Learn 10 of the 3000 Most Frequently Used German Words - PART 1

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Build Core German Vocabulary for 10 Minutes, Everyday!

Hi everyone!

You want to learn German, but you're a bit lazy or busy to flick through dictionaries?

Here is an opportunity that will take the monotony out of your German learning experience:

Starting from today, as a fluent German speaker, I'll be teaching you

10 carefully picked words

out of the 3000 most frequently used German words

every day!

At the end of the series, you will have 3000 words in your German vocabulary, and will be able to understand about 80% of the words in any German text.

All daily feeds will contain 10 carefully picked German words, along with:

  • the German article of the words
  • the English translation
  • a link to the pronunciation
  • an example sentence in German and its translation in English
  • if necessary, an image to help you understand the word!

German Core Vocabulary - PART 1 - Sunday, January 7, 2018

  1. (das) Leben = life
    Example: Manchmal ist das Leben sehr einfach.
    Translation: Life is very simple sometimes.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  2. (das) Jahr = year
    Example: In drei Jahren haben wir das Jahr 2021.
    Translation: In three years we will be in the year 2021.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  3. (das) Spiel = game
    Example: Ich schaffe das Spiel nicht alleine.
    Translation: I can't manage the game alone.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  4. (der) Mann = man
    Example: Der Mann war klein.
    Translation: The man was short.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  5. (der) Platz = place, seat
    Example: Ist dieser Platz reserviert?
    Translation: Is this seat reserved?
    Go to the pronunciation!

  6. (das) Ende = end
    Example: Alles hat ein Ende.
    Translation: Everything has an end.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  7. (das) Deutschland = Germany
    Example: Ich bin in Deutschland.
    Translation: I am in Germany.
    Go to the pronunciation!
    Extra hint: The article "das" is used only if "Deutschland" is used as an object or subject. Most of the time, it's not used.

  8. (der) Artikel = article
    Example: Die deutsche Sprache hat drei bestimmte Artikel: der, die, das.
    Translation: The German language has three definite articles: der, die, das.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  9. (das) Land = country
    Example: Das ist unser Land.
    Translation: This is our country.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  10. Ich = I
    Example: Ich bin 46 Jahre alt.
    Translation: I am 46 years old.
    Go to the pronunciation!
    Extra hint: The article "das" is used for "Ich" when someone wants to refer to the "ego".

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback, and if you found this post helpful, please don't forget to upvote or resteem it!

And of course, follow me for more! :)

Go to the PART 2 of the German vocabulary building series!

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This is great! I have a soul-sister in Germany, and I hope to take my family to visit her one of these years. Her English is excellent, but I know very little German, so I appreciate you teaching it in small bits like this. So many of the words are similar, which is helpful. :)

I just joined steemit, and am excited to build a worldwide community of friends who are free-thinkers and have a generous nature. I've followed you and look forward to more of your posts!

You can check out my intro blog, if you want to learn more about me. :) https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@katrina-ariel/hi-i-m-katrina-ariel-part-lioness-rebel-for-life-author-musician-and-yoga-teacher-i-smile-a-lot

Thanks again for teaching me some German words!


Thanks a lot for reaching out Katrina, and welcome to steemit! :) I'm also a new steemiter, just started a week ago!

This sounds awesome, I'm sure my daily posts will help you a lot during you visit in Germany!

Also, I've followed you too, looking forward to hearing more from you! :)

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Pressed follow without hesitation!

I was amazed by German culture some years ago and I learnt German before. Unfortunately it has been a while ago and I’ve forgotten quite a lot :( Schade!

I do hope you post a lot so that I can refresh my memory. At the same time I’ll upvote you haha! Danke:)


谢谢, @limakilocharlie! :)

Hopefully my daily feeds will help you improve your German vocabulary!

I've also pressed follow without hesitation, as I'm also interested in your hometown, Hong Kong! ;)

Looking forward to your posts!

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