imgagetalk #1 - Kashmir

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Today I will start with my photo series #imagetalk. This series is about technical details, the motivation behind - and some funny or emotional things beside - my captures.
Usually the text will take you not longer than 45 sec. For those of you, who would not want to read anything, I will provide the Image first and the story second. So let's start ... .

Kashmir - The power of music

DSC_4975 - Kashmir2_c500.jpg

Kashmir - (52 mm / f/8 / 1/2000 s / ISO 100)
[Nikon D80/ Tamron SP 24-135 mm f/3.5-5.6]

Once I was cycling at Lake Constance and I thought: "What is Lake Constance without a Zeppelin and what a silhouette will a Zeppelin give, if I would crop it with the sky?" I tasted it out. By this I have had a song in my mind, a legendary hard rock song I'm really in love with ...

"Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face ..." [Kashmir - Led Zeppelin].

It's from 1975 and I wasn't born that time. Never the less the song inspired me much. By editing the image I saw the album cover "Remasters" directly before my eyes and I couldn't finish the capture other wise.
How powerful music can be! Now I can hear the song every time I look at this capture. The germans have a wonderful wording for this, they call this an "Ohrwurm".

I hope you like this kind of story. Just write it in the comment section below.

Thanks for coming and have always a nice "Ohrwurm" ... .

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That is one heck of an inspiration bro... quite ingenious to add the silhouette too... Its so surreal man and the story behind it just adds the icing on the cake


Many thanks for your wonderful words @jo5h, have a nice rest Sunday!

Thanks for this wonderful and inspirational article.
I could understand that the song unveiled the ministry behind a Zeppelin (German airship of the 20th century ) and how magnificent the shape (silhouette) looks when it travels even as the sun sets. Even with earwigs(ohrwurm) we could still feel the memorable adventure of traveling on this beautiful magnifico.
It took me time and research to understand this ministry and I was touched and my emotions could feel the beauty of this song, I have downloaded it and I must confess it is awesome.
Thanks for sharing this awesome legendary rock song with great minds on this platform. I hope to see more from you sir.


Thanks for spending so much time @chibuzorwisdom, that is really amazing! Thanks for the awesome feedback as well! I wish you all the best and hope to see you again.


You are welcomed brotherly

Imagination brings out creativity.... That eventually creates a real artist.

An artist find its artwork ideas through its magnificent imagination power that is accompanied with the ability to transform that imaginary work into real.

All I feel in your writing you want to express your thoughts behind the shot that depicts beatiful golden view of sky where silhouette of a Zeppelin adds extra look.

And it reminds you of a old song. And you nostalgic all the time seeing this capture.

Artistic mind always in imagining and bringing so creative outputs which gives inlight of the world of artist imagination.


Many thanks for your wonderful woords @sherbanu I feel very honored. Sometimes it scares me that a picture is such a deep view in your mind. Have a nice day!


It's been my pleasure @photonenblende

Music blended with an activity you love just creates that perfect unforgettable moment and all you need to do is just live in that moment.
These are those moments that you'll never forget and one day when you're sitting with your grandkids, you'll still look back and recite them as if it was just yesterday.
Well done and captured @photonenblende..


You are right @hermannsol, hopefully we will do this one time. Thanks for your warm words, I really appreciate it. Good luck

Great concept! Is that Zepplin really there or did you photoshop it in? I have to assume without going to google translate that Ohrwurm means - ear worm in english. Because that is what you gave me here! LOL I was alive when this song came out and was lucky enough to hear them perform it then too! I give you my own Ohrwurm here, "Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?"


Many thanks @visualcontent for your wonderful and long feedback. No, the Zeppelin is not photoshoped. It's really there. You are right with the ear worm and I think ... jes, you have it again :-). Have a nice evening!

Stunning image! Breathtaking photography ... the colour and concept is magnificent! And well done on the content of your post, explaining where your inspiration came from. Thanks too for the "earworm" ... Kashmir is a great song ... I'm a traveller of both time and space 🎶 This post deserves plenty of exposure! I'll be keeping an eye on your work!


Many thanks @leighleigh, I'm very glad you say this. I will give my best! Have a nice start into the new week and hopefully we will see us here. Greetings ... and I'm a great fan of this band as well :-)

I love the fusion of music and image, an image can speak to you alone, while music can embrace moments, emotions, feelings that are not close to you at that moment, is the music that will not leave your mind and will live to remind you of moments that the soul does not leave behind, was not necessary to be born at that time, music can always be used as a source of inspiration, thank you for sharing.


Absolutely @melvadg, many thanks for your amazing feedback. Have a good start into the week!

Hey David, glad to have you on the Steemit network.

I'm not too much of a photographer and matter of fact I don't understand camera specs a whole lot. This image still cries out art to me, the focal point stands out as the Zeppelin's dark tone accompanies the background shades. This is truely beautiful art.

The story about how music inspired you more is even better as it gives your image a meaning, the emotional presense it carries and provides when you look at it is remarkable and I can feel that I appreciate the image a lot more.

Can't wait to see more of your series!


Thanks a lot for your awesome feedback @cheech-oz! I never expected such overwhelming comments and there will be some content from Australia as well. :-) Have a nice day!


