfield

Interested in Research and Writing

Indeed, a massive platform for the freelancers. Thumbs up

I am not very clear that it is ... is to perform tasks that require different members? ...

Hey, Jerry I just followed you, can you do the same for me... Great post by the way!

Smart and worthwhile idea! I'm sure this will evolve into something fantastic. Genius by @jerrybanfield

Thanks for the post mate! I'm really curious to see where this goes. And for the record, I'm very interested if it takes off.

@jerrybanfield I went from "why is this guy putting his pic on every post?!?" to "this guy is pretty cool".

And after this post I am stoked you are part of this community.

I will sign up asap!!

It is REAL!!!! :D Congrats @jerrybanfield!

Amazing work! I think SteemJ is going to be one of the most innovative websites in the marketplace for posting and hiring freelancers. The opportunity to be able to use Steem currency to pay for these jobs will give this website huge potential to be one of the leading online sites for job seekers. SteemJ will provide a platform for all of us to be able to connect and find meaningful work and best of all, we can help each other to be successful!


Makes sense yeah! Do you also see it as a potential marketplace for full time positions? Thanks for bringing this up and have a wonderful day! Following you!

wow that's great idea ! then we can also freelance IT projects here

This is great Jerry. I'm going to look into offering video editing services on there. Thanks!

Very useful thx

This looks incredible! The fact that funding was raised to pay @sarasate using upvotes and payouts is like proof of concept right there!

It could be a good place for freelancers to host portfolios too. An immutable record of their previous work and successes

Great job berry always upvoted! thanks @fkofficials

Looks like a fantastic idea. I was reading one post, and I thought the guy didn't know how to use markup: But when I looked on SteemIt, the pictures appeared inline:

So looks like your site doesn't support the image/markup yet?


The rendering of posts doesn't work perfectly at the moment (its still a prototype).
SteemJ only renders markup correct at the moment but steem allows a mix of markup and html, hence the issues on some posts. SteemJ's job posts will have a different layout in the future anyway, something we'll figure out in the next releases..

Thats looks like a awesome project. That would come in handy helping each other out and getting some extra cash in to our pockets. Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing, always on top of the info! Cheers amigo!