Steem dollar should be listed in - Witnesses, help !

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After reading a post from @socky , I decided to record this video and write this post.

I think it's really important to make steem dollar listed in because it's the main currency of our earning from steem blockchain.

Most minnows keep steem dollars to exchange them at good rate, because we don't earn that much. So not only steem is important for us, but steem dollar as well.

We vote for witnesses and we ask our followers to vote for them, I hope they will help us somehow to reach @ned to fill out the form of asking binance to list steem dollar in the exchanger.

Witnesses that I am asking to help us are :

  1. @jesta the creator of the wallet Vessel and the website

  2. @good-karma the creator of the application Esteem.

  3. @timcliff who is always active in

  4. @aggroed the creator of @minnowsupport .

  5. @pharesim the creator of

  6. @curie who is curating the quality content.

  7. @utopian-io the best project for open source contributions.

  8. @teamsteem the most active steemian.

  9. @ocd-witness the creator of @ocd.

  10. @steemitboard who rewards steemians for their achievements.

  11. @arcange the project designer of @steemitboard .

  12. @jrswab the creator of ''Steemit Creators' Guild''.

  13. @mahdiyari the creator of

  14. @blockchained who is supporting the Russian community on steem blockchain.

  15. @krnel who supports quality as well.

  16. @libertyranger an active witness as well.

  17. @steemgigs the witness created by the whale @surpassinggoogle who is supporting everybody on steem blockchain, he is the creator of

  18. @justyy the creator of this amazing website :

  19. @gtg a good witness who is doing well also.

  20. @pfunk who cares about artists in steem blockchain.

  21. @cervantes the witness who cares about Spanish community.

  22. @roelandp who cares about steem fests.

  23. @anyx the creator of @guard.

  24. @netuoso who provides good information through his posts.

  25. @roadscape the creator of

  26. @drakos the creator of

  27. @blockbrothers the creators of Steemify.

  28. @stoodkev the creator of SteemPlus.

  29. @scottcbusiness very active and young witness.

  30. @jerrybanfield who always promotes steem blockchain everywhere.

Also I ask the help from platforms like @dtube , @dlive , @busy , @dsound , @steepshot , @zappl , @dmania and others.

I also hope that the creators of famous tags will help, like #promo-steem , #ocd-resteem , #steempowerment , #dtubedaily , #onelovedtube and other famous tags. ( If you know any famous tags, please let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list. )

I also ask some powerful people like : @exyle , @happymoneyman , @reseller , @dnews , @joeparys , @themarkymark , @larrymorrison , @therealwolf , @adsactly-witness , @lukestokes , @firepower , @thejohalfiles , @kpine , @yoo1900 and others to support.

I also ask the best dtubers like : @harshilpatel , @myndnow , @kevinli , @adventuroussoul , @sergiomendes , @alphasteem , @tanbay and others to record a video about this topic, the impact of dtubers is good.

I also ask my dear steem friends like : @overkillcoin, @steemcafe , @tibfox , @cartel , @veganroma , @holgerwerner , @enjoyinglife and others to support this somehow.

I think it's important for all #steem community and I am almost sure that steem dollar will be listed in very soon and the price will go much higher. ☺

Any kind of support will be appreciated !

Thanks to everybody for being such amazing steemians. ☺

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  ·  last year (edited)

You are right. I agree with you. Will fill the form now (and post upvoted to increase visibility)

Thanks. But the form has to be filled only by CEO or co-founder of Steemit I think.

Yes, I realised that when it comes to the second page... so I'll resteem this post instead.

Thanks a lot, I hope it will help, I am really thankful that you care. ☺

hey ! it definitely should be on Binance. We are with you. Great, I appreciate your effort because small small steps can be a massive change.
Thank you :)

You are welcome, I am almost sure that they will list it because we have a lot of good people in steem blockchain who can help with that. ☺

  ·  last year (edited)

I hope so, I need a favor from you Coulf you please help me to grow my account on it...... :)
I am your follower & feel free to look my posts @amar15.
Thank you :)

I followed you, but on steem blockchain everybody helps his self by learnig more, by being active. So write quality posts, write good comments. Use all the platforms like dtube, dlive, dsound, steepshot and others. More you know more you earn. Keep improving and posting everyday and everything will be ok. ☺

I have come across many post here on Steemit where users are requesting for sbd listing on Binance, I am also expecting that to happen.

It's good that users care, I am very happy about that. But I will not calm down before they will add it to binance. We are all waiting for better price.☺ ? u sure?
What speeches speaks for this to add it to

  ·  last year (edited)

Of course I am sure, take a look in binance, you will not find steem dollar there, only steem !

Nice one buddy, we can read you and loud and clear we can hear you.

Thumbs up.

Thanks a lot. ☺

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Thanks a lot. ☺

Hey, how are you doing? I just read to your comment on Youtube. My username on Discord is the same as here: siomarasalmeron#6345.

I will contact you, I am clixmoney#0084 there. ☺

Ok. Cool. I will try to be alert, because I am not used to stay so long on Discord.

I messaged you on discord and explained everything, take a look please.

Ok, great!

Great video @clixmoney. You have made a wonderful point. Let's hope we get so much attention through this video and binance lists SBD. It would be really beneficial for all of us. Resteeming this. :)

Thanks a lot for the resteem, I always hope for the best. ☺

Upvoted, I fully support this

Thanks. ☺