My First San Diego Steemit Meetup

in steemitmeetup •  9 months ago


Old Town San Diego was the place to be today!! At least 16 of us Steemians thought that would be a good idea.
As you can see in the photo, we even got an innocent bystander to take some pictures of us all together!! So nice to be able to see all in the picture.
When we arrived at 1:30, one steemian was already waiting for us!! That was reassuring. In San Diego, one never knows who actually will show up.
Several of the people who had said they would be there never made it, but one who had planned to be on a hiking trip ended up meeting with us instead.
We all shared a bit about who we are on Steemit (and in real life) and what we are posting about.
We all agreed that we want to meet up often and try to do a Steemit 101series.
One of the highlights of our meeting was to meet our Steemit friends from Suriname.

So wonderful that we are not only meeting people from all over the world online - but that we meet in person as well.

Tomorrow, I will write a longer article about this meetup which will include everyone's name and many more pictures.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed the short preview.

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Hey @mariannewest,
you got an upvote from @Sndbox-Alpha for philanthropy & meetups.
Keep being awesome on the steem blockchain!


Thank you so much!!! and this is not even the "real" post I want to write about it!! You all are awsome!!!

I'm thrilled to see this @mariannewest. I'm so glad for your great turnout. I know @bxlphabet had a wonderful time and I was with you in spirit!


Thank you!! I was hoping that he would have a good time and I am hoping that we will have many more....


That will be good for everyone. I see a lot of communities helping each other and growing though these meetups. San Diego is lucky to have you :)


You are so sweet!! make sure to tell Caleb to make a post about it!! If he doesn't have pictures, I uploaded a bunch to the soCalsteemit discord free to use - and so did Cat

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How exciting and fun! : )


It was!!!!


yay for you!! Checking it out now!!!

A great one. Yes it is always nice to meet up with people behind the screen. Over here in Malaysia we also do steemit meet up. And @mariannewest, the next meet up post you are going to write which you mentioned will include more names and pictures you can post your link to sndbox-alpha see whether it fits the criteria and will get big upvote from them. just in case you haven't knew about it, here is the details of their project.


Thank you so much!! I will do that!

Awesome! Looking forward to the article about this! I hope there will be more meetups around the globe - though it is so great to connect with literally the whole world online I do also love to actually meet and interact with people in "real life".


I think it is a trend!!