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We are now up to round 28 of the Comment Challenge. Please get ready to deliver some magnificent comments! Polish your keyboard and sharpen your mind, I wanna see those comments rolling in. Please show me what you have got!

Photography will be this week's theme. It was a while since I featured a photography post, and I found a nice one with a special twist to it this week. Please check it out below.

The #steemitcommentchallenge is partnering with the #newbieresteemday. I'm happy to have them by my side and I try to do my best to support their users. The Newbieresteem initiative is an excellent community for new Steemians. Their motto and this challenge are meant to strengthen interaction skills, to support and motivate better participation. And what better way to interact with others than through excellent comments.

It is important to get followers, but you also want the correct type of followers. Followers that are truly interested in your blog and what you write, and not the “I-follow-you-if-you-follow-me” kind of type. And to attract the right type of followers, you need to write godlike comments.

This challenge is all about writing godlike comments.

  • In each challenge a post from a fellow minnow will be featured.
  • The challenge is to write an amazing comment related to that post.
  • I will resteem the post.
  • I will give it a 100% upvote.

This will be part of my campaign to help other Minnows. The#minnowsupportproject helped me and I want to help others.

Join the challenge and practice your skills.

Please join the fun! 💓 💓

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Challenge Instructions

Write a comment linked to the content in the section below "Post To Review"

Write a comment that will intrigue the reader. The comment should be interesting and create an urge in the reader to click through to your blog.

The entry needs to be written as a comment to this post.

Please resteem to help promote this challenge!

Tell your friends to come and join.


The prize money for Challenge #28 will be 5 SBD + 2 x 1 week 200 SP delegation.

We will have the following prizes:

  • 1st prize - 5 SBD + 200 SP 1 week delegation.
  • 2nd prize - 200 SP 1 week delegation.

Rules and conditions

  • The comment should be relevant to the content below in: "Post To Review".
  • Please mind the length of your reply. I don't want to have strict limits, but remember that your tasks is to write a comment and not a chapter for a book. ;)
  • The entry needs to be written as a comment to this post.
  • Entries limited to one per person.
  • Entries need to be written in English.
  • I will reply to your comment confirming it is a valid entry.
  • The challenge ends Friday morning, 0600 UTC time.
  • The winner will be presented Friday evening, UTC time.
  • The 1st and 2nd Prize will be picked by the judges based purely on quality and their own judgement.
  • If the judges can not reach a consensus, they will each pick one candidate and flip a coin. @dorabot will be used for this in MSP's Discord server.
  • If the winner is not a Minnow, the prize will be split in 2 and the other half paid out to the best Minnow. After all, this is a competition to encourages Minnows, so hopefully that will be fair.
  • A Minnow is someone with less than 5K SP.

Post To Review

Here follows the post for you to review:

Challenge #28 Post - "imgTalk #1 - Kashmir", by @photonenblende.

@photonenblende is a new aspiring Steemian with a passion for photography.

In this post he is kicking off an initiative called "Image Talk", with the idea to present a photograph combined with a short text linked to some interesting detail surrounding the photograph.

As always, the idea of this challenge is to write a comment that attracts the attention of the author. Your goal is to get the author to want to click your name and check out your blog.

Remember that a valid entry in this contest is a comment written below, but please feel free to add the same comment to @photonenblende's post.

Please donate, please help a minnow

If you like this idea and would like it to grow. Please feel free to donate and I will add it to the Prize Pool. Mention #steemitcommentchallenge in your memo.

History of donations:
zeartul - 10 SBD
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dray91eu - 8 SBD
tech-trends - 10 STEEM
fishmon - 10 SBD
destinysaid - 5 SBD
fishmon - 5 SBD
nanosesame - 10 SBD
amariespeaks - 5 SBD
leeart - 1 SBD
jo5h - 4 SBD

Previous Comment Challenge Winner

Here follows the list of all the previous winners.

