OMG! I fed my family dick soup for 3 years

in steemitmamas •  3 months ago

There are 3 things you should know before you read this post:

  • The word dick may be written several times. Although I know there could be many other choices of words used for the bull's genitals but I feel penis just would not have the same impact as my stomach now feels knowing what I had been feeding my family for at least 3 years. If you feel you may be offended I advise you to stop here.
  • I am not judging those who regularly partake in a serving of dick soup.... You know different strokes for different folks.
  • A lesson in living abroad is one word not understood in a foreign language can change the meaning of everything.

Sometimes things are just not what they seem! Turns out I had been unknowingly feeding my family dick soup for the past 3 years.......


Moving from Australia to Cambodia, we had most certainly had new experiences and become accustomed to seeing strange things and trying new foods we had never dreamt of eating. My kids have always been real troopers when faced with new challenges in a place that's foreign to them and been fearless when it came to trying new delicacies placed before them by neighbors and street vendors.

Around 3 years ago on a long haul trip to the capital city, Phnom Penh from Siem Reap, we decided to stop at a local roadside restaurant to fill the kids tummies and to get them through the final leg of our trip. My husband and I opted for a regular MiCha (fried rice) and my children requested to try out the giant spiders! You can check them out in all their glory here:

Now I am thankful to not have fussing eaters and I am rather proud how unlike their mumma, have absolutely no fears in what they put in their mouths. It was only last week while picking up some chicken at the roadside BBQ, that my daughters Layla 8 and Violet 9, requested a BBQ frog and snake each. Now I am not sure where their appetites for everything strange and "exotic" wonderful comes from but it most certainly not from me!

Scorpions where a favorite with the girls but not so much their brother Noah, but again, this was a request by the children themselves to have as a snack on the way to dinner. Not something they had been requested to consume by my husband, @philippekiene or myself. These strange eats were all choices they had made for themselves......

That was until I found out that I had been feeding them dick soup for the past 3 years!!


After a long day of teaching, and with my husband doing the night shift at our bar, I wanted something quick and easy for dinner so I could get our 5 little ones off to bed a little earlier so this mama could get some much-needed rest.

In Siem Reap you are spoilt for choices of not only local but international foods. It was rainy season and a little chillier than usual, so I decided a nice big bowl of noodle soup would be just perfect....and that it was!

The children absolutely loved it and I cannot lie, I did too. In fact, once daddy made it home we eagerly all told him of the soup he must try. It quickly became our families go to on those busy nights. Every time we would head to the little restaurant to pick up our take-away it was always packed to the rafters with people. Sometimes we would have to wait a little longer because it was so busy, we thought we had stumbled across Siem Reaps, biggest hidden gem.

Fast forwarded 3 years and we are having a farewell party at our bar for a close friend that was leaving town. The bar kitchen was closed for the night and everyone was starving!! "Let's pick up some of our favorite soup from BBU Road" I suggested. We began to tell all our friends about this amazing soup we had been eating for the past few years. "You mean the cow soup?" my Cambodian friend said, starting to point and gesture toward his penis. "Yes, the cow soup at the soup kitchen on BBU Road," I said, oblivious to the gestures. "Many foreigners doesn't try the cow penis soup, I am so happy you enjoy! It is very delicious, right?" in broken English........and then the penny dropped!

We had been eating Bull dick soup for 3 years and absolutely loving it, and now that I had found out what we had been consuming, just envisioning what my family had been devouring for the past few years unknowingly, I could feel my stomach churning just at the thought of it.


Turns out, bulls penis is a very expensive cut of meat and is known as "a special" meat by the locals and is very difficult to cook and I have now found out, is said to boost your virility.

First, the bull’s penis is boiled for 5 minutes, then removed and cleaned, then spices are added to the stock and it is boiled for three to four hours and then kept overnight. In the morning the Penis is boiled again and it is this long slow process that breaks down the sinew, making it less rubbery and giving it a nicer texture to eat. It is butterflied and then chopped up and added with other meats in the noodle soup. It looks just like the other meat in the soup and can easily be mistaken by the unsuspecting eye like myself. So be sure to really inspect your Cambodian noodle soup for traces of bull dick.

Another funny fact of the Cambodian dick soup is that it is often translated into English as "Cooked pizzle" lol. How on earth did I miss that? And for the record @philippekiene showed no signs of increased virility or aphrodisiacal powers.

I know it sounds ridiculous but we just can never go back to eating dick soup again. Even my brave, fearless eaters have decided to curb away from the soup as they don't like the idea of eating genitals just as much as me, thank goodness!

So does my post on some of the many of the Cambodian delicacies have you licking or lips for more or have you gagging at the thought? I would also love to hear of you too have eaten something unsuspecting you loved that you can now never eat again.

Want to check out some of my usual posts and adventures?


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Hilarious... delicious...? Being vegetarian saves me from a lot of these potential hazards!

Thanks to @anouk.nox, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!


