SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry - Long Exposure - Skyline of Rotterdam (NL) at Sunrise (#2)

This is my 2nd entry to the new #steemitphotochallenge (Long Exposure theme). The challenge is organised by @jamtaylor and announced here.

Prize sponsor: @berniesanders
Guest judge: Unknown
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As always, all pictures in the photography section are mine and taken with my camera, a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Skyline of Rotterdam (NL) at Sunrise



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Beautiful city scape.

Thanks mate, also for your support, much appreciated =]

No problem :)

Even more reason to visit NL again :) Great shot @finance2nomad, the sky is incredible!

You should! Let me know when you're making plans, I am local =]
Thanks for your support.

I've actually been once before but only to Amsterdam. I just met a lovely couple who I plan to visit sometime this summer if all goes well, I will let you know and you'll have to show me where to get this view :)

These views are most apparent during winter (I took this photo early January), but in summertime Rotterdam also has amazing views. It is a very different city compared to Amsterdam, you might like it. Cheers, @Finance2Nomad

Awesome well thanks for sharing, I look forward to one day seeing this with my own eyes :) Have a great day!

Backlit photography will always be magnificent. Congratulations!!

Good vibes from Venezuela :-D

Thanks for stopping by @lubelb! Venezuela is a fascinating country, hope I could visit one day.

You are welcome, I always try to show the wonders and the tourism of my country. Thanks also to my photographs, they are my best tool :-D

Keep on doing just that, and hope to see you around soon again! :)

Nice it is

A nice place to wake up too :)

Congrats on the #longexposurephotography win.

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