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Today we see that technology has become an essential part of children and adolescents so much so that they are their day to day, their awakening and lying down can not be far from the technology because they feel vulnerable, some because they depend on it and others because their personalities are associated with cartoons, television programs among others and when they do not see them, they think that their life is sad and empty. What is the reason for anyone is a secret that is a double-edged sword when it comes to mental development and social of our children and it is a warning sign to be aware of the schedules they see every day.


Personally breed five children and nowadays adults and then technology was not important and the need that is seen today, long ago a whirligig or a balloon was a reason for happiness that technology did not cover, Nowadays, on the contrary, the little ones give more importance to the hours they can have in front of a technological screen than the hours they can spend in the pool or playing basketball with their friends.

Television is one of the main cause of visual stimuli and adutives in children creating a greater global stimulation of tune, producing many negative aspects due to the programs that transmit remember that its largest audience are children and adolescents and that older adults we have the busiest time in jobs.


In the stage of children to adolescents is where the greatest hormonal development occurs, social and psychological physics that are the fundamental basis for a future adult there is where their principles and attitudes are formed, that is why depending on the type of information they receive see if they receive negative, positive or violent behavior in their development.

By receiving some inappropriate information in their subconscious the child or adolescent develops their values in a positive or negative way for society, this goes hand in hand with violence in the home, school, and environment remember that the greatest training starts from home is there where the variables to be defined are inculcated in the future.


How to identify a negative behavior in our children or adolescents:

  • Violence reflected when speaking.
  • Violence in daily attitudes.
  • Negative manifestations in the behaviors.
  • Imitate television characters in a negative and not positive way.
  • His tone of speech changes completely.
  • Does not attend to the calls of attention.
  • He does not care about his social environment but his own opinion.

In what way can we correct these negative behaviors:

  • With a correction in time of the minor.
  • Trying to pay as much attention as possible.
  • The hours of use of the technology should be reduced.
  • Yes to informative and educational programs.
  • No to programs with violence.

Remember that in order to maintain good values in children it is necessary to make corrections in time to achieve the formation of correct adults in the future! @steemiteducation



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Television is getting more violent by the day and parent's seem not to care. Instead of spending quality time with them, they put them behind screens.


If that is a big problem that we are currently living in, why should we be more aware of what our children see, and keep them in the right direction, thanks for commenting! @fredkese

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