Monday Minnow Tip and contest - Get your SBI Shares!

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I have been on the hunt for @steemitbasicincome shares since I figured out what they were in about February 2018. I pushed hard for a couple of months and then slacked off. Now I am back at it and you should be too.

My post today is inspired by one recently written by @reonlouw. Reon is hot and heavy on SBI right now and doing very well with it. Take a look at his post for a lot of the details and why you should be involved.

This post is to give you some tips about how to get sbi for yourself.

What is @steemitbasicincome (SBI)?

SBI is steemit’s version of a concept is known as UBI - universalbasicincome and basicincome on other social media. It’s hot right now in certain circles. The point is that you do nothing out of the ordinary and get money for it.

Speaking as an accountant, I am not 100% sold on this idea but I am keeping an open mind. Back when I was in college in the 1980’s, a professor discussed this and said, “If everyone gets money for nothing, who will clean out the sewers?”

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canal cleaning Bangkok thailand fitinfun.jpg

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Or in Thailand, who will clean the canals?

The answer from the UBI proponents is that tasks like that will pay at a premium. Well, we are bloggers on steemit and SBI is our premium if we simply get the shares.

When you have SBI Shares, your posts will get upvotes from one of the accounts they keep. It’s a fairly complicated system run by @josephsavage, and I’m glad it is him and not me. But we do not need to worry about that. Instead, we just need to accumulate the shares.

How Can I get SBI Shares?

There are several ways to do this trick.

Give away a share of @steembasicincome to someone else

You need to send 1 steem to sbi and this post tells you how to do this

  • Pick someone good that you like their content and go for it.
  • If you have family and friends on here – start there with giving shares out

Enter contests and giveaways to get more sbi shares

  • enter this giveaway in the comments below! Please.
  • look on the @steembasicincome blog for contests
  • join the @steembasicincome Discord channel and look for contest there each day.

How to enter this contest

Write a comment to this post about any of these topics

  • Who will clean the canals if we all get our money for free?
  • What is your experience with SBI?
  • Explain any other or better way you know to get automatic upvotes on your posts.
  • Anything else relevant that you think might catch my interest.

You must be following me to win this contest. You do not need to upvote this post, resteem it, or share it anywhere, but I will be very happy if you do.

I will determine the winner(s) of this contest next week on my Monday Minnow tips post and announce it there. I will award one sbi share from my account and one from my son @bxlphabet's account, as long as I get some good comments as I am sure I will.

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What is your experience with SBI?

I love the concept behind SBI. For anybody who is active on the site it's a great way to ensure that you are earning something from the work that you do. Especially starting off it can be very difficult to earn any return on your posts so if you can accumulate shares in SBI and even get a 4c or 5c return at a minimum it does make it more positive. As you have shown above there are a huge number of competitions and groups where you can earn shares so it can be done with only an investment of time and curation. Two vitally important things on the site so it also lends to people picking up good practices. If you want to win any of the competition you will need to write and answer well.

Explain any other or better way you know to get automatic upvotes on your posts.

There are other upvote services that you can register with like incinboost or feedyourminnows. Other ways that you can get upvotes is through apps like actific and partiko who auto upvote any posts which meet the required guidelines. Lastly there is the new steem-ua system, if you delegate 25sp to the new system then you will automatically receive upvotes based on your ua rating.

Always in a class of your own @fitinfun! This is a great idea. And thank you for the shoutout.

My entry:
I'm new to the concept of Universal Basic Income but I am a fan. The idea that every person can have food, clothes, a roof and an education before they start working and earning is awesome. Breathtaking even. And for this NOT to be the result of some welfare state controlling people by controlling their access, is extremely attractive. Where it will all come from I do not understand, at all. I just know it would be awesome.

The assumption that people will then not want to work is based on an understanding of human nature with which I strongly disagree. And it is based on the assumption that the rich are rich because they work hard and the poor are poor because they are lazy. This is not true. It never has been and it never will be!
The canals will always be cleaned because it has to be done. Would it not be great if the person cleaning the canals is doing it to save for an overseas trip and not to put bread on the table. I think there will always be rich people and poor people. But there are too many people dying because of abject poverty. And there is too much money inactive in banks and under mattresses. Let's change the definition of rich and poor. I like the approach that says:

Live simply so that others may simply live

This may be too high a standard in a world filled with greed. But what if we can raise the definition of poverty to where the poorest of the poor have food, clothes, a roof and an education!

I hope somebody finds a way to make a universal basic income happen. Not so that I do not have to work or earn or create. I will always do that, no matter how much money I have. I hope it happens so that those who are dying of hunger, malnutrition, treatable diseases or exposure do not have to die!

I've discussed this one in the past several times but usually invovling things like cleaners and garbage collectors. Every discussion reached the same conclusions - the jobs that are considered dirty dangerous and low status would become the highest paying work that society had to offer.

BTW UBI wouldn't work unless curbs were placed on on the rentier economy. Landlords would always charge a minimum of 100% of the UBI simply because they could.


This is interesting point about rentiers, I have read and thought a lot about how to go to a society of abundance, and a 'resource' based economy vs a 'capital' economy is what is usually mentioned here.

That said, I have tons of ideas about sustainable housing, hopefully one day I have enough capital to put them into practice c;

There are also ideas like UBH, which would be universal basic housing, instead of money you have places to live, I think portland is trying something like that, probably not under that name...


I think there are lots of things you can do to make self sustaining economies. Conforming to ideas first brought up on Ishtar Lipit would be one. It's been sad to see ancient rights in many countries rescinded. In the UK challenging the Enclosure Acts which was essentially a massive land grab (helped populate the US and Canada as people were tipped off unowned land). Planting trees along the side of roads, re-coppicing, etc. Working with projects such as Powerledger.

