90 days in Steemit and all the things that I learned | Part 1

So about 90 days ago I started my journey to Steemit. I was reeling from several failures, bad relationships and an utter disdain for my life. I was in one of the darkest chapter and I usually turn to writing to help me heal. In this post I will be sharing with you several of the insights I have learned in my journey and hopefully it will be of some use to you.

I have been unable to write anything for the fast two days. Not for lack of inspiration but more of being so inspired by the amount of inquiries, assistance and material that I have been reading and curating for the past two days from new members.

A lot of our members cashed out last December and with this proof spurned a lot of people in their respective circle of friends and family to join Steemit.

I belong to two awesome groups. @steemitfamilyph and @steemitachievers. Both headed by great leaders, @jon24jon24 and @long888 respectively, they have shown exceptional knack to guide, mentor and give positive critiques to its members to make them better. People are truly blessed having them as their team leaders.

I am not writing this to get people to stop asking me questions and just refer them here but I am writing it so that they are better equipped to become a good member of the community. I will still welcome any questions even if the answer here because I am here to help you succeed.

So let us begin then.




What motivated you to join Steemit? Was it the promise of easy earnings with a few pictures, funny content, is your budding poet or story teller itching to write out some mad lines or are you looking for a way to broadcast your crypto savvy mind and ideas, advocacy or talk about your dog.

In any case you have to know so that you can find your niche. I write about my general musing on psychology, philosophy, food, games and people. I rarely posts pictures and selfies but others make it their blog. What's important is the content is yours. It is your own take of living your life. There are so many content there that are just copy paste from Facebook, 9GAG and Youtube without adding anything. Be who you are not some trending post or doing something because everyone else is doing it. Be unique, be human. Be you.


So congratulations you have chosen your Steemit username and I hope that it is something that relates to you, your interests and your personality.

If you are most people you just dived in and created your first post and was ready to conquer the Steemit world! Not a bad attitude to have but like in any case preparation is key to success aside from talent.

First I cannot stress enough the need to save your keys. It is very hard to retrieve your password and so keep several copies of your keys safe.

So you need to go under the wallet Tab and then choose permissions. Click on show private key and copy it.


So that's out of the way and you can breath easier that your account will not be lost.


A large part of your success lies in writing a very good #introduceyourself post. Albeit it is not necessarily say that if your #introduceyourself post bombs that you should rage quit Steemit. My own received 5 votes total and did not even reach 0.10 cents haha. So how come someone who did not get his own post talk about how to make a good one. Simple experience, I have helped several people that started in Steemit and they have done well. Experience is the good teacher but failure is better because you know what did not work and improve on it.



If your intro does not get the attention you thought it would do not get disheartened. Brush yourself off and continue writing.


Source with permission of owner

An eye catching photo of you is always a good recommendation. This is to show Steemit that you are a real person. You holding a piece of paper with your Steemit name and the date you are posting it is the best way to grab attention because you are showing who you are. This is an introduceyourself entry in case you forgot.

Okay so what about those shy, introvert, not photogenic people like me? Are we doomed? Well we can then go by out wits and our skill in the written word so you can choose an eye catching image or something that represents you.


So your thumbnail image or photo that you selected will be the hook to draw attention. The next thing important is the body of your post. Content is king and you better remember it. Doesn't matter if you caught their attention but failed to grasp it till the end. If they find your piece boring midway they can just choose to go back to their feed without upvoting you.

Talk about a special story that you have, talk about your hopes and dreams, talk to us about your sadness and fears. Make us want to get to know you better and hang on to your every word. Tell us what your hobbies are. Establish a connection. Make us a part of you.

I have seen too many intro post squander this opportunity to connect and gain followers by writing a generic post and not getting us hooked. I eventually recovered from not having a great intro but it took me longer to get where I want to be.


This was the main reason why I wanted to write this. To be honest I haven't fully mastered but want to share some of the things I do to make my blog look more presentable.

Most of my entries are long and I received feedback long ago that I should format it better. Content was good but it was a strain in the eyes to read it. My editor back in college would kill me if he saw my earlier blog entries here because indeed the formatting is atrocious.

It was embarrassing that I neglected my education on formatting here but again failure is a hard taskmaster and will teach you a lot of things.

You can see a Markdown Styling guide when you click on link encircled. It will bring you to a guide in Github


There are a lot of codes to use but I will concentrate on the ones I usually use.

