Steemit Photo Challenge #46 - Bokeh Entry 1 and 2 ( CUPCAKE MUFFIN )

I am thrilled to participate in the 1 year anniversary edition of SPC.

Let's allow the photo to tell the story:

Taken with my Nikon D5300 with my favorite lens, Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G

Thanks to @jamtaylor for hosting the challenge. Thanks to Guest Judge: @melodyrussell, you have a hard job in front of you. And thanks to @berniesanders for sponsering from day 1.

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Nice Picture and nice to meet you.


Thanks so much @robertscrutcher. Nice to meet you as well


Thanks @olega.maslievich. I took a look and liked it, thanks

I am left with no words lol. This looks so great!! WOW. Thanks for sharing, @gringalicious!


Thanks so much @lazariko12, I appreciate you taking the time to comment

Amazing photos dear friend :)


Thanks so much @saqib. I really appreciate it


Welcome dear friend :)

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]


Thanks @opc. Great short name, by the way

Incredible post you greeting friends from me@abupasi.alachy


Thanks so much!!

that muffin makes me wanna go buy a cup of coffee..


Oooh, a cup of coffee, that would be perfect! Thanks @themevlog


wow lezatnya ini makanan

WOW! I love anything with bokeh!


Well, I am so glad I could be here for you. Thanks so much for commenting @susanne.

The best part of this cup cake is It look so delicious and small that I can keep it in my mouth and then not share it with anyone
I know it sounds selfish,
but what can I do a cake like that makes a selfish man


I understand @viralcontent. Thanks so much for commenting

Looks like a cupcake takes center stage on a starry night. What a diva!


Ohh, that is so sweet, thanks so much @jaymorebeet

Perfect retrieval, I really like bokeh, I will wait for the next post :)


Thanks @lheuhchungkhing. I am glad you liked it

Beautiful!!! It looks really amazing.


Thanks so much @tamsguitar, I am so glad you liked it

I just gained 5 LBS by watching this :)


I'm sure there are food posts out there that may cause you to lose those 5 lbs, so it balances out - LOL. Thanks so much for commenting @stackin. So glad to see that you're steeming on!

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Nice Bokeh!


Thanks @kennedybros. Welcome to steemit

look fantastic and I am sure that taste even more fantastic!

Have a lovely day 🍀



Thanks for commenting @kam.ila

awesome shot gringalicious
and brilliant bokeh


Beautiful pics as always! Must be hard to choose your favorite pics out of so much great material. Good luck @gringalicious!


I spend way too much time on photos, trying to decide. It's a real problem of mine for sure. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment

Beautiful photo I really loved the cupcake design! What is the recipe ?


Oh, I will share that recipe on another post someday. Thanks @josmary

Im in love with your bokehs! So sweet!

I am new … found it is a lot of fun if you like doing it ..

If you find it interesting UPVOTE and please click on the FOLLOW and let’s exchange comments in the future. Very much rewarding.

Good luck,


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Not spam dear :(

Love the photos. Great job and resteemed.


Hey @tesscooks4u, thanks so much and thanks for the resteem