Wow! Thank you @thedailysneak and @anouk.nox <3 This is amazing!!!!


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I cannot lie....I peed my pants a little as I squealed in excitement as this passed my screen. Thank you <3

Wow.... What a great post... I'll like to have some of it though...


I want you to hunt down dome dick soup and write all about it tagging me! Glad you enjoyed reading @morahn.

Ha ha.. your title caught my immediate attention! It’s true sometimes we’re not really sure what we’re eating until we actually find out..

Sometimes once we know how the dish is prepared, we may not even want to eat it anymore.... so life is a challenge.. so is the food that we eat 😆😆


The title just felt right lol!
I'm sticking on the safe side for a little while... but I won't stop the kiddos going for it lol! Hit me with cakes and candies!!!

hahahhahahhaah oh my god I was laughing so hard reading this post. I even had to share it with my boyfriend. And yeah we watched your fearless children with those spiders and scorpion too .. wow I would never dare to eat those. They are really fearless.. kudos for them for even trying! And did I mention before that I love your writing style ? just saying <3


@anouk.nox, your words are too sweet <3 I am blushing!! Glad you got a giggle from our misfortune and shared a laugh with your man <3

It is amazing some of the things that are considered delicacies around the world that you would never even imagine was a food people would eat. I have always been a very open eater but I am not sure I could get my kids to eat some of those things. You are a lucky lady to have such eager and willing eaters.


I agree and some of those things considered delicacies they can keep lol. Yep, I am very lucky my tribe has never turned their nose up for a meal. Although sometimes their choices for a snack sicken me....crickets as crips anyone?

OMG OMG OMG i am in your shoes. And whatever the side effects not for 1000 steem i will have a cup. In homlland we make soup from chicken and let it boil for 4 hours too and the next day the brought its even better. But the sentence where you talk about it being less rubbery together with the penis thought got me to visual in the early afternoon.
i must resteem this one to let my followers read your story.
love from holland,
going to be sick now

Oh and i had worms but feld them crawling in my stomach, turns out you have to chew really long instead off swallowing the thingies ;)


Thanks for sharing @brittandjosie <3 Worms?!? Arrragh!! Sorry I made you sick lol, but you just got me back good hahaha!


Thats what fellow mama’s do

But you now know that it tastes good... hahahaha
That's just funny
Like for 3 years ....
Just the other day, my friend was telling me about this new restaurant that serves Monitor Lizard Curry.
I was nooo, I don't think so, to then find out that Indians love it.... Obviously I have failed as Indian because my family never cooked it and so it is a little weird.
But I hear it is very good, probably like your cow soup... haha


dce2dadf-e344-418f-90c9-a1b19f1329a1-5c11957b-cb69-432a-9bff-9d76967bd0b3-v1.png It's true!! Dick soup does taste good.....blurgh!
You made a good choice passing on the Monitor lizard curry. Oh man, now I am feeling nervous about what is in my curries!!!


It's only the brave who dare hahaha
And your kids are real champions
And yet your son won't eat Durains... hahaha

By the way, my friend told my the Monitor Lizard Curry is yummy.... yeah - No thank you

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Thank you @trufflepig, I just love when I see your name pop up!! Thank you so very much <3

Oh I really enjoyed reading this post even though I was gagging a little bit :D hahaha! It’s so cool to see what adventurous eaters your kids are! $p!der$!!! Yikes!!!! And frogs and snakes and scorpions ... good for them :D


Good for them, they can enjoy themselves...this mama is out! I still gag at the thought of soup now too!


Hahaha! I think all the creepy crawlers are worse than the soup - at least in the soup it was hidden..

I guess this means Rocky Mountain Oysters are out of the question? They were considered a delicacy where I grew up and I have to admit I liked them just fine.

There was a bar in Arlington, Oregon that always had an electric frying pan of them for bar snacks in the spring of the year. It seemed to work out for them.

But, I haven't had one in probably 40 years and got no particular desire to have another. Times and people change.

Nice post. I'm guessing you don't want to know what we called bologna when we were kids?


No, know I really want to know what you guys called it! My kiddos and husband @philippekiene, would most probably go plate for plate on the oysters. Let me think about it ;)
Hope you have been well @bigtom13 <3


Uhhhhh. Donkey Dick. No polite way to say it. Tuna was Seagull Shit. The only really safety in grade school lunch sacks was good old Peanut Butter.

Uhhh again. Rocky Mountain Oysters don't come from water. They are the parts that calves leave behind when they become steers. Pounded flat, breaded and fried. A genuine cowboy delicacy. Most others wrinkle their noses :)


Hahahahaha! Thank god for peanut butter! I will pass on the cowboy snacks. Does not sound tasty at all!


Bologna, like the cheap sausage looking meat?
@mumma-monza and the kids love it... I am not a fan at all.... Unless it has cheese and lost of tomato sauce(ketchup), then you can hardly taste it😊

Omgosh this is hilarious. How funny to think that you can’t bring yourselves to eat it now.

