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Your family is the best team you could ever have. - Anonymous

In line with our promise of uplifting and supporting each other, Steemit Family Ph is proud to present to you the top five posts from our members who used the tag #steemitfamilyph or #untalented.

This is to highlight noteworthy contents and to help our members get the exposure that they truly deserve.

Here's the Good News

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Today's Featured Posts

In no particular order, here are the top contents for February 18, 2018.

DQmf6Qj7kKVYSQZZZK6tzZ8nCrA5MFiGZ8tyen3GL7mzm8n_1680x8400.jpgORDEAL "Wasak" Broken Hearted Writing Contest by Cinderz

It is so painful knowing that the first man who defend on your behalf was the first one to push your life in doomed.

@cinderz managed to show us the different kinds of heartbreaks which she went through. The narration is very detailed and the flood of emotions is so natural and heartfelt.

U5dsSKWVYpd5dFsovg5NVyhaHCYAkma_1680x8400.jpgSteemit Caloocan - Start Small by @joeysison

Every successful story starts in a very humble beginning. As we dream together with the help of our mentors we want to present to you the core leader of Caloocan Community.

@joeysison, a leader and a self-starter has showed us that Steemit is all about bridging people and creating communities. Good job Joey!

DQmazxDi2dzWur7LLtDV6AES9SYVEcjdkumcrC4Cnmw9Rts.jpgMaking A Difference in Someone's Life: A Charity for Children by @alvibokz15

It's not that hard to make a difference.
It's not that hard to put a smile on somebody's face.
It's not hard at all.
It's just a matter of commitment.

@alvibokz15 was able to convey the joy he felt while helping others. Indeed, we are not here to just write stories, we create them.

DQmNgJjZnvJqrV7tQ52AjgRg3LTZrr8ioGwFanB7k6E5WAz.jpgMy First Time in Initao–Libertad Protected Landscape and Seascape by @jonelq

Life is too short to just be filled with stress and problems. Enjoy your life sometimes and forget about the problems.

@jonelq was able to show the beauty that Libertad, Initao can offer. Its relaxing view can definitely take the stress away. Oh Summer, please come so soon!

DQmTwukFmJsXYUtG9aKGTVrivTfoowHCAKbYTMUXUpeYC2W.jpg[Clay Art Contest # 4 Entry] Jake The Dog! by @gure-guri

This is the first time I've joined this kind of contest and I really did had fun making him.

@gure-guri amazed us once again! The resident comic artist is now expanding his craft to clay making. Is there anything this dude cannot do?

There you have it guys! Our five best contents for the day. Please show some love and upvote their posts. Don't forget to drop your comments and make them feel the warmth of our Ohana!

Steemit Family Ph is still on the lookout for the best contents. So, keep on writing quality ones and who knows if you will be featured tomorrow, right?

Thank you to our ever growing supporters of the @steemitfamilyph. To our delegators: @ediah @maverickinvictus @jon24jon24 @jh3n @klborillo @tpkidkai @jamesanity06 @gheghenrv @khenbee @rjd @vallesleoruther @ankarlie

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Congratulations everyone! Great job! 👍

Congratulations to our featured posts. Keep it up and know that we love seeing great posts

Im coming, lete finish this food

Congratulations guys! Great job!!

Congratulations to the selected participants

Teary-eyed here 😭 Thank you so much my Ohana..@steemitfamilyph2 @steemitachievers. I didn't expect in this Steemit Community I found myself whole. You made me feel like I'm your family because everything I impart here has its value to you. Yes, I was broke but I knew soon I'll be happy because God is always with me. He never forsaken me even once. He's just right there watching us. Time will heal the wounds and I truly blessed that He gave me an instrument to moved on and that is my partner now. And having you Ohana are a BIG bonus for me. I believe you're God's given gift to me..
It is clear to me that when you always be true to yourself and always be good no matter how hard life may take. Goodness will follow.. Thank you po.

The Ohana family is so happy to be a part of your every joy and success in life @cinderz! Life is tough but the journey will be worthwhile when shared with others. Thank you for choosing us to be your family.

You are awesome!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's my second time.. So thank you.. Keep uplifting us newbies..

Thank you ohana, it is my 3rd time to be featured. Pleasure to help. Let's turn the world upside down.

You guys deserve it. So, keep posting quality articles and the entire Ohana family is here to back you up!

Thank you again for featuring, my wonderful Ohana! This is truly flattering. For the record, there's a lot of things I can't do, like dancing! I can't dance to save my life! Lol!
Congrats also to those who got featured!

Maybe Little Byoy can save the both us? Haha You deserve it @guri-gure!

Ahahaha! Byoy loves dancing I think! Thanks again! Little Byoy and Johnny will return! Stay tuned guys! ;D