List from oldest to newest:

guyverckw, stephcurry, timeshiftarts, dray91eu,
digitalking, fatpandadesign, fishmon, kslo,
learnandteach01, cryptobychirag, japh, brandyb,
stellastella, amos-robinson, lucyc, bridgetnnenna,
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...will YOU be next on the list??

The contest ends Friday morning and the winners will be announced Friday evening (UTC time).

Thank you for reading!

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Hello mr. @danielsaori how are you
In line with my saying yesterday that I have promised you to come back to your contest, even though only a small part helps to increase your post but for me it is very valuable because it can help a bit
Good luck with the contest


Thank you for dropping in and showing your support.
The door is always open and you are welcome to join anytime.
Take care and SteemOn! :)

You can keep my promise because I have returned to your contest
Success for you @danielsaori


Thank you steemforez.
So please join the challenge and write a comment for @photonenblende's post.

I'm back again at your contest @danielsaori
And I will not stop entering your contest before I can share with others because I have promised myself to make others proud of me
Thanks for this most exciting contest


Hello Adiforever,
if you want to join the contest, your entry needs to be related to the post by @photonenblende. Please have a look at the instructions above. Thanks!

Hi @photonenblende, I like your idea of a #ImageTalk series. I do believe that there's a story behind every image even when it's not told, it's beautiful that you have decided to share yours which was inspired by Music. I know Music is so powerful and can be much of an inspiration to anyone so I'm not surprised that you even hear the song even after the editing had been completed.

Thanks for the beautiful story, I sure did like it and of course, do have a nice "Ohrwurm" as well.



That is a nice comment Juliet. I like the flow of your writing and your excellent ending connecting back to German word "Ohrwurm".


Smiles.... Thanks

I'm glad you liked it @danielsaori.....

By the way, I made the post I told you I was gonna make after my Mom read the birthday wishes and how overwhelmed she was.

I wanted to tell you about it yesterday but I was disorganized.
I got scammed of 20SBD yesterday so I pretty much wasn't myself.

Have a nice "ohrwurm" @danielsaori and regards to your son.


I wrote you a comment on both. I'm sorry to hear about the scam, but it became a happy ending in a way with that amazing support.


Oh yeah, seen both...
"And they lived happily ever after"

Lol, that was exactly what happened.
I'm so glad and thankful to you...

Thanks for stopping by...


Congrats!! 2nd prize winner! :)
I wish you a nice weekend.

Thanks once again @danielsaori. It was nice participating last week. Here I am with my entry comment for this week. Hope this time you will like it.

Imagination brings out creativity.... That eventually creates a real artist.

An artist find its artwork ideas through its magnificent imagination power that is accompanied with the ability to transform that imaginary work into real.

All I feel in your writing you want to express your thoughts behind the shot that depicts beatiful golden view of sky where silhouette of a Zeppelin adds extra look.

And it reminds you of a old song. And you nostalgic all the time seeing this capture.

Artistic mind always in imagining and bringing so creative outputs which gives inlight of the world of artist imagination


Happy to see you back and I wish you the best of luck.


Its my pleasure. Thank you so much.


Its my pleasure. Thank you so much.

Thank you again for this opportunity. Her is my entry:

How is Ohrwurm different with LSS or last song syndrome?

Although LSS is used wrong sometimes because others would refer it to a song that keeps playing repeatedly in their head even though it is not the song that they heard "last." I get that feeling sometimes where even though I have not heard the song for a while, somewhere in my brain decides to play the song over and over.

With Ohrwurm, the way you describe it is that it only reminds you of a song when you look at that photo.

It is undeniable what power music holds and what it does. It inspires, comforts and heals the soul.

Beautiful photo. It seems like a golden moment. Everything about it makes you feel warm. It draws you in and makes you want to fly somewhere.


Thank you leeart!

OK now, this is the kind of moments I want to capture. The perspective of the ship, the way the sky looks like cream and smoke. I love the shade of that orange. Mehn it's beautiful. Aperture of 8, keeping more light out,
Shutter speed In 2000sec mehn.. That can freeze anything. That's would keep the moment stationary plus additional shade. And the ISO at 100.....i want to assume, but you took this what time? Guess there is still more light during sun set at your end.

