One Year on Steemit Already?? :O

Hey everyone!

As per usual, I've been kind of busy and not as active in the past couple of weeks. Although this time, compared to previously, I like my reasons better: I've been doing a lot of traveling! I'm in Korea right now, and two weeks ago I was in Oregon, so to me those are good enough reasons for not being around.

Anyways, I was going through, catching up on my SteemitBlogger duties and reading replies, when I realized... I've been on Steemit for just over a year now! Whaaat? How time flies!

So I guess... obligatory one year post? Lol.

Life Update

I've actually been working on a few posts detailing my outdoor painting adventures, but figured taking some time to reflect and update you guys would be good too.

So I last left you guys post-Joshua Tree. Still kind of fresh from a break up. Still trying to sort through my quarter-life crisis.

Now, almost a month later (maybe exactly a month later??) I feel... a lot better! I did more painting. Went out a little more. Went hiking. Traveled. Dated a bit. Just doing my best to move on. I still think about my ex from time to time, but the sad feelings aren't as strong as they used to be. So I think that's a good sign. Plus it's always a bonus having family here to distract lol.


So a year on Steemit... wow.

Funny enough, the only reason I'm on here is because my ex suggested it to me as a possible place to share my art. I remember this time around was when crypto was taking off and we were both getting interested in it (my how times have changed... rip crypto lmao). He had just talked to a guy who was involved with Steem, he mentioned Steemit to me, and boom here we are lol. I remember being so overwhelmed and doing so much research before joining, and then even MORE research before posting! My intro post took so long to write lololol.

And now here we are. My how time flies.

Shout outs

I'm not really sure what to say, so I'll start by giving a shout out to the amazing groups and communities I've been a part of!

They are:


I know I'm not as active in all of these, but I wanted to give a special thank you anyways for the support and help in my first year!

While I'm grateful for everyone I've met here and all the amazing communities I've been lucky enough to have been a part of, I'd like to give a special shoutout to three of these groups in particular:


You guys are all amazing and I'm so grateful to be a part of this great and supportive group! Joining this group really improved my experience on Steemit, and I'm so happy to be a part of it. Special shoutouts to @jaynie for starting this incredible community, and accepting me and giving me a second chance when I struggled with the support confirmations in the beginning, and to @zord189 for being so helpful and awesome, and an inspiration for artists and steemits alike.


Since my initial bread and butter was webcomics, I'd been waiting for a webcomic group, and when this popped up I jumped on it so fast. Everyone in this group is amazing and supportive, and I love talking to you all. Special shoutout to @cobmaximus for co-running it and being a great friend to me during some rough spots in my life. <3 to everyone in this group!!


And of course, how could I forget the steemians I've actually met?? Discord is great, but it's been fantastic actually getting to meet up, hang out, and get to know each other face to face, as well as talk on things relevant to our region. You guys are doing awesome things with this little group, and I'm so proud to be a part of it. I honestly think everyone is really cool in this group, but I have to give a special shout out to @derekrichardson since it was through him that I even found the group in the first place. Can't wait for the next meetup!

Year 2

I know some people go into their followers and growth and all that, but I'm too lazy (and also uninformed) on how to even find those stats hahaha. I still kind of view crypto as monopoly money, and after life events, I've had a shift in how I view even my art and online presence and "brand" and approach to life.

So I'd rather talk about what I'd like to do on Steemit for Year 2. Kind of like... New Years Resolutions. But for Steemit. Steem Year Resolutions lol.

I definitely want to get better about posting regularly and engaging with people more often. I have a bad habit of disappearing for long periods of time and such, but I also have a bad habit of... when I do have them, allowing chat conversations to take over my day (not just discord, but messenger, texting, etc) and I don't want to lose too much time either. So finding that balance will be key for me.

I also have a few ideas for content that I wanted to try. One of which being a sort of... choose your own story in webcomic form, with audience interaction. I've had this idea for a while, and not entirely sure how to execute it, but it is something I'd like to try in the next year.

I'd also like to do some fun drawing meme challenges! Anyone who was around Deviantart or Tumblr in the early to mid 2000s knows what I'm talking about. If not, it'll be easily explained in the actual posts, but really just fun, no pressure drawing "challenges" either in the style of something or expressions or whatnot. I know people here love contests, but I want to encourage fun drawing without the pressure of trying to win (or judge). So that's an idea.