  1. Giving credit to an article or image used. My earlier attempts had me just saying I got it from Google. Pretty lazy and does not give proper credit to the person. Also for images is someone uses a meta they will find your entry and may sue you for infringement and also Cheetah might flag you especially for content.

The lazy way of putting a source


The right way of putting a source is to use open and close brackets with the word you are using and then open and close parenthesis that has the source or page url or address.
[the word you want or source in my case](website address)

So it looks a lot cleaner.


This was another noob mistake I had. Images, source links and headers were positioned to the left side and my article had a lopsided look.

All you need to do if you want to have it centered would be to add the following:
< center> image/text/website (just remove the space before the letter C) and there it is centered.


My posts before looked like ramblings of a mad man in a way that it was paragraph after paragraph of my musings. Headers are a good way of creating breaks and lines to your article. You have six options

Header 1 uses one hashtag symbol at the start

Header 2 uses two hashtag symbol at the start

Header 3 uses three hashtag symbol at the start

Header 4 uses four hashtag symbol at the start

Header 5 uses five hashtag symbol at the start
Header 6 uses six hashtag symbol at the start


Another great way of making your post look better is using bold and italic texts for emphasis.
Adding two ** before and after a word ** will have it in bold
Adding one * before and after a word * will have it in italics

Setting a > before a phrase you want to quote will do that

"I'm not going to swear an oath I can't uphold. When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers, only better and better lies."
-Jon Snow

There are others like adding emojis and tables and you can look at those in this link

Better yet look at this wonderful post An extensive Markdown guide with tips and tricks you may not know yet ;-) by @blevley

You now have a rudimentary skill in making your post more readable and pleasing to the eye but wait there more!!!



Isn't one and the same? For me it is not because when I proof what I usually do is go through my article and look at misspells because I have dyslexia, grammar lapses and tweak the word choices if needed to be.

I also modify my sentence and paragraph cuts. You would want to avoid run off sentences and for paragraphs limit it to 3-5 sentences and if possible break the change in thought to a new paragraph. Your readers will thank you for not straining their eyes.

Afterwards I would do my final edit of spacing, correcting any problems with formatting. This is why I take long in creating a post. I really want it to be of good quality.


Congratulations you have finished your intro post and now you are almost ready to submit it. Most people have a title in mind when they write it. On my end I usually create the title after writing it. Either way is okay as it is just a matter of preference. Just like the picture your title is another hook to reel in readers.

Tags are very important because this puts your content to the right kind of people. As you follow more people there is the tendency that you no longer look at your feed but rather look on certain tags that you are interested.

You also want to avoid being flagged for abuse on using tags incorrectly. There are certain people who frown on that behavior and may flag you.

You can check tags, the number of posts, comments and value under All tags.

finally you submit your work of art, the photo that you are so proud off, the short story or poem you composed or your into post. So what's next?



Well you go on and visit other people especially those that upvoted and commented on your post. Noob mistake I did was followed everyone that interacted with me on my first week. Looking back a lot of those that commented were either bots or was people that I have nothing in common. Sure there were several that until now have actively followed and interacting with.

Go and have a look at their profiles. See if you like what they are posting about and if you see something you like return the favor and upvote it.

You have to be careful of your voting power though and try to main it at around 75%-80% a day since in 24 hours it recharges about 20% When you start whenever you upvote you do 100% upvotes. So you'll have 10 upvotes a day before you reach 80%. I used to not care as i upvoted and upvoted but was chastised one time and was told I do people a disservice by not upvoting when my power is strong.

https://steemd.com followed by your @username


If I upvote someone when I am at 50% or lower then the value of my vote drops exponentially. So I make it a point to upvote until around 70% or would parcel my upvotes every hour so that it also recharges.

Steemnow has a voting calculator so you will know the worth of your vote in regards to VP and weight.

https://steemnow.com followed by your @username


I'm not sure but people are saying that the slider in both Esteem and Busy.org is not working right now.

One of the first goals you want to achieve is reaching a Steem Power value of 500 SP so that you can get a slider so you that you can change the weighted ration of your vote from 1% - 100%. You will be able to vote more people.



It is just proper to respond to each comment you receive. Yes it may seem tiring especially if its a lot but its your way of thanking those people who visited your post and read it. This is a great way to connect and convert readers to followers.

Fastest way to turn people off is you comment on a post and say you upvoted, commented and resteemed them without doing so but asking them to follow you and upvote your posts. Desperation is not cool.

