Steemit-Promo goes to the Luneta Park for the Musikalye event!

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Hello fellow Steemians! I am talking about the Musikalye event that I've attend with a week ago on March 10, 2018 which I would like to show what was going on at that time although that the reason that I attend this is because to get in touch with my friends and acquaintances last Feb 3, 2018.

20180310_153048.jpgI hope that I see you guys again

I arrived at Rizal Park around 3 pm which I remember the starting of the said event will start 4 pm based what I read on the discord message.

20180310_153317.jpgJust a little bit more...

20180310_153403.jpgThere! I'm here!

I just though that I will lost again just like last time on Feb. 3 yet fortunately that I was able to find the said venue.

20180310_153450.jpgSetting things up

While the equipment were setting up, I approach the registrar if anyone from Steemit PH came but she told me that they have yet arrived which I was a little sad for a bit though.

20180310_154011.jpgEquipment and Instruments ready

I guest that I just have to wait for them before the official event starts though before leaving for Bible School (going to such events on a Saturday is always a no no for me)

20180310_155240.jpgThere they are!

After a few minutes that some of the Steemians have arrived although that I did not know them personally but then I asked them if @luvabi or @surpassinggoogle will attend this event but they said that neither of them will attend due to some commitment and at the same time that they just came from the Cavite meetup earlier which I also want to attend there as well (I gotta admit that it was indeed confusing and I want to hit myself on the wall in a figurative manner). Oh well! There is always something unexpected happened.

20180310_160838.jpgLet the music start!

As the event and music start, I asked one of the Steemians to give me some of the fliers so that I can give the people personally and I even asked them to do the same so that we will be able to spread awareness of this platform which they agree.

Here is a youtube video that I took although that my arm hurts though:

Although that I would love to hang out a little longer but then it's time for me to go to Bible School which I returned the remaining fliers to them and told that I have to go but I enjoy it.

That's a wrap up! Over and out!

It's a wrap up!


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Congratulations for the successful meet up. More power to you guys.


Hello there!

Although that it was a small gathering that it was opportunity fo spread the word!

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