💌 Comment Challenge #37 WINNERS (5 SBD + 400 SP Delegation!!) 💌

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This week was a special round where we featured the Japanese version of this contest. A contest lead by @yasu24. As that post was written in Japanese, it was not a requirement to understand and comment directly related to the content. Instead, the entries were encouraged to be more generic, either focusing on the introduction of a Japanese version or comment on anything related to the whole of this comment challenge.

Check out the announcement post and read all the awesome comments: Steemit Comment Challenge #37

This Challenge is part of my campaign to help Newcomers/Minnows. The #minnowsupportproject helped me and I want to help others.

Steemit Comment Challenge #37

As mentioned above, we had a special this week where we featured the kick-off post for the Japanese version of this challenge. I'm sorry for some of the confusion it led to. Everyone is used to comment based on the content of that post and were surprised to see only Japanese. :) Please click here to check out the post from @yasu24.

Congratulations @maxijgcomm & @glenalbrethsen

The 1st prize this week goes to @maxijgcomm. Thank you for a great entry. I was happy to receive your feedback and I'm impressed that you were brave enough to mention that the contest needs more prizes, that two per week is not enough! 😀

Thanks again for your entry and congratulations!

Please check out the comment here

The 2nd prize goes to @glenalbrethsen. Glen is an advocate of quality comments and is frequently scoring high in Asher's Engagement League. I enjoyed your reflection of the impact on the STEEM blockchain if more content/contests are made available in various languages.

Please check out the comment here

1st Prize: 5 SBD + 200 SP for 1 week!! - Congrats @maxijgcomm!!
2nd Prize: 200 SP for 1 week! - Congrats @glenalbrethsen!!

Proof of payout

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Generous Donations!!

I'm very grateful for the donations received so far. It has given the challenge some extra "steam"!

  • zeartul donated 10 SBD
  • destinysaid donated 5 SBD
  • dray91eu donated 8 SBD
  • tech-trends donated 10 STEEM
  • fishmon donated 10 SBD
  • destinysaid donated 5 SBD
  • fishmon donated 5 SBD
  • nanosesame donated 10 SBD
  • amariespeaks donated 5 SBD
  • leeart donated 1 SBD
  • jo5h donated 4 SBD
  • hitmeasap donated 5 SBD
  • sparrowbernard donated 3 SBD
  • abh12345 donated 7.5 SBD (+500SP 1 week delegation)
  • yasu24 donated 1 SBD

If you are reading this, please visit the blogs of the cool bunch above and send them some love. Why not write them a godlike comment? 😃

Previous Comment Challenge Winners

The list is from oldest to newest:
guyverckw, stephcurry, timeshiftarts, dray91eu,
digitalking, fatpandadesign, fishmon, kslo,
learnandteach01, cryptobychirag, japh, brandyb,
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adesojisouljay, teekingtv, donnest, vonromulobalsamo,
sola3097, steemangelc, michaeljerry0, jo5h,
davemccoy, kimberlylane, adazone, leighleigh,
barski, topstoriez, gillianpearce, johndoer123
...will YOU be next on the list??

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*** Thank you all and I see you next time ***

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Peace and Love People

The next round will start on Sunday the 2nd of September.

Please donate, please help minnows grow.

If you like this idea and would like it to grow. Please feel free to donate and I will add it to the Prize Pool. Mention #steemitcommentchallenge in your memo.

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My gratitude goes go everone who supported this post in one way or the other and those who partivipated in the contest.

Special thanks to @danielsaori who has been cordinating this contest and making it poasible for newbies to gain ground in steemit. And today, I stand as ome of the winners. Am so grateful. Thanks a lot.

This is cool contest, I think.
Hi, I am not getting upvote from @dustsweeper for many days. Also, I was not informed whether I had enough fund or not. Can you help me?


Hi Akdx! Yes, your balance is low and if you want to keep Dustsweeper active you have to transfer new funds. You did receive a notification on the 6th of August. You should have received another one on the 11th, but that one seems to have failed for some reason.

You can always transfer a small amount, anything above 0.01, and get a balance notification back. In the near future, we will also make it possible to check this via Dustsweeper's own Discord server.

So far you have received 129 votes and saved a total of $1.48.

My congratulations to the winners and all participants of the contest! You are best!

Well, thank you @danielsaori.

I'm glad you found value in my comment and I will try to use the delegation as best I can. :)

And congratulations to @maxijgcomm for taking first place. Well done. :)


You are welcome!
I know you have a fair amount of SP already and it will only add a fraction to your upvote. But I wanted to show my appreciation for your great effort.


Thank you! Congrats too for taking the second spot.

Congratulations to the winners. This one was really fun I even clicked on some of the Japanese blogs to read. I wish great success for the new project.


Hey, @headchange.

Do you speak Japanese? Can't remember right now. I went and looked at yasu24's post, but since I don't speak Japanese, wasn't able to read it. I guess I should ask my son, since he does. Thank you for the well-wishing here. I'm surprised but thankful. :)


Oh no nothing like that. I was just really excited to be testing out a new translator extension on my browser. It is working really well for me. Just right click and it turns into english most of the time. Sometimes it reads a little bit comical in the translation. And sometimes my typed reply is not what I see appearing in the preview. But still exciting to be able to explore other blogs.
Congratulations! I won this once it was the most fun week for me. Makes me really anxious to grow more sp. I hope you get plenty of time for the platform this week so you can enjoy it.
I am thinking of renting some delegation. If I could learn to make back the cost in curation I could just keep renting over and over. I am sure it won't be that easy one can always dream..


The built-in translation function in Chrome is great. I live in a foreign country(to me) :) in Europe and I love that the translate function is just a right click away.

