Steemit Photo Challenge - Animal Portrait - entry - Jinx

it's a bird
Sony A700 + Sigma 105mm Macro 1/160 sec. f/3,2 105 mm iso 200

how to solve this . . .
Sony A700 +Sigma 150-500mm 1/500 sec. f/6,3 500 mm iso 500

Sony a6000 + helios 44-2 58mm + extension tubes

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Amazing porrtraits. I especially like the first two ones!:)


it's like street photography keep your eyes open and shoot at the right moment :) animals are so unpredictable when it comes to taken pictures .

I have one question...why you always use mirorless camera's like of sony....why not dslr


the Electronic view finder , the sound of the mirror flipping , the camera weight , the compact size of the camera

Jinx looks so different on the first photo :p


that was her Halloween outfit :)


She is good! :)

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