Bollywood songs and their hilarious English translations Comment contest with @geetasnani ; 6 sbd Giveaway

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As India is known for its Bollywood song and dances and people around the world usually identifies us through our Bollywood songs and my name itself signifies (Geet-The song)hehe.. # Bollywood#music# lover # ,so
this is In the spirit of giving and uniting with Indians who are consistently struggling on steemit, I welcome everyone to this episode of; Contest 1 @geetasnani; Bollywood music and songs .

This contest has its aims which are:

  1. Having fun while steeming
  2. To maintain Consistency on steemit
  3. Rewarding/encouraging Indians who are dispersed
  4. To appreciate and to encourage the feeling of being Indian and Human

steemit has been always fun for me .. .

Bollywood songs and their hilarious English translations contest

It means you have to select first line of any Bollywood song and write its English translation,It should be killing and hilarious

Lets get started

How it will go the contest*

Select Bollywood song lyrics in hindi and literal ditto translation into English should automatically make it hilarious .The lyrics should fun/creative ,make us mad and should be hilarious

For Example

1)Ayi chikni chameli, chupke akeli, pahwa chadake aayi
English hilarious translation…Here comes oily Jasmine secretly and alone, after taking shot(LMAO)

  1. Teri akhiyon ka waar jaise sher ka shikar, tera husn dhuey daar jaise jaltaa cigar, teri akhiyon ka waar jaise sher ka shikar. tera husn dhuey daar jaise jaltaa cigar
    Its translation in English (The attack of your eyes like the hunt of a tiger. Your beauty is smokey like a burning cigar. The intoxication of your love sometimes hits sometimes misses. Your love love love)

Didn’t it made you laugh aloud Get in here then..and get the fun started. Make steemit a fun place to be!!!


1)Entry(comment) must not be more than two sentences.
2)Entry must be related to Bollywood songs only (Hindi ,as I know hindi only for selection)
3)Multiple comments will be considered invalid
You have until next saturday, contest ends on 2 June

Entry/Winning Criteria

1)Must be my follower
2)Nominate one username and invite for this contest
4)Bollywood song ,first line only :
5)Indian (Sorry other steemians as you might not be knowing the lyrics in hindi)

Who Wins?

selection of will be based on quality of content , contest rule/entry requirements.

Winning Prize

A total of 6 sbd as giveaway for a start ,as the contest goes interesting the price will be increased accordingly in next contest . 2 winners with 3sbd each .


Thank you for participating.

Lovingly yours @geetasnani


मेरे देश की धरती सोना उगले उगले हीरे मोती, मेरे देश की धरती..

In english :

Land of my country grows gold, diamonds and pearls, land of my country..

Thank you @stardivine for nominating me. Good luck! 👍

Main toh Superman, Salman ka fan
Jo leve panga, kar dun maa-bhan (woh Pinte!)

Translated as, "I'm Superman. Salman's fan. Whoever messes with me, I'll do mother-sister. (woh Pinte!)." 😂

I nominate @invinciblelight

This contest is super amazing and so much fun to take part in! Thank you @geetasnani!

Pal pal na maane tinku jiya, haan tinku jiya
Isak ka manjan ghisey hai piya

English translation: My Tinku heart (she named her heart) is not agreeing . Yes my tinku heart.
And my lover brushing his teeth with tooth powder of Ishq. 😂

I nominate @stardivine

Wow.. Thanx for participating

Ha ha ha ... great.

Amazing contest @geetasnani! ☺

‘Bijalee girane mai hu aayee, ho bijalee girane mai hu aayee, kehte hain mujhko hawa hawayee’

Translated as "To make lightning fall, I have come...
They call me, air airy."

I nominate @arpitrathore

Thank you so much for participating

Okay here is my entry...

Sarkay lev khatiya jada lage, Jade main balma pyaara lage, sarkay lev takiya jada lage

English Translation :-
Push your bed it's feeling cold here, In the cold, my hubby looks chubby, Now push your pillow also, push it baby, or else I will kick you out of my blanket, lol!

I nominate @face2face

Wow.. Bahut log h tere pass support ke liye.. Next time will start with voting with contest.. Hehe

Million times ha ha ha.

will promote this in @indiaunited
Thanks for coming up with such a contest

my entry

Saree ka fall sa, kabhi match kiya re

translated as 'You and I match like the saree and the fall

I nominate @vishalsingh4997

Thanx @sayee for participating and ... coming first.. I am so grateful.. Thanx a ton again.dont forget to resteem

aik chatur nar kar ke shringar mere man ke dwar yeh gusat jaat hum marat jaat hum marat jaat (एक चतुर नार कर के श्रृंगार मेरे मन के द्वार यह गुसत जात हम मरत जात हम मरत जात अरे ये ये ये )
English Version >>> one clever lady doing makeup entering in my mind through the door I am dying I am dying A A A A......

I nominate @inuke for this entry YO @inuke Good Luck bro
Thanks, @pranithreddy for nominating me good luck to you
also dear
Thanks, @geetasnani ji for this contest

@maujmausti.. U... Really rock with ur username n entry.. Mindblowing

Hehe.. Mummyji pai lagu

Call inuke... Here soon.. I am waiting:)

Hey @inuke come fast ladies are calling you don't be shy

@geetasnani ji, you have unknowingly opened the hell gates here. hahahaha. Wait for a while I will be back with my entry.