You have to leave a good quality comment that further enhances the conversion or give your opinion. I have seen accounts flagged and downvoted to oblivion because they were just spamming follow me comments.

You can also earn when your comment gets upvoted. Biggest upvote I got from a comment was 13 dollars because it was meaningful. I comment all over the place. Whenever a post piques my interest I comment on it and of course giving a little upvote. Funny how my personality of being opinionated works well here in Steemit. In Tagalog it is mema - meron masabi lang hahaha


I have observed certain individuals that resteem all of their group posts and it was a sure fireway for me to start unfollowing people. Nothing wrong with one or four but around 20 resteems is just going to fill up my feed.

I often resteem articles that I really like and want to get people to see it. I resteem some contests from time to time but only if it is a requirement. I try to keep resteeming to a minimum because I don't want to flood the feed of those that follow me.


This is what makes Steemit great. Originally when I joined Steemit I thought it was going to be your run of the mill blogging site with the added bonus of rewards. I was doing Wordpress blogs before and I expected something similar. Boy was I wrong because Steemit has more!

Steem Condensers are third party applications developed to be the front end of the Steemit Blockchain.
You have Steemit.con as your basic interface then you have the following:



This is what I usually use when I write my long posts. It has the markdowns integrated with a click of a button and when you use the busy tag it also gives you an upvote and for me every cent counts because I usually just earn cents on my posts haha.




I downloaded this from the Android Playstore and use it when I compose using my cellphone. It has a nice interface and can even bookmark certain posts. It also gives upvotes to posts and comments from time to time.



This is Steemit's answer to Instagram and is downloaded app. You are able to have so many tags on this one and not just limited to 5 tags but currently can only have one image and very short text.



This a Twitter-like application with is browser based that lets you create short 240 character posts. I saw one troll it by having the title of the Zap (what it's Tweet is called) longer than the body haha.



Youtube is a huge time blackhole as you can watch practically almost anything here from How to do it videos to vlogs of famous people. DTube is no different as it acts the same where you upload content and it earns you upvotes.

I am not a user of DTube for now so I am not sure that if someone sees your video after 7 days will it still have rewards like Steemit posts. I will have to check on that when I start uploading my game plays.



Who doesn't love a good meme from time to time. So naturally DMania was created.so that Slothicorns, Doge and grumpy cat can frolic in the Steemitsphere.



Every geek at one point of his life joined Reddit and its labyrinthine of many sub groups and theories. So Steemit wanted something in particular and a forum interfaced style was created.

There are still more in development and its really excited to have so many options.

For more information please visit @premraval010 article ||"Steem Condensers" - In a Nutshell, Everything you need to know about || and show much needed love to a wonderful post.


So it has been 7 days since your intro post and you are ready to receive your pay out. Steemit for me is a gifteconomy. You write a post, it gives information, steers feelings or makes people think and then they upvote you as a means of approval. The value that they would give depends on the person. The operative word here is give.

You had set the payout to 50/50. This means that 50% will be SBD and 50% Steem Power.

75% of the rewards for the post will be given to the author and 25% will be for the curators, or who voted for a post within 30 minutes. In a way that they are giving you ,money but they are also receiving it back through curation rewards.

Say you got $100 in a post 75% would go to the author so your formula would be 100 multiplied .75 and you get $75 and the rest of the $25 will be shared with all upvoters/curators who voted in the first 30 minutes of a post.

That $75 dollars would be then change to 50% SBD and 50% Steem Power. so 75 divided by 2 is 37.5 SBD and then for Steempower the 37.5 value would be divided by the value of Steem which is 5.32 right now so you'll get 7.048 Steem Power for it. If I made a mistake in the computation I am more than happy to be corrected haha.

But wait there's more!!! If you upvote yourself during the first 30 minutes of your post which even whales do you get a piece of the pie in the curation rewards!!! Then it is even further diluted by what time most of the votes came in, the weight of the votes and such.

Here is the info straight from the FAQ section


So this is why a lot of curators would often vote at the 25-30 minute range of a post that they think will earn high because they would be getting a piece of the 25% of the total reward. and from the 25-30 minute mark you would be receiving around 67%-100% of the reward as opposed to say you upvoted on the 0 sec which you would give 100% back to the author and 50% back at 15 minutes. As stated the portion is linear.

Again what there's more! Am I already confusing you with all the scenarios? It was a dozzy for me as well when I grasped this. The weight of votes also have an effect so people with more weight on their votes even if they voted for it by their 1% and you at 20% they would still get a bigger share even if both of you voted at the same time.

