The beauty that makes people say "Wowww.."

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Market the only place that make people to see many things. Frankly saying whenever i goes to market area, i try to follow and observe many things around. From people to product, from traffic to street food. There are many things around to explore and hardly you get bored.

During one such visit today to our market area... Wooww.. sound in quick interval pulled me to look around. I did not notice anything strange . Within few min Woowww.... again falls in my ear...these were saying by morning school going kids...I turn around again to find the reason for such curiosity and excitement. Then I found out a very colourful reason. It was the beautiful flower bicycle cart standing along the roadside that makes kids quite excited.


It was a flower vendor, who is selling some beautiful flowers in his bicycle cart. The cart is full of Yellow marigold flower and few other plantz. The carts full of flowers look was very attracrive and beautiful.


Standing right on the edge of the main market square, it was a good attraction for morning walker and other peoples. People were visting the cart and was vwry curious to enquire about the rates.


The hand pump along the bicycle cart also helped to give the flower and plants a good and fresh look. As the vendor is using the water from the water pump to spray on those flower.

Actually it was not a bicycle, it is good if we say it is a big tricycle. The cart have three wheel and the cart is made up of wooden cart, kept at the back side on top of the two wheel.

The vendor is quite busy with his cart and also entertaining the customer. I stood there only for few min and notice people were eagerly coming to the cart to buy the different flower. In India the most important thing while shopping is always negotiate, as there is always a room for bargain. Here too people coming around bargain and get their favourite plants sapling at minimal affordable rate.


Quite interesting to found out the colourful flower seller on the road. In big cities , we used to have seperate nursery garden , who keep such plant sapling. Here in small town we get this interesting plants on wheel kinda vendor.


I keep taking the picture of the cart, and soon I realised that I went to picture for some other purpose. But the beautiful flower does not stop me from taking more photos from a distant.


A perfect picture collection during Christmas season for all my dear Steemian family.

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wonderful photos, too bad one is out of focus

Which one..? I was trying different settings on my new phone...may be got missed out

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This flower cart is so awesome! When my mother was growing up, there were many pushcarts and carts on bikes (like this!) in the big cities. They were easier to sell as an individual on a mobile cart. They still use carts in the big cities here.

Please leave the link to your post on here so it can easily be found by others. They are easier to find in one place. Where else can you take such a quick trip around the globe? Thank you so much!! ❤

It was so nice to have you join us here on #MarketFriday! The flowers were actually very beautiful and how smart the man was to keep them sprayed and looking fresh! I would buy them from him!

Have a wonderful day!

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Wow, that tricycle must be the prettiest I have ever seen, laden with marigold flowers, very popular little bloom here in South Africa as well @steemflow

Glad ypu like it @joanstewart not only flower such cart is used to carry other stuffs too...the tricycle come laden cart....this one is very colorful and attractive all due to some beautiful flowers...

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Wonderful photos. I find it fascinating to see places that are very different from where I live.

Proud member of #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers

Thanks @toddrjohnson that is #marketfriday brings on different things onto ypur screen. Really a great initiative vy @dswigle....get to see many things. Felt good you enjoyed it

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Those flowers are really very colorful. It fresh my mind. Nice collection. Which device you are use for capturing it?

Thanks @impression got a new phone..just checking different settings and clicked all of them...glad you like them

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Indeed it hit exactly the effect you suggested. Thanks for sharing those lovely images along with your thoughts.
I'd feel free to recommend this post to @oneofsteem. Enjoy the beauty whereever you are :-)

Thanks @ravijojla you are everywhere on steemit these days...👌 and thanks for the recomendation btw what is it @oneofsteem ?

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Oh, I enjoyed everywhere I was on Steemit lately :-)

@oneofsteem is a mate from the Welcome Wagon community.

Oh, very nice photos and I love the way you explained how the bike looked. It looks like he was getting a lot of business in just the short time you were there. Thanks so much for sharing these.

Hey @xcountytravelers indeed he made a good business in that short time...people loved to enquire and took some sapling for their home....

Btw congratulation to be on the EL .....👍

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Thank you very much. I am loving the the engagement really. It's amazing to see how many people are still coming to the blockchain even though it is a bear market. It gives me great hope.

Indeed it is good to see people engagement even during bear run. Reward is not everything ....making and developing a community is also a remarkable thing ..and these people are doing it best way

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