Ulog 22: Lunch Date A Success - Vehicle Collision A Fail

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Yesterday I was a little preoccupied and never had a chance to post to steemit... or be in Discord... it was an unusual day to say the least. And the final EVENT of the day had me rethinking life... re-evaluating important things and people in my life and even be forever grateful to God for watching over me.

Yesterday I went to have a long-awaited lunch with my youngest daughter and my middle granddaughter. The lunch was freakin' fabulous and we had so much fun! She (my daughter) is officially a stay-at-home-mom now and we will have much more time to be able to rebuild our strained relationship...

That's the good and great news!

The bad news... is what happened after the lunch while I was on my way home...

While at a red stop light on a small two-lane highway, I was rear-ended by a semi's trailer. How is that possible to be rear-ended by a trailer you ask?


The truck driver saw me at the last moment or knew he was unable to stop safely, so he attempted to pull over onto the right shoulder. I watched this all happen in the passenger side mirror. I saw as the front of the truck... the grill of a BIG red semi tractor/trailer was to the right of me. I heard him blowing his horn; which I assumed he was blowing to alert the traffic at the intersection of his impending not being able to stop... little did I know, I believe it was meant for me. As I watched the tractor of the big rig slide past me on the right... he stopped just shy of the intersection and I breathed a sigh of relief... AND THEN it happened...

The loud boom and pop... he had hit me...

My vehicle was pushed forward into the intersection.

The next few minutes are a blur. Luckily this is a fairly rural location and intersection so there were only, maybe, two other vehicles there. I have no clue what happened to them, if they waited for the police to show up to give witness statements and I have no idea how many police cars, fire trucks or ambulances were there. All I can say for sure is...there were a lot of people in uniform milling about.

This is an intersection infamous for car collisions, bad accidents and vehicle deaths- So I am assuming the excess of emergency personnel were called to the scene just in case

Fortunately I was NOT a just in case incident


Looking To The Brighter Side Of Life & Contest

With me being ok... I have decided to make a little contest about the collision.

As I was being evaluated in the hospital emergency care... Mr Golden D and I were discussing "how much damage was done to the SUV", as neither of us actually saw the rear-end of it. We were just passing time for my CT-SCAN and chest X-ray results and awaiting discharge.

It is a 2015 Kia Sorento (best little SUV I have ever owned) watch the video for all the visible damage I/we could see to make your guess.


The back up camera IS NOT working

So as I sit here writing this post, my head is throbbing and my upper back and neck are tender. No airbag deployed as I was hit from the rear... but the seat belt did work and buckled.

I am waiting to hear back from the claims' department of our automobile underwriters, our AFLAC supplemental insurance policy and the injury claims' adjuster.

Good grief... this is giving me MORE of a headache

▶️ DTube

Contest Winners

  • In the comment section write you guess of how much damage you think the insurance claims' department will tally up for this collision. Use dollars and cents (in USD amounts)
  • Closest to the actual amount (I will post a picture of the bottom line of the repairs) WITHOUT going over the actual amount will win half the steem earned from this post at payout time in seven days
  • In the event of a tie (which I find to be almost unlikely because you can see others guesses and you probably won't guess a duplicate amount) I will divide the winnings in half for each winning guesser.


Interesting Question I was Asked By Emergency Care Attending Doctor

She asked me if I ever use peppermint essential oil...

Apparently this can cause thinning of the blood and while they needed to do some X-rays of my chest (cause I was wearing my seat belt) they needed to check for internal injuries or bleeding. And peppermint essential oil can excel blood thinning.






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My estimate is $5.327.08 That includes the new exhaust and replacing the seat along with all the body damage,

Thank you!!! So far- you're in the lead!

Ha Ha Ha , I was the only one in the race when I entered. I have a friend who was an insurance adjuster and I thought about sending him the video and getting his professional opinion but I didn't to me that would have been cheating. So we'll see how good I did on my own when the answer is revealed.
I know that a lot of damage can be underneath that the video doesn't show so it was a guesstimate for sure.

Just an FYI- the back up camera is not working either- in case you want to edit your guess amount. I was just out there and looking it over better this morning and turned the car on to listen to the news... no camera... but satellite radio still works

I may have to do that , that is one of those things like I mentioned that can't be seen from the video. Thanks.

So sorry this happened to you - it happened to me a few years back and is a nasty experience.

It is horrible @lizziesworld. My head has NOT stopped pounding, my neck and left shoulder are tender and sore... and my hip (on the left side) hurts like nothing I've ever felt before. EVerything that hurts is on the left side (where I was wearing my seat belt).

Oh I hope you feel better soon - so sorry for you.

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this is dangerous....
so sorry for that..

Oh @goldendawne so sorry to hear about the accident. I am just glad that you were not hurt badly. Do keep us updated on how things are with you, especially your head, neck and back. 🤕

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howdy there goldendawne! oh my gosh, I hope you are all healed up now and the SUV is in the shop and you're feeling good! I hope. Praise God it wasn't more serious!

Thank you for the prize, i guess my number scared everybody off from guessing. What was the estimate, was I close to the number?

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