It is a bit different though if you were a bit earlier so timing is indeed everything as you want to be ahead of all the heavy votes but also being in the 25-30 minute mark. There are even curation reward contests that are running and when I saw those it just boggled my mind how simple and yet complex the Steemit economy is.

I hope that you understood that concept and helped you a bit more.

The last one is a heavy topic to take in and so I want to end this with a recap.

We discussed what I learned about:


I would like to discuss on my next topic communities and its importance, reputation points, upvote bots and getting curied.

My 90 days in Steemit has been great so far as learned a lot of things. Met a lot of wonderful people and has found some measure of success. My goal is still to reach reputation 60 or more and help the community thrive better by rewarding good quality posts.

Thank you if you managed to read this far. #mavericknewbieguide


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Useful information, good work to help people succeed.

I wrote a manual about the markdown options in Steemit, not everything works the way the official Markdown guide tells you.

You can check it out here; https://steemit.com/steemit/@blevley/an-extensive-markdown-guide-with-tips-and-tricks-you-may-not-know-yet


Omg you have a great guide in markdowns! I saved it and will use ! Can I add your post to mine as a better reference for markdowns?


Be my guest, I know there are plenty of people struggling with this markdown stuff


Ure sûre right there are !!

This is a very helpful post i wish newbies and even older members like me will be able to read this and follow your succedding content, I learned a lot from this and would want to know more relevant things from you.

I would like to take this opportunity also to thank you for helping the group, I appreciate your effort and im happy to have you who is always ready to guide and help our newbies to atleast earn a considerable amount that would help everyone live a life out of poverty.

I see so much hopes in #steemit that my dream is to invite and teach everyone i care and love for them to enjoy also what this wonderful platform could offer.

God bless us all!

P.S. can blogs like this be uploaded through utopia?


I was originally planning to upload it through utopian but found some of the interface difficult and was worried it might not be approved.

I love what you are doing with the achievers sir long. That is my wish as well to see Steemit give an earning opportunity to our countrymen.

You've wrote down everything sir 😊 Thank you for the guide.


Lol amazing that you found this. You are welcome and hope it will help you out.

very detailed and useful sir.


Thanks man hope you'll be able to use it

Nice one sir, this blog is quite useful specially to newbies.,


Yeah I kinda wished I knew this when I was starting.

Wow super comprehensive!


I still have a part two haha. When I saw that it was about 3600 words already I said I have to split it as I may reach almost 8k haha.

Thanks always for the support :)


U deserve over 1000 SBD for this

Lupet lodi .. ayos na guide ito.😊😊

Good for the new ones to have a guide like this. Very thankful your helping others. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Keep it up..


Bwahahaha pinalitan nya mas gusto ko yun una mong comment!

bookmarking for future reference and to share to newbies too. thanks for taking the time to collect relevant info :)


Thanks and I hope that they will find it useful.

This is the most complete guide I have ever read. It's like a combo of different article I read. Very good explanation and this is what I called an intelligient awesome article. Keep it up...


Can't wait for your part 2... ;)


Thanks :) My wish is to help new folks from not making the same mistakes I made.

Great experienced and you learned a lot of things here in Steemit. Thanks for sharing your knowledge to us.


No problem. I am merely sharing what I learned.

LOL! You call this easy? I really am brain dead now. Haha!

I was waiting for this tutorial about paragraph spacing and markdowns and stufd and how to properly use them. But just because I read them doesn’t mean my next post will be perfect but I will try my best to incorporate everything I’ve learned from this post. Little by little and a little more if possible. Thank you sir! Great job!


I didn't use all of these right away and stumbled mostly haha Thanks Caaat!

God bless you and your good heart man, If I remember clearly, you're the first ever person who commented and upvoted on my very first post, it has been 61 days since I joined steemit, and all this time I've been thankful to have met an awesome person like you and the gang as well (@steemitfamilyph), you guys know who you are. Keep the love coming man, and I'm sure the blessings will keep coming your way as well. Very good read!



Well you are a very deep person and writes very well haha.

So I am just amazed at your works.


Coming from you that's a huge compliment.

Total noob here. This is very informative indeed. I just saved my private keys now haha.
Thanks for taking time to write this. You're one of the people I look up to in this platform. Continue doing great. More power to you.


We all start from being a noob hehe but we have the capacity to learn and become great. Thanks I really appreciate your kind words and I hope that you will be able to use some of these.