Renting SP is a costly business so don't expect to go break even with curation. I think even with an awesome curation streak it is impossible to earn enough to cover the costs.


Hi Thanks for the insight. I was afraid that would be the case. Especially since I want it for use on the weekly pay it forward features. Those wont be big curation. The whole point is to feature under valued good quality.
May still be a good way to pay it forward my own self.
Still thinking about the possibilities. Thanks I appreciate you taking time to advise on this. Maybe a few SBIs will be a better option in the long run.


Looks like danielsaori already advised you here on the renting delegation. There's plenty of people out there who are actually just handing it out for periods at a time that maybe one of them with some sort of pitch would be willing to give you a delegation for a period of time.

I wasn't even thinking about the translator function. Chrome and my laptop don't mix—something about resources—so I haven't used Chrome in quite sometime. Plus, I didn't want to assume you didn't know Japanese when you were clearly attempting to read them. :)

And thank you for the congratulations. I'm not sure this is the best of times for this, but I did choose to enter, so I should try to do something with it. :)


Yeah that whole delegation thing is mind boggling. It is true some people just hand that out. To me that is the strangest thing. Even when I win one I feel almost guilty about it.
Oh well it is really just me thinking about things. It is a really good time to buy some Steem.
I see people renting sp, following trails, buying minnowbooster or tree planter votes. It all makes me wonder if I am not doing things right. Maybe missing out on whatever they know about that I don't.
At the end of the day it is just more to learn about the platform and how it works.


Well, there's learning how it works, and then getting it to work for you, and I believe those to be two separate things. Knowledge doesn't necessarily equate to greater success.

In my case, I staked out a way to go about this early on, and they didn't include what you mention, though I might be inclined to follow a curation trail, like curie, at some point.

I like to read the posts I vote on, though, and I don't always agree with the posts that curie or any other curation trail votes up. Not very often, but it happens enough to give me pause. I also like to comment on the posts I read and I don't always have something to say there, let alone with a curation trail.

I'm not saying my way is the best way, right way, or any way other than the way I'm doing it. I'm pretty sure I'd be farther ahead if I were doing something else, but I guess that's just the way it's going to be. :)


I guess I have been steeming along in pretty much the same manner as you.
But then I am still very much a newbie with lots of things to learn about.
Plus I enjoy reading and talking to a variety of people.
Pretty soon I will have a little 50 beside my name. That may be bad in a way because people will assume I know how things work.
That couldn't be farther from the truth. There are so many things here I have not looked into yet.


O.k wait a min. Your son speaks Japanese? Now I am interested. Expect noisy follow up questions in future.


Yes. The youngest son speaks English, Spanish, Japanese, and some Portuguese. He also studied four years of Mandarin in college. Which is hilarious, because he was barely speaking English when he graduated high school. :) Okay, that is somewhat of exaggeration, but he was not into school that much at all. But he served a church mission in Japan, where he also ended up speaking Spanish and Portuguese in addition to Japanese, so he had a pretty distinct cultural and language learning experience and came back with a love of languages. He'd love to learn more if he can.

He'll be starting his second year as a bilingual assistant at a middle school in a neighboring town and has been trying to get hired on as a Spanish teacher, which means he's getting a Master's in Education, too, and has to pass a certification to teach the language.


How long was his mission? That sounds like the kind of experience he can carry with him for a lifetime. I am sure he has many stories to tell.
Middle school huh? He is brave that age group always did perplex me even when I was one of them.


I agree. He's either brave or crazy. I hated middle school with a passion until about eighth grade. Too many bullies and too many hormones.

I think he wants to get to the high school level as quickly as he can, but ultimately he wants to end up in college somewhere because he'd like to coach football, too.

No ambitions whatsoever this kid. :)

re: the mission

The mission was two years, and yes, it does a lot of things for young men and young women. Gets them out on their own, away from home, with only weekly contact via email and the opportunity to call twice a year (Mother's Day and Christmas). When you're out, they want you out and as much of your mind on the work and less on what you left behind. I think it works for the most part. There's always going to be exceptions of one kind or another.

re: stories to tell

Oh, he certainly does. He happened to be in the mission field for around two weeks when the big earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan and knocked out their nuclear reactor happened. He was in the Tokyo area at the time, but they moved all of the missionaries from Tokyo west, so he actually worked in another mission for a month or so, then went back when they were given the all clear.

He and a large group of missionaries did actually go and work in the Sendai vicinity to help with cleanup, so he got to see some of the devastation and try to provide service for a day.

So, yeah, lots of stories (though most not nearly as scary as that one was).

Congratulations @glenalbrethsen and @maxijgcomm :) It comes as no surprise seeing both of you here :)

Thank you Daniel for encouraging genuine commenting!!

well do winner's..congratulations to the winner.i also again try in next part and i will do better in next part hope i become a winner in next part when i do best...thanks to @danielsaori for making this comment challenge


Thx! Hope to see you back.


yes because i like you

Congratulations! @maxijgcomm & @glenalbrethsen


Hey, @yasu24.

Thank you for giving danielsaori the idea to use for this specific comment contest, and good luck with your own version of the comment contest in Japanese. I'm sure it's going to be great for anyone who enters, and great for STEEM as a whole. :)

Wow things are getting spicy around here. Keep up the great work.

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next challenge??

i am waiting your next challenge


Tomorrow Sunday will the next round start

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come back


New round will be out tomorrow 👍

Hello daniel, I just realized that you have undelegated the steem power I won. What happened?


Hi Marcus, the prize for the delegation is always set to 1 week. Apologies if that was not clear.
Actually, I should have withdrawn the delegation Friday, but I forgot and left it for two days extra.

Hope to see you back in future editions.
Preparing just now for round #38. 😊


Oh I got that clear now. Thanks. I appreciate.