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Good day, Steemians! 

After a few days absence for an especially epic, beautiful, and inspiring weekend, I'm grateful to return to the Steemitsphere here with a lovely entry to the Steemit Photo Challenge #46 for bokeh. For anyone unawares and curious, bokeh is a photographic technique that captures aesthetically pleasing but out of focus light. 

Thanks again and again @jamtaylor & @berniesanders for hosting & sponsoring the SPC! Way to go @blueorgy for making a new site for it too! Thank you @melodyrussell for being our guest judge this week!

Here's my submission:

Taken on a Canon t2i

It's a lovely day to be a lovely caterpillar, eh?

Did you know that when a caterpillar is inside its cocoon, it breaks down into primordial goo that somehow just knows to reassemble itself into a butterfly? 

This little creature may become a black swallowtail butterfly. I don't have any shots of them, but I'll yoink something off to share with you droves of bug lovers swarming to my post:

That's particularly pretty AND uses bokeh too! But again, this one is not my photo, and it is not an entry. 

Definitely a handsome fella at various stages of his life! The beautiful pigments of butterfly wings are actually tiny scales that rub off like powder if they are touched. If they rub off, they don't grow back. They may still be able to fly as long as the clear wing membrane is not torn or punctured. Handle your butterflies with care! 

💛 Sara! 

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Such a great shot! I have been trying to figure out how to find the challenges lol Thank you for the lovely pic and the reminder on the site, I forgot they had that.


Thank you, @rumdancer! Here's a link to the current SPC:

There are LOTS of other photography contests too! This one just happens to be one of my faves on Steemit.

Great shot @saramiller ! The life circle of butterflies is just amazing! I recently watched some really great documentaries on these beauties of the nature!
Simply beautiful!


Thank you, @progressivechef!
I agree, butterflies are really incredible! I very much enjoy observing and playing with them. They are very graceful and beautiful!

I learned something new, my butterflie is my best friend :P


They are so lovely!

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)


Thank you, @pickme! I really appreciate that :)

Shots like this tells me I need a camera despite my wife asking me why I need one. My grasshopper just isn't mean enough.


A nice camera is one of the best investments I've ever made! I highly recommend a quality system for anyone with a legitimate interest in photography. I would love to upgrade my system soon.


Ah ha... upgrade. Giving away any old one. ;-)


or better is a good lens ! (something with wide aperture makes good bokeh)


thanks for the tip. if i get a chance to get a camera will be useful 🙂

I was admiring these same caterpillars on the same plant species two days ago!


Wow that's cool! Tis the season for fat juicy caterpillars in the garden :)

It is amazing how it goes from an unsightly creature to one of the most beautiful. Nice pics.


They're really incredible creatures to consider. So graceful! Thanks for having a look, @ptmikesteem!

Awesome dear these pics are simply glorious in my opionion. keep it up your good work.


The caterpillar shot was a little dim but thee butterfly is the money shot!


And again, that's not my photo.

Such a beautiful blending of earthiness in tones. Love the clarity of the caterpillar against the soft background.

Awesome pics and descriptions!! Love it!


I am new as you …found it is a lot of fun if you like doing it ..

If you find it interesting UPVOTE and please click on the FOLLOW and let’s exchange comments in the future. Very much rewarding.

Good luck,