Sure... I am waiting dear... :)

I really loved this thread. Although geet sent me this link as spam 😂

Sorry i knw @dexterdev it just for fun union for Indians or way to connect.. Thanx for stopping by😉

Nice Concept.

Thank you for helping to promote steemit.

I hope the most hilarious translation wins.

Thank you so much for your encouragement... I really appreciate

First of all Thanks @geetasnani for organising such a funny contest. I really enjoyed the contest and the entries were hilarious.

Bollywood has produced some of the most educational songs ever thats how i learned English. So here's my entry


Song - "ABCDEFGHI....JKLM...NOPQRSTUVWX..YZ... i love you"
Transalation - "ABCDEFGHI....JKLM...NOPQRSTUVWX..YZ... i love you"

I probably would get disqualified but I want everyone to know not all the lyrics are non-sense some of them are educational non-sense Hahaha..

Thanks again for hosting @geetasnani. And @maujmasti for nominating me. :D

I nominate @bala41288.

Haha thanx for participating... True... Bollywood lyrics are really funny illogical...

Sorry... U have forgotten to resteem so invalid.. entry following rules is imp

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Jinne mera dil lutya oho , Jinne mera maar sutya oho

The accused person has forcibly taken my cardiac vessle , The very same person is responsible of slaining my very being .
I nominate @singhnishantce in this challenge

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Thank you so much

I nominate @blog-beginner for this contest.
This is very unique and funny contest :D
Here is my entry :
गोरे रंग पे न इतना गुमान कर..
गोरा रंग दो दिन मे ढल जाएगा

Translation :
Do not forget about white color ..
White color will fall into two days

Thanx for ur kind words

People would get super fun here ;)

My entry: Baar Baar Dekho, Hazar Baar Dekho, Ke Dekh Ne Ki Cheez Hai (Look again, Look again, Look thousand times that she is an item to be looked at).

I nominate @maujmasti

Mera Song Hai

lo maan liya humne hai pyar nahi tumko

English translation

I believe we are not love

No nomination... .. So invalid... Thanx for participating... Never mind next time

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Mine is

Lo Safar Suru Ho Gaya
Humsafar Tu Ho Gaya
Mera Humsafar Tu Ho Gaya

English translation??

English translation

Little trip started
Yes you are
You are my friend

No nomination.. Dear.. So invalid

Mine is
HIndi: Beedi jalaile jigar se piya, jigar ma badi aag hai…
English: Use your heart to light your smoke dear, the heart is full of fire..

Sorry.. Entry was really good.. But invalid.. As no resteem n nomination...

Your sense of humor is too good mam I like it

Aage aage dekhe hota h kya.. Agar support raha to i have more funny ideas... Thanx.

I am really excited to see the coming episode Good luck

Yeah... atleast i should get the winning amount so that i can continue with the contest... I am not rich like whales...

I am a small झींगा मच्छी in steemit that also poor one


I am pure veg... :) happy ramzan

Wow, a great contest and almost all the entries are hilarious :)

Thanx for stopping.. by.. Waiting for ur entry too:)would appreciate if you resteem plz

Thats an wonderful and funniest initiative.....all the best @geetasnani would looking forward tobread few of the entry....steem on!

Thank you so much... Waiting for your entry too.

Now steemit i

Good contest . it is a wau of entirtenment by steemit

Woau hi karega.. Participate nhin karega.. :)

Great contest Ooo...
Ek Sooraj Nikla Tha
A sun had risen
Kuchh Paara Pighla Tha
Some mercury had melted
Ek Aandhi Aayi Thi
Some wind had come
Jab Dil Se Aah Nikli Thi
When sigh came out from the heart
Dil Se Re
from the heart
@mrkwh I am nominating you for this contest.
@successforall I am nominating you for this contest

Thanx buddy.. Keep steeming and

funny challenge, Nice initiative, keep going.. 🙂


Jab Bhi Koi Ladaki Dekhun Mera Dil deewana Bole
Ole Ole Ole, Ole Ole Ole 😂

Translation : when ever i see any girl, my heart madly speaks hailstone, hailstone, hailstone, hailstone, hailstone, hailstone.

Nominating @flymehigh

Thanx for pushing me for some contest

Mine Sare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan Humara
I nominate @karthimbbs for this challenge

English translation... Beta????

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This contest is amazing.😊😊😊

Thanx.. For ur kind words it means a lot :)

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Ku ku ku ku
Choli ke peeche kya hai, choli ke peeche
Chunari ke neeche kya hai, chunari ke neeche

English Translation:

Ku ku ku ku ku ku
What's behind your blouse?
What's beneath your veil?

Soory i found this funny..
I nominate @chetan9

Thanx for participating

thanks for the contest my entry is:

Ladki kamaal re ki akkiyonse goli maare

Raveena tandon and Govinda's song translation: What a girl who shoots bullets by her eyes

Nomination is imp to qualify

I am really blessed I just opened my system and as soon as
I saw my @steemit account I was dancing on the floor
Thank You, you make me happy I am lucky to get this
Honor from you all
Regards @maujmasti