I can imagine many more stories like this, living in a country where English is not widely spoken.


I am so glad you enjoyed reading of our misfortune ha! Cambodia, the land of wonder, and people who wonder what is in their soup lol.
I really do need to work on my Khmer language skills and sadly yes...plenty more where that came from living in our perfectly imperfect world over here.


Lololol I can only imagine!

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Very cute and nice. I like your writing. I want to read more from you.


Very cute and nice.
I like your writing. I want
To read more from you.

                 - sheikhshahin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


That is kind. Thank you. Glad you enjoy.

Oh man, that is an eye-catching title!

Best not to think about it, if you like it... I tried some worms today, and surprisingly they were good... I just can't do it though, the thought of having to not think about what you are eating... too difficult!

... I didn't know you could eat scorpions!


Makes me think of the worms rhyme when I was a kid....
*sings -
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
Gonna go eat some worms.
Big ones, fat ones, long ones, skinny ones
Guess I'll eat the lot!

Agreed, knowing what your eating is just too hard! I didn't know you could eat half the things many locals eat daily here lol.


Haha! I haven't heard that in a very long time!

I think that might be my greatest fear of living in a foreign country: Someday I might accidentally eat dick soup. I couldn't watch the giant spider video. I quickly scrolled down to the rest of the words. In my happy world spiders should not be that big, and they should not be eaten. To each his own. Your girls are certainly adventurers.


I think that might be my greatest fear of living in a foreign country: Someday I might accidentally eat dick soup.
Best comment ever! I don't blame you for not watching the spider videos....watching in real life can sometimes be stomach-churning lol.

Beautiful your post as always friend. Thank you for all the support you have given me, and I agree with you on all these good advice. God bless you always..


@saracampero, thank you very much :) Always inspect your soup...BOOM!

Wowwww~~never try it in my whole life. Cant think of it. hahaa but yea will your kids still ask for it since they like it? (May I know where do you get all the animation pictures, looks so good!)


If you don't know what it is it's delicious lol!
I created a character using Bitmoji and it adds your character into different emojis. I love the app...super user-friendly. Cannot wait to see yours once you create one :)


:) Is it an app from playstore? I would like to try! :D


There is an app and you can also use it on desktop


Ohh that's good. Bitmoji in play store and desktop


Very nice post - funny. I can imagine that you were turned off - I would be too. I never heard of the bull soup - maybe my visit was too short. What about the tongue? Have u ever had tongue sandwich? :)


If I knew it was a tongue than probably not lol. But I do enjoy the liver patte rolls they make at the street stalls. Weird I know, a liver is ok but penis is not...
Glad you enjoyed reading @momogrow. Hope to bump into you again :)

Loved reading your very entertaining and interesting post @mumma-monza I think you have some fabulous material for a book some time. What an interesting time your family are having whilst making some wonderful memories together.


Thank you @trudeehunter. I hope the children appreciate what we are trying to do. ...even if that includes interesting local dishes. I hope one day, even if just for myself I sat and shared my life story. Maybe something the children may share with their kids, kids one day <3


I am sure your kids must appreciate the wonderful lifestyle you and your husband are making available for you all but won't fully appreciate it until they get a little older and see the benefits for themselves @mumma-monza

By sharing snippets of your life here in steemit you are preparing great material for you book. You have a definite writing ability and unique stories to tell so I hope you will give it serious consideration.

Oh good lord that is quite nasty. I never had to go through something like this. No exotic foods here.
Like you said, to each their own, but you wont find me at a soup place for a while :p


Me either!! I even went full vegan for a stint while overcoming the nightmare that was my life lol.


Ya, that would be enough to turn me vegan as well. Yet I think it is safe to say that your body was not harmed during the taking of that soup :P Mostly your mind and maybe your soul lol.

I think its only @mumma-monza that can make light of eating genitalia and you enjoy reading about it. The weirdest things ive tried was deep fried pigs ovaries, scorpions, crickets, grasshoppers and alligator. I wouldn't say i'm the most adventurous eater but I do try to get out of my comfort zone from time to time


hahaha, I try my best lol. You, my friend, are far braver than me! Ovaries? I would call that VERY adventurous!

Wow! That’s such an hilariously brilliant series of events. Is it wrong that after hearing how delicious you all thought it was ...that it kinda makes me wanna try it? 🤭


You can have my bowl and if you ever make your way to Siem Reap I will be sure to take you to the best place in town for dick soup lol.


😂 hilarious

OH my goodness! How hilarious and gross! Thanks for the laugh!! ♥

Ha ha!!!
Your description is hilarious, although it was something that could have happened to anyone!
If you come to Greece and they offer you "ameletita" (it means in Greek the ones you should not talk about) maybe you should refuse :)


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Btw your hubby visited my page and commented.. you’re so funny @mumma-monza you’re the one who’s awesome heheh 😬

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