Aye I can't wait to see some Australian content!

Music is powerful and from experience I can say that many times it takes you to the same place where the singer or writer was inspired, in your image I can find the exact moment that the singer or writer describes in his song:

"All I see turns to brown
As the sun burns the ground
And my eyes fill with sand
As I scan this wasted land
Try to find, try to find the way I feel"

Congratulations @photonenblende, for capturing such an impressive image


Many big thanks @olymar, great to read this. Led Zeppelin was so much inspirated by Tolkien, that I honestly love here songs. I'm proud that I could awake such wonderful emotions.


Welcome to Steemit David!
I like your initiative and I hope you will make this a frequent series. For photography on Steemit I feel it is important to have an accompanying text to tell the story behind the shot, so you are spot on with this.

To show you my support I have picked this post and featured it in my weekly Comment Challenge. So expect to receive a bunch of comments and I hope you gain some true followers in the process as well. Here is the link to the challenge.

To give you some extra support I have added you to my curation and support bot, @dorabot. Expect to see some upvotes worth a total of around 2 SBD.


Many, many thanks @danielsaori I appreciate it very much.


I forgot to mention about the tag #imagetalk.
If you expect to have frequent posts it would be nice if you start to use this tag.


Thanks again @danielsaori for the big help. I edited the content for the new tag. Have a nice week, see you



You are welcome.
Have a nice start of your week.

An excellent photograph made all the more splendid. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite songs, the lyrics are very thought provoking. As I read your post lyrics from a band called "Bread" came into my head from the song called "If"....

"If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you..."

Funny how images can bring out all kinds of memories and emotions, your photo does just that. Followed


Thank you very much @mithrilweed, it's so amazing to read comments like yours. Music is always a part of your emotional world and a wonderful thing to share. I will check out "Bread". Have a wonderful day my friend :-)

I didn't know that this airship is still in existence. It reminds me of those old war films. Besides, good music lives on.


Thanks a lot! There are still Zeppelins at Lake Constance. Not as big as the old ones but much safer. I think this well least for ever - as a good old tradition. Greetings

Inspiring image

Man, I have never seen a zeppelin in real life, only on tv documentaries. Are they still making them ? Have you tried flying with one ?


Yes, they already making them. There is no day without one at Lake Constance ... but a flight is very expensive. So this is the only point of view I can provide. :-)

I see this is the first of (hopefully) many #ImgTalk to come. Perhaps the tag will catch on.

I would love to see other remastered versions of other cover arts in the future.

Will you only be focusing on cover arts of albums?


Many thanks @enforcer. I will do a lot of other things as well. I'm focusing on landscape, decay and technical photography with some art works. I think the mixture makes it more interresting. I hope you will like it. Have a nice rest Sunday!

Wow..this is what creativity is all about, seeing a perfect pictorial representation through imagination and making it a reality where others just see a zeppelin in space..such an inspiration through music, for real good music opens our minds and creativity box
Kudos @photonenblende


Many thanks @iamceezee for your wonderful feedback. I appreciate it very much. Have a nice day!


You're welcome..cheers

OK now, this is the kind of moments I want to capture. The perspective of the ship, the way the sky looks like cream and smoke. I love the shade of that orange. Mehn it's beautiful. Aperture of 8, keeping more light out,
Shutter speed In 2000sec mehn.. That can freeze anything. That's would keep the moment stationary plus additional shade. And the ISO at 100.....i want to assume, but you took this what time? Guess there is still more light during sun set at your end.

But I love the color balance. Like how one side, the top right had a more brighter orange that gradually became darker. I love that. Nixon sure makes outdoor beautiful.

Music is food to the soul. When am in the studio, taking pictures, I like to jamz up. I feel invincible like every where at all times. Music is really inspiring for the moments.

And to say you're reliving a 1975 moment, that's simply amazing. Like boooom amazing.

I'll love to see more of your works.


Many thanks for your kind feedback @t-flames. Very nice to read your lines. The image was taken on the evening.

How is Ohrwurm different with LSS or last song syndrome?

Although LSS is used wrong sometimes because others would refer it to a song that keeps playing repeatedly in their head even though it is not the song that they heard "last." I get that feeling sometimes where even though I have not heard the song for a while, somewhere in my brain decides to play the song over and over.

With Ohrwurm, the way you describe it is that it only reminds you of a song when you look at that photo.

It is undeniable what power music holds and what it does. It inspires, comforts and heals the soul.

Beautiful photo. It seems like a golden moment. Everything about it makes you feel warm. It draws you in and makes you want to fly somewhere.


Many thanks @leeart for your feedback. In my head the song does really plays over and over when I look too long at this capture :-)


I couldn't blame you :) There are photos that strongly reminds you of a song and vice versa. We can even relate songs to our experiences.

a newer seen a zeppelin, lucky u had a good camera with u. did u now it was there? or just lucky. and at Lake Constance of all places a have not been there but as a bike enthusiast a have heard its a nice place. and the sky vs the zeppelin make the contrast super nice.


On warm summer days there is always one Zeppelin in the sky. Go there if you can, It's really a nice place to be. Enjoy your stay and many thanks for your comment.

· a was sure the where super rare. a guess its most be a "zaplin port" in the area