SteemitPhotoChallenge #57 Entry #3 - Oriental - Borobudur temple, West Java, IndonesiasteemCreated with Sketch.

Steemitphotochallenge #57 by @jamtaylor, Entry #3 - Theme: Oriental

Judge: @shieha

Official sponsor: @berniesanders

See for details:

Photo: Borobudur temple, West Java, Indonesia.


Taken with my Canon 5D MkIII, edited in Lightroom.

Have a great Sunday, Steemians!


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Spectacular! What an imposing image- and the lighting is divine!


Indeed it is. It was a magical sunrise :). Thanks, Denise!


My pleasure!

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Thanks so much!

Eu estava ai...eheheh. Fantástica foto. Beijinho, minha querida.


Pois estavas, minha linda! Muitos beijinhos!