In addition to those community-engagement thoughts, for myself I think I'll continue to focus on my recent trend of travel and art. My life will be pret-ty busy in the coming year (I have a LOT planned for myself) so I'll just keep chugging along and sharing my webcomics, paintings, and life with you guys :)

Also I signed up for whaleshares lol.

If you guys have any suggestions or ideas for content you'd like to see more of from me, whether it's new or something I've done in the past (I feel like someone will bring up Drunk Animal Drawing, I PROMISE that is on the roster too!) let me know in the comments!!

And of course, thank you to everyone who has supported, liked, commented, resteemed, followed, and above all, enjoyed my content! I wouldn't be here without all of you <3 To another year!

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Congrats on the one year anniversary @corinneiskorean

I enjoy your artwork and your travel stories. I think the choose your own story idea is genius and you should definitely give it a go.

Keep up the good work.


Thank you! I'm glad you like the choose your own story idea. Once I figure out the initial prompt and the mechanics, I definitely want to give it a shot. And of course I will keep posting my art and travel logs :)

Thank you for the encouraging words and support!

You're welcome

Congratulations on the first Steem anniversary, Corinne! Glad to have you on this platform!

Steem On @corinneiskorean
Congratulation for successfully completing one year with awesome community on steem Blockchain. Love to be part of #steemitbloggers ...which inspires us to stay together and happily....

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Thank you! Yes, #steemitbloggers is such a great community, so glad to be a part of it. Also, been really enjoying your posts lately! Keep it up!

Congratulations! I hope you'll be staying for a long time with us. You have a lot of great ideas to share, you draw cool comics and the crazier the better. Wish you all the best on your second year with us. Steem on!

Thank you! That's definitely the plan, so long as steemit sticks around hahaha.

Hah I know it's not polite to ask, but how old are you? What exactly is quarter-life crisis? 25 or 20? Anyway, breakups are also good cuz you'll have much more time for yourslef now :D and for your comic drawings :D

And the balance with being here and not being here...dunno..there's no balance :D altho I do it way toooo much, I still feel that chatting here is kinda losing time. Cuz I're still sitting on ur computer and alone. Hope u get my point.

hahaha it's fine! I'm young so I don't mind. I plan on living till 107, so quarter life crisis means I'm 25 hahaha. And yes, I am definitely enjoying all the free time I've gotten back hahaha.

I can kinda see what you mean. On one hand I want to be more engaged with the community. On the other... I still have my life to live! lol.

OK, ill be the one...
More Drunk (animal) drawing ;)

Glad you are feeling better, and happy steemit birthday!

hahaha there it is! Thank you :)

Happy 1 year! I've been on here for almost a year and a half, but only just recently joined #steemitbloggers. I've enjoyed meeting all kinds of different people in this group, so I will be excited to see more of your posts once you get back to a routine. Balance really is such a challenge! I could easily spend all day on here, but then I wouldn't have any yummy food to share... ;)

thank you! And yay, welcome to steemitbloggers! Yes, balance is difficult, but definitely good to strive for.

Congratulations on reaching your milestone

Congrats on 1 year @corinneiskorean!! Thanks for the shout out to me and @socalsteemit. We are honored to have you be part of the SoCal Steemit community!

I love your breakdown here. It's definitely good to take a yin yang approach. As with most things in life. And I'm in the same situation where I also have that habit of just disappearing for awhile... lol... I just spent 5 days backpacking with @alaqrab up by Big Sur! It was so awesome! But I digress... myself and the other Socal Steemit admins are working on trying our best to provide some incentives to help our members post regularly and engage with each other. And we'd love to help support your drawing challenges! DM me on discord.

Thank you! And of course, you guys are awesome!

Omg Big Sur! I was just there for an afternoon about 2 weeks ago (have a post about that in my back pocket hahaha). It's beautiful over there, and I'm looking forward to spending some days there! And thanks, once I get a plan of it, I'll definitely DM you :D

Congratulations! This post was chosen to be featured in this weeks SoCal Spotlight!!
Thank you so much for being part of the #socalsteemit community.

Thank you so much!

Sorry to hear about the break up. Yeah I feel the same about crypto . Monopoly money! 😂😂. It actually is ! Happy 1 year birthday . I’m coming up to six months and it’s great. Best of luck in the new year . It will be exciting for you . Young free , single , good at art which means you can go anywhere you want.

It's all good. I'm not 100% over it, but I'm in a better place about it mentally than I was last month. Congrats on almost 6 months! Thank you, I'm hoping 2019 will be a good year haha. And yes, exactly!!

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