One of the things that motivated me on this steemit is finding about how good earnings can be in the long term... I posted few posts and gone for months, when I returned I found that the $0.02 I earned became $3 or so... Decided to stick for a while...

And after I gained some friends like @jrhughes and @bex-dk I decided this would be my place for a while.... And here I'm STEEMING ON!!


I am amazed at how much power Steemit has given new people that join. We have new members and there votes are 0.01 now!

I wasn't really in for the money when I joined Steemit because I just liked blogging in general. I've kept a few Wordpress blogs but not even come to the level of earning there and so it was just like a virtual diary of sorts.

Yet here in Steemit it is indeed amazing that I could earn and as cliche as it sounds I stayed because of the community and have been helping out new people as well.

You are right STEEMING ON!

Nice!! How can you make such a long post!? But it's so helpful for us it motivates us even more to make good informative post!


lol took me an hour to do this post but I had the framework of what I wanted to write about when I was in a meeting at work. One of there days they will catch me Steeming instead of working lol.

Well I wanted to help all of you who are new in the @steemitfamilyph so that you can all grow :) Hope it will help you in the long run.


Asahan ko yan hahahah thanks sir!

@maverickinvictus, Your post was Resteemed by @OCD!

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Wow thank you so much for the recognition.

This was actually a very very helpful post- I almost never say that because it’s a very generic comment but In this particular case- for a new Steemit user- who didn’t know most of these things.

I’ve been working really hard to learn and understand how to be the best I can be on this platform. I don’t want to spam comments or put out low quality posts. Steemit has been super receptive and I’ve felt very welcome.

Now I need to join some groups and get more envelopes in the community.

Thanks again for this- I resteemed it so I could refer back to it later— they need a save feature!!!


Yeah part two tackles groups and communities. The post was so long already and I was afraid people might get tired reading it so I cut it and will make that once I recharge. This was a long one haha.

Your in the right track if what you want to do is create good quality posts.

Indeed Steemit has been a great place and I hope you flourish in it!


Thanks I appreciate it it!! Look forward to reading part two- lord knows I need all the tips I can get haha


Excited to read about groups and communities! I didn't even know about that. I can't believe how much you know and your reputation after just 90 days!!


Lol a person that I started with at the same time is at reputation 59 and double of my followers.
She is already a community leader and her Utopian articles are so good haha.
I am happy for her and I have my own journey slow as it is haha.


Well, I just got done writing about comparing ourselves. :) It's good for us to be inspired by others, but we don't want to compare, right?

A very helpful post particularly for all noobs! You´ve covered every important information and I thank you for sharing this. Well written!


Thank ma'am mers I know you have some new folks so I hope it will be of help :)

It's very helpful, thanks for sharing it :)

Very informative and helpful post, especially to noobs like me. Thanks for this. :)


Thanks :) This is a good way to equip you with all the knowledge I got!

Wow, this is a very informative article @maverickinvictus! 👍👏 Today marks my 6th day and there are still so many things that i dont understand, and know about this digital platform. I have been doing a lot of of noob mistakes. Tsssk 😰 I followed all the people who interacted w/ me lol, and more.

The best thing I learned here is about upvoting, commenting, and resteeming. I didnt know the opportunities to earn here is too many! I am simply amazed by how the system works here. I would have to develop the skill of curation and proper timing when upvoting. 😁

This post will really help newbies like me. I commend you for your sense of mentoring-- sharing your resources, knowledge, and skills, especially to the new ones. God bless! ☺😊

This is a lot of time to learn but a worth it one. Thank you for giving us a detailed quide to understand steemit fully... God bless and Thank you very much... This will help us beginners a lot...

I commend you for your hard work on this post. It gave answers that most of us here are looking, including myself. Very well written. Thumbs up sir! Thanks for sharing!

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Just finished reading it. 😊 Its great that you placed some tips and a lot of information. Our new members will surely learn a lot from here. I hope they will take time to read it. Its really informative.


Yeah K I had them in mind when I wrote it so that they will be better equipped and we will still be there to guide them.

Very good read. Thanks!

Sometimes I am not sure with my title. Congrats to this curied blog again friend. You're amazing. #steemitachievers is very proud to have you. Woaaahhh!


Thanks Friend it is awesome to be there!

What a great post! This is really helpful to newbies like me. :))


Thanks I appreciate that you found it useful

Ive learned a lot. Thanks for the info sir.
Im still confuse about the economy side.. Heheh.. But anyways, it was true that writing a good posts was more valued here in steemit as for my experience also.