But I love the color balance. Like how one side, the top right had a more brighter orange that gradually became darker. I love that. Nixon sure makes outdoor beautiful.

Music is food to the soul. When am in the studio, taking pictures, I like to jamz up. I feel invincible like every where at all times. Music is really inspiring for the moments.

And to say you're reliving a 1975 moment, that's simply amazing. Like boooom amazing.

I'll love to see more of your works.


Great touch to your comment man.


Thank you Dan. Have a great day.

Thanks @photonenblende for this wonderful and inspirational article on #imagetalk series.
I understood that the song unveiled the ministry behind a Zeppelin (German airship of the 20th century ) and how magnificent the shape (silhouette) looks when it travels even as the sun sets.

Even with earwigs(ohrwurm) we could still feel the memorable adventure of traveling on this beautiful magnifico.
It took me time and research to understand this ministry and I was touched and my emotions felt the beauty of this song, I have downloaded it and I must confess it is awesome.
Thanks for sharing this awesome legendary rock song with great minds on this platform. We hope to see more from you sir.


Nice to see you back again. Best of luck!


Thank you sir, I hope to win at this time.

Wow..this is what creativity is all about, seeing a perfect pictorial representation through imagination and making it a reality where others just see a zeppelin in space..such an inspiration through music, for real good music opens our minds and creativity box


Thank you Dreamchaser. :)


I'm glad to participate..you're welcome

Hello @danielsaori, I am again participating in the hope of winning some time, last week I missed it, but today I am faithful to the appointment, here is my entry, I hope the translator will help me as I do not speak English

I love the fusion of music and image, an image can speak to you alone, while music can embrace moments, emotions, feelings that are not close to you at that moment, is the music that will not leave your mind and will live to remind you of moments that the soul does not leave behind, was not necessary to be born at that time, music can always be used as a source of inspiration, thank you for sharing.


That is beautifully said Melva. I wish you best of luck in this round!

Great idea @photonenblende - every time I come to Steemit it causes me to think and consider much that I do not! Thanks too go to @danielsaori for promoting this type of activity by doing this. Time to do some following! - - - > Is that Zepplin really there or did you photoshop it in? As a photog, too, I don't mind that sort of thing at all. Quite the opposite! I have to assume without going to google translate that Ohrwurm means - ear worm in english. Because that is what you gave me here! LOL I was alive when this song came out and was lucky enough to hear them perform it then too! I give you my own Ohrwurm here, "Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?"


Thanks for your entry. Seems like you felt like home with this week's theme. :)
I wish you the best of luck.


Thanks! Love the positive actions of people like you and vibe of steemland!

That is one heck of an inspiration bro... quite ingenious to add the silhouette too... Its so surreal man and the story behind it just adds the icing on the cake


You were quick bro. :) Congrats for making the first entry.

Stunning image! Breathtaking photography ... the colour and concept is magnificent! And well done on the content of your post, explaining where your inspiration came from. Thanks too for the "earworm" ... Kashmir is a great song ... I'm a traveller of both time and space 🎶 This post deserves plenty of exposure! I'll be keeping an eye on your work!


Indeed it was magnificent and in need of more exposure. I was happy to see that @acidyo stepped in like a boss and dropped a $5 worth upvote. :)


Thank you for the confirmation. Good on you @acidyo for your encouragement.


Congratulations on winning the 1st prize this week! :)


Yayy! Thank you that's awesome! My first delegation prize! So if I understand correctly I can use this to advance others? I'll need some advice on how to go about this. Huge thanks @danielsaori :)


Yes, the delegated SP works as yours, as long as it is delegated.
If you look in your wallet you will see this:
Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 07.43.33.png
The delegated SP is the one in parentheses, so for this week you will have 240SP instead of 40SP. A full vote will be worth $0.06 instead of $0.01.

