Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #56 ~ Outdoor Sandwich ~


★ Today's creative activities ★

Today is "Steemit Sandwich"! !

It becomes creative activity for "Challenge of Steemit Sandwich Contest Week # 56"!
Today, I went out from the morning, so I ate sandwiches outdoors! !

Today's sandwiches were chicken and salmon!
The compatibility with cafe au lait, which was handmade in the morning, was outstanding! !

Today was breakfast in the car, but occasionally this is also good!
Today, it was delicious! !

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It will be an experiment of posting steemit for a limited time only.
Thank you so much for your understanding.



今日は「Steemit Sandwich」になります!!

「Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #56」のチャレンジ向けの創作活動になります!






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That´s a really delicious looking Sandwich.

looks so tasty!

Nice... I would like to ask one thing that how is ur experiment....

Beautiful.... Looks fresh...

Here is mine, I just didn't want my salad mix to go wasting since they finished the cream before my arrival.
So I did this 👇

Wow so nice,love this foods; you are so beautiful uploaded thanks man,

Wow, the cucumbers look tasty, i haven't tried chicken and salmon together, interesting mix!

Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

I naturally favor a clean, healthy diet. A salad sandwich is one of my favorite meals.


Amigo, @ytrphoto, buenos días. Déjeme decirles que su sandwich se ve realmente apetitoso. Además veo que es un artista en el arte culinario con mucha creatividad. Seguiré sus post con frecuencia, para aprender de usted.

Friend, @ ytrphoto, good morning. Let me tell you that your sandwich looks really appetizing. I also see that he is an artist in culinary art with a lot of creativity. I will follow your post frequently, to learn from you.

Nice sandwich great

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Chicken and interesting combo indeed :)

Such kinds of fast food may be attractive, delicious but not able to fit for your health


This looks very good. I've not tried a salmon and chicken combination either, but it sounds very intriguing.

Iooks delicious 😋

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Interesting combo you have here, almost like a surf & turf!

This looks really tasty! I think I want to try this because Im craving for it right now!

Looks delicious, upvoted and followed :)

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