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At this point in time, most of the Steem accounts which produce the normal amount of posts/comments/votes are back to normal. This is unfortunately not true for @SteemitBoard.


For those of you who don’t know, @SteemitBoard is an account that “gamifies” your experience here on the Steem Blockchain. It comments every time you meet milestones in your account and also upvotes your post when this happens. This is really exciting, especially for new people but also for people who have been around here for a while. Here are the 3 reasons I think you should support them:

1) They are retaining users that wouldn’t normally stay.

It doesn’t take a genius to determine that most people don’t earn what they’re worth when they start off here, and this is largely due to the fact that nobody knows you here yet. You haven’t met your Steem Network yet. The people who aren’t getting anything in rewards (or maybe they’re getting dust) can get excited and a feeling of rewards coming in when they see their new badges they earned for interacting on the Blockchain! The little upvote they get each time from @steemitboard is also great! All of this, and the comments they leave, are now being threatened by the new hardfork 20. The new RC system does not leave enough access to SteemitBoard to do the commenting & upvoting they need.

2) They do extra things like host contests.

I really enjoyed playing the SteemitBoard World Cup this year. Essentially, all you had to do was upvote a comment on each WC18 post they made, and you would win a badge if you guessed the right team. The people with the most badges got the most from the SBD prize pool at the end of the tournament. I don’t even like sports but would enjoy an NFL or any other SteemitBoard-based contest. They also give out personal badges for doing cool things like voting them for witness (cough cough) and donating to the SteemFest Travel Relief Fund (@t-r-f). To see my badges, you can go to http://www.steemitboard.com/@amvanaken

3) They are one of the few Steem Accounts that tries to interact with everybody.

When you are brand new on the platform, it can be kind of cool to get updates on your progress. I know my face lit up the first time I got my first SteemitBoard badges. They give these to everybody and also let us keep track of what level each user is at. People are either a Dead Fish (inactive user) or something from a Minnow to a Whale, and this is displayed on everybody’s SteemitBoard profile. This is a nice way to get a feel for people’s history and current status here, and so will their badges.

Will you help support @SteemitBoard?

After reading this, what do you think about SteemitBoard?
Do you realize the role they play in this ecosystem? They are making Steemit more fun and the majority of people I talked to really like @steemitboard as well.

Here’s how you can help:

You can vote them for witness by going to the menu button at the top right of Steemit.com > vote for witnesses > you should now see them near spot #100 in the witness list.

You can delegate any spare SP you may have. Every bit of SP delegated to @SteemitBoard will help them generate resource credits which will allow them to make the comments they need to make daily. We have already started delegating our extra SP to them and we hope you do also.

You can also send them any spare STEEM or SBD you may have. The project is ran by smart people and they know they need to power everything up. They have never powered down so that they can help support every Steemian.

Let’s do our part, for one of the first accounts to comment on (almost all of) our blogs, @steemitboard !

If you decide to delegate to SteemitBoard, please comment below about it; we will thank you by upvoting your comment. Feel free to read up more about this here: https://steemit.com/steemitboard/@steemitboard/steemitboard-knock-out-by-hardfork

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What an enormous SPAM machine. SmartSelect_20181002-092853_Gallery.png
No wander they suffer from lack of RC, even holding 3.1K of SP

The only good thing I can see is that added STOP option.


Up to you to consider SteemitBoard's notifications as spam, but your opinion is not shared by many.

You should have a look at Steemitboard’s latest witness report and you will see that only 4% of users asked to stop notifications. This was considered spam, this number would be much higher.

Since the very beginning, we have provided the ability to stop notifications, something real spammer do not do.

Unfortunately, the blockchain does not offer an alternative notification mechanism and the user base is growing everyday, hence the huge number of comments sent.


I believe after HF20 now things will get much more normal, and properly weighted. As long as there remains the MUTE button, the option for "STOP" , and the service provider is healthy and wealthy enough to pay REAL costs (RC) for millions of his notifications - I am totally fine with such a "service". Let it be.
To me personally - these badges has no value whatsoever. Hence - my comment.


Ok that’s you. You’re one person. I knew 1 stuck-up person would show up disagreeing. Can you see from a perspective other than your own, and that tons of people love SteemitBoard and the badges and contests they do?


I know the fact that tons of people love it. However this does not make me to like it more.

Things differ. Someones treasure may be others garbage. And wise versa.

Many people love FREE things. Millions do. I DO NOT.
I always walk away once I see big poster "FREE"
I truly believe that in 99.99% cases these posters has behind a very well hidden deception.


Ok well this is mainly in existence because 96% of people disagree with you. There is no problem with disagreeing but coming here to whine about the topic of my post isn’t cool... You got to type “stop” to them so just leave us all alone 😄 Because we see how many people like SteemitBoard and it far outweighs those that complain about it (which for the most part seems to be mostly just you 😜)

I am one of those planktons that appreciates their gamification comments. To me it is no spam at all. I have some free witness votes, and I’ll give them one once I am back at my PC.

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Great! Thanks so much for helping support them! 😄 Glad you can see that it’s not spam just beacause they’ve made 1,200,000 comments... When you do the math and see that those comments went to over 1,000,000 accounts it’s really not that big of a number anymore.


It is per definition a DApp. There are real spammers out there, and they are not even half as fun and entertaining as Steemitboard.

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I agree! And peoples' steemitboard pages give a good look at their activity level here :D


Thank you for your comment and support, @msicc. Really appreciated!


You’re welcome 😊

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@amvanaken, thank you so much for writing this post and for your support. Makes really warm at heart !

The reasons that you invoke are really relevant and correspond to the mission we have given ourselves when creating this project.


@arcange I joined here about a year and a half ago. Made like 5 cents on my introduce yourself post, and needless to say, the golden badges of @steemitboard gave me a very warm feeling also while I was looking around and seeing what the whales were earning 😄 Thanks for all you do and I look forward to the next awesome contest!

sorry to spam you but you are offline on discord so https://steemit.com/colorado/@in2itiveart/inpower-movement there is a gal in Cospgs in case you want to jump on...

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