Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #88 | Bird's Duo-Cheesy Kraut and Brats

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Good grief my friends! It’s time for another great week of great Sandwiches!

In fact it’s Week 88 of @jaybirds Steemit Sandwich Contest! This week we have the luxury of having not only @jaybird but TWO additional gracious sponsors @gringalicious and @llfarms. Thank you ladies and gents, we are so thankful for your support! @jaybird has been cheering and supporting our crazy group of Sandwich Elves for over 2 years, and for that we are grateful!

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I whipped up a fresh order of Sauerkraut and after fermenting for a week or so the Sauerkraut was ready to go! We made two different types, Mustard/Dill and Celery. Both are pretty tasty but I thought the Mustard/Dill Kraut would be great with my Steemit Sandwich this week.

DSC_0066 (2).jpg

Sound good?


Duo-Cheesy Brats and Kraut!

All I used

  • Bird’s Mustard Dill Sauerkraut
  • Gruyere Cheese
  • Marinated Mozzarella Balls
  • Fresh Onion
  • Mayo
  • Mustard
  • Brats
  • Sriracha of course!
  • Pippin’ Hot Hoagie Buns

  • Brats on the grill! Check! Now shred the Gruyere…
    DSC_0003 (1) (2).jpg
  • Slice the Onions…
  • Don’t forget the Kraut! More is better!
    DSC_0006 (1) (2).jpg

I scooped the top out of the Hoagie Bun, layered a nice bed of Mayo, nestle Mozzarella balls around that cooked Brat right on top! Sprinkle Gruyere, Onions, add a dash of mustard and top with the Kraut! And of course, don't forget the Sriracha! Gotta have the spice!

The look on Mr. Birds face was priceless, I think he thought he had won the lottery!

DSC_0017 (1) (2).jpg

Another great week of @jaybirds Steemit Sandwich Contest! Enjoy my friends!

DSC_0043 (1) (2).jpg

Brats and Kraut, what a tasty combo! Remember, sauerkraut is so good for your health! Good luck to all of my Sandwich Elves and thanks for stopping by!

And as always, blessings to you all!




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Hoooo, nicely done :) Love the homemade dill sauerkraut!


Thank @jaybird! This was a fun sandwich! Glad you liked it :)

wow so nice :-) and if one like it vegetarian you could change it to a vegetarian sausage. very nice:-)


Yes, yes, it would be wonderful with the veggie sausage! Good call! (and you could just enjoy the sauerkraut alone ;) ) Thanks for stopping by!

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I'm sure Mr Bird was a happy chappie, great to see your sauerkraut in a SSC sandwich, I would have loved tucking into this one with all these yummy ingredients!


Thank you @lizelle, he was a happy guy I must say. Do you enjoy sauerkraut too? How do you serve it? I would love to hear if you have a special recipe! Have a wonderful Sunday my friend!

iheart your food blog, @birdsinparadise! I’ll say it again, that image of “come along friends...” gets me every time. I did this sandwich competition twice, quite awhile back, but they stiffed me both times so I never came back. 🤔


Awwwww, you're just so kind @dandays! Thank you! I probably need to change up the coma along image....I'll have to think about it, lol I know, I don't win most times either, but it is fun to make crazy sandwiches. Thats the only reason I enter most contests, it give me a reason to get creative and although Mr. Bird is my biggest fan, where would I be without kind people like you and @puravidaville :) Blessings to you and Pura Vida!


I don’t mind not winning, in fact, all of these competitions are just to get our work out, a victory is just the initiative doing its thing. The win is meeting people like you, the occasional blocktrades or curie hit, those things—I wasn’t even acknowledged. No “hello,” “welcome,” “nothing.” Boooooo. 😉

Wow @birdsinparadise, this looks so good. I want to take a bite.


Thank you @rosatravels :) This was tasty and if you love sauerkraut I hope you'll try making some! Have a wonderful Sunday!

That is certainly a tasty looking sandwich. Bon apetit!


Thank you @mattifer, it was fun to make and the family was certainly happy. Sauerkraut is so good for you, glad to share it with all of you!


I love sauerkraut. My chiropractor actually recommended it to me just the other day for its health benefits.

That looks so good I dont think I have ever tried Sauerkraut but now I want to you make it look so good


Oh my goodness, really @tattoodjay? If you like tart, this is tart! And it is so good for your health :) I hope you'll try it some time! Have a great Sunday!


I will for sure try it sometime, I love the sound of this ;)

This looks so good 😋😀 How did you find the recipe for this?


Thanks so much! No recipe, just experimenting in the kitchen :) Sometimes you win, sometimes not so much, lol

OH my GAWSHHHH these looks SO good!
Now Im hungry.


Do you like sauerkraut? We do, and knowing you can make it so easily, why buy it! With your great garden I'm sure you could grow easily grow cabbage :) Thanks @squishysquid!


I THINK I do... but Im not sure. I only ever had it once, on an Arby's sandwich, and I remember liking it then. That is definitely on my list of things to make, homemade sauerkraut with my own cabbage!

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one for me and one for mr. bird i guess... hehehe
this is awesomeness at its best!