Lol I'm no expert on the economics as well but it is exciting.

Yes good quality posts will always be good.


True sir :)

I have to bookmark this. And if there is a total noob, well you got me. Still exploring the site and this would be a great help for me to start. Thank youu


Thanks and good luck on your journey!

Brilliant post! Very helpful to a newb like myself!
Thank you!

This is a great help for us newbies.. Thanks for the info..

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nice insight! im loving it

Great job fret! I've learned a lot by reading on these posts. I've also bookmarked it so I can check. You also explained it in a way where everyone can understand. Ang galing naman talaga! ^^


ahahhaha I wished someone did this when I started and yeah there are a lot of posts but some are written like instruction manuals haha so I wanted to add my touch to it.


Yes. I wish it too. I used busy.org today because of you. ^^ Thanks a lot.

This is what I need 😀 Thank you, @maverickinvictus! I’m one of a lucky newbie that follows you and find this helpful blog of yours. I learned so many things and already resteemed it so my friends can see it :) God Bless you always!


Awww I appreciate that :) I am humbled that you found what I wrote here useful.

WOW! what an amazing sum up of your journey and everything! very inspiring!


Thanks Dee! It has been an amazing journey indeed especially with the Steemitachievers!

Wow! this post will really help a lot specially to newbies like me. I will definitely follow your guide. Thank you also to @hundredlbsbeauty for sharing me this article.


I appreciate that you find this helpful

Thank you, absolutely fantastic simple helpful post...I wish you continued and deserved success.
You have gained a follower, I have gained another involuntary mentor lol !
Have a great weekend,


Thank you for appreciating it! I really want to help Steemians and get them to be the best version of themselves and with some of the things I learned could help them getting their message across better.

Lol I am flattered with the involuntary mentor but like you my journey has just started.

Great post @maverickinvictus, your writing skills really kills..hahaha.. that's a positive one, don't get me wrong.. This post didn't get me bored and I read point to point. More power to you sir, and when I say power means SP..haha.. Thanks for the information about other apps we
can install and site we can visit and use. 👌🍻


Wahaha then I have gone for a monster kill then haha with all the love people have shown in this post.

Oh yeah thats what I want more SP!

Bat ang late ko? Bat ngayon ko pang to nabasa. Omg. Prang same dun s post ko kahapon..


Bwahaha halatang hindi mo sinunod recommendation ko to read it hahaha! I'm hurt hahaha


Haha sorry kua im too dedicated on my blog din khpon. Sobra focus to make good blog.. Ayan tuloy. Feeling ko baka iniisip mo n ginaya kita. Its ok na late than never nmn po ,diba?😊😊
Wag n magtampo. Idol kita totoo. Ang lamin mo n tao. Dont worry. I'll always make time to read your blogs. Kasi alam ko may time k rin basahin yung s amin.hehe Ok? Bati na? Haha
Keep it up po. Kuya idol.

Thank you @maverickinvictus for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 16.43% on this post! Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem! The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me! For help, will you please visit https://jerrybanfield.com/contact/ because I check my discord server daily? To learn more about Steem, will you please use http://steem.guide/ because this URL forwards to my most recently updated complete Steem tutorial?

Thank you for this. This is really gonna be helpful for me. :)

Now you yourself became a whale :)


Lol I wish!! We can all dream haha


it is a wonderful article to help people like us to improve and earn in steemit. do u mind if I tag these groups on my post . is it ok??

hope you will follow me and help me to boost my post


Hmm you can use any tags but some of the tags I use you need to be members of it.

I cannot stress how important it is to write good content, communicate with your audience and leave good comments to other people's post.

The earnings will follow :)


How can I be a member of these groups??

WaaaaaaaRT !!!!! This article is the bom-digi-di
Every newbie shld read this !!! My friend z been trying to explain these concepts to me and I still cldnt wrap my head around it but reading your article I totally get. And I can always come bk n learn step by step. U really took ur time to outline all the basics. God bless ur effort @maverickinvictus. Ure too extra 😘😘😘


Yeah the FAQ has it but it's written so flat so I wanted my own take on it with my musings.

Thank you for appreciating it!

hahah that placing items at the center! nice blog sir hr as always!


Thank you so much. I have been curating so much stuff that I wanted to help new ones to make their post look better.

Thank you for listing all important information its really difficult to cope with at first but this help a lot. Thumbs up.