Your Voting Power is not correlated in any way to your SP, so to maximize the potential payout you can run down your VP before the delegation is up next Friday. Otherwise, I always recommend to keep your VP above 80%, but if you know the deadline for your delegated SP, that would be the exception to that rule.
Please let me know if that doesn't make sense. :)


Awesome! I don't know how to change the VP, it's just great to have a vote worth something. Thanks so much.


Howdy See you in chat, welcome , Add your name to the 100 vote list and a yes or a Im in to the curation trail channel voted you here as you have no recent post up

Music blended with an activity you love just creates that perfect unforgettable moment and all you need to do is just live in that moment.
These are those moments that you'll never forget and one day when you're sitting with your grandkids, you'll still look back and recite them as if it was just yesterday.
Well done and captured @photonenblende..



Post to Review

An excellent photograph made all the more splendid. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite songs, the lyrics are very thought provoking. As I read your post lyrics from a band called "Bread" came into my head from the song called "If"....

"If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you..."

Funny how images can bring out all kinds of memories and emotions and your photo does just that. Followed


Thank you for your entry. Best of luck!

Music is powerful and from experience I can say that many times it takes you to the same place where the singer or writer was inspired, in your image I can find the exact moment that the singer or writer describes in his song:

"All I see turns to brown
As the sun burns the ground
And my eyes fill with sand
As I scan this wasted land
Try to find, try to find the way I feel"

Congratulations @photonenblende, for capturing such an impressive image

The post is a great work of art. Listening to music can be soothingly pleasant. I have not just tried it with an irregular artwork. Bravo!


Nice to have you here Lolade.


Thank you Sir.

I didn't know that this airship is still in existence. It reminds me of those old war films. Besides, good music lives on.


I live very close to a zeppelin museum and I also didn't think they were still in use.

making a post while listening to music sometimes makes the atmosphere wider with motivation, my hope from you.



this is my entry

you are so incredible master, for me you are the best. your preparation fund struggle to make contes in order to be enjoyed by all steemians !, surely take a very long time.
but you never complain one bit. I appreciate your effort.
master @danielsaori


Hello Bocobot,
Thank you for your support, but a valid entry needs to be written as a reply to @photonenblende. Please see the instructions above.

I wrote a comment to a post about the photographer Helmut Newton:

There is so much dynamics in Newtons photos, he's a true artist. I've heard a story about him where he was asked what influence the quality of the camera has on his work on which he replied: "How much does the pan influence the dishes of a master chef?"
He's so right about that. We really should appreciate talent more.


Hi Lisa, to make a valid entry your comment need to be written as a reply to @photonenblende's post.


Oops... Thanks for the clarification.

this is my entry

master @danielsaori
happy to meet you again, I have long wanted to meet, but time is not permit, then now I can meet you to release the longing that I have been idam's in this heart.
I hope you can always sucess in making contes, without any obstacles and obstacles that hinder your very good goals.

good job master @danielsaori


Hi, please see my reply to Contestan's post above.

a good contest is created with clear thinking, eliminate problems in mind, focus on doing business.


Hi Albasana, did you want to enter in this contest? If so, please read the instructions above. Your comment needs to be linked to the featured post.

something very powerful in forming a contest, because here can show who works than who is great
because not every great person can work
greatness is owned by those who are diligent in trying


Thank you!
Just to let you know, in case your intention was to enter the contest, the comment has to be linked to the featured post above. Please read the instructions above and feel free to edit or write a new comment. :)

If you follow me, then I'll follow you.


I would recommend you to do a bit of research of Steemit etiquettes. Asking for upvotes and follows is frown upon and can get you into trouble, especially if you spam the same thing over and over. The whole idea with this platform is to be rewarded for quality content, think about that in both your posts and comments.

If you approach someone for the first time, someone with 10000 more SP, you need to make a hell of an impression to catch my attention, and asking for a follow is probably the worst thing to do.

I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but I'm trying to help. I know you are new and still finding your ways around here. There would be many people just flagging you for this behavior without telling you why. So I hope you see this as a helpful lesson.