It's my opinion that if all the basics are all there - shelter - healthcare - power, etc then you can run a mixture of economic systems and people will have the option to opt into one or another. the main problem I think will be the formation of oligarchies which always form.

Who will clean the canals if we all get our money for free?
I guess if we all cleaned our own canals and dug in with all of the determination to keep our steemit community clean, we wouldn't need people to clean our canals for us.

What is your experience with SBI?
I have a limited experience, since I am so new to steemit. I know its difficult to get noticed just starting out. I try and research everything I can about the price of steem, and have even invested my own money. (Oh crap, and I the sewer cleaner?) :)

Explain any other or better way you know to get automatic upvotes on your posts.
I use steemvoter to keep track and vote on my favorite people. I also use minnowbooster and at the moment steembottracker to help my blogs get into the "hot" category. The problem is they take so much of the investment it just isn't worth it. ( Maybe someone else has the answer to this. I'll sit here quietly hoping you don't call on me.)

Anything else relevant that you think might catch my interest.
(crickets chirp....)

Never heard of this SBI concept before, thank you for sharing.

Fantastic idea FitinFun! I too have been hot for SBI for awhile, I love the idea of ubi on steem more than anywhere else.

The problem with UBI is always, 'Who pays for all that?'. But with steem system, a government could purchase a few million SP and give everyone of their citizens a small upvote each week or month, without spending anything!

How does this work? On steem votes help distribute the inflation rate. Instead of giving new money to the richest bankers to loan to the rest of us, steem is a revolutionary democracy where each SP 'votes' on where to distribute new money.

Who will clean the sewers? Lets not confuse ourselves with the 15 dollars an hour for hamburger flippers movement. No UBI program can give everyone everything. A small amount of money for everyone is enough to take the edge off of poverty, help with transitions, encourage long term thinking and investment. If no one cleans the sewers than no amount of money can provide clean water ;p

It may sound odd, but humans like to work. They just don't like the way most 'jobs' are set up. I read this great article about video games and work, but the same applies to other aspects of life like art, music, blogging etc.

I have found no better way than SBI, and I have tried a lot of them! Since I have been powering up for the past year I find that I've gotten to the point where its been harder to grow, I'm still a minnow but I am working my way to dolphin, and lots of initiatives don't necessarily include me anymore as a user that needs help growing. But I keep working and commenting, learning and sharing, great users like you are the real gold on steem!


I have been trying to get my hands on some SBI for a while. Entered a good few compo and challenges 🤣with no luck to date. Mabr this is my chance


Maybe. Keep trying. There are a lot of contests and you just have to keep at it.


I love the contest so will get there. Thanks for the encouragement

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What is your experience with SBI?

Its been great .. it does what it says so no complaints from me.

Explain any other or better way you know to get automatic upvotes on your posts.

#feedme / @feedyourminnows is another way to get votes. There are different options and payment scales which is explained by the creator of this initiative (@oleg326756 ) in his below post,

Thanks for hosting this!

Who will clean the canals if we all get our money for free?

My guess is the people who are most likely to clean the canal are the people who are concerned about the environment or the health of their family who are living near that place.

Explain any other or better way you know to get automatic upvotes on your posts.

I actually joined this Family Trail GV Family Trail wherein they upvote one post a day where everybody who follows that curation trail will have an upvote from the whole family.

I think this is a very interesting question. who will clean the channels? some will say that we will have developed robots and AI to be able to do all of the labor we don't like that much. Another point is that we will pay this kind of jobs very well - which we should. Like picking up the trash is way more important for society as a whole than a brain surgeon - well, until we all get it that producing as much trash as we do is not sustainable and figure out a zero waste lifestyle.
The other possibility is that people with enough social consciousness will do the cleanup work since it is something which needs to be done - kind of like cleaning the toilet - or cleaning period. Like I don't like cleaning at all but I do it because the alternative is worse.....

  • Who will clean the canals if we all get our money for free?
    People will still do, those who love cleanliness, those who wouldn't watch a society go in the path of a viral diseases will, NGOs will, I will, and am sure you will, everyone will too, because the law of cause and effect will make each h know that one day that sewer or drainage is going to fill up soon and it will come knocking at each one door.

  • What is your experience with SBI?
    To best thing to ever happen to me on the steem blockchain is having an assurance that my post will be Upvoted by an account providing me with livelihood. The best idea so far here. Undisputed.

  • Explain any other or better way you know to get automatic upvotes on your posts.

  1. Qurator. ( 4 steem = Upvote for life)
  2. MSP Accelerator ( delegate and earn upvote, profit of the delegation also comes per week)
  3. Curation trail : @dynamicsteemians @altruisticbot and many more.
  • Anything else relevant that you think might catch my interest.

Delegate to every new Innitiave that is coming up on the steem blockchain, clean planet, steem hunt, dlike, steempeak, Start using partiko app, steem-ua, stick yourself with a witness, it helps Atimes. If you know any too, let me know.

Who will clean the canals if we all get our money for free?
I think the one is someone who is not on steemit or someone who is paid for that job.

  • What is your experience with SBI?
    I've done SBI contest too but the one is a failed and the second one is good but not much participant. I'm think of another contest that is encouraging engagement but still got no idea of what contest should I do until now. Hopefully I will be getting idea anytime soon.

Explain any other or better way you know to get automatic upvotes on your posts.

  • I followed contest and giveaway for SBI share.
  • Got involved in community and guild.

Anything else relevant that you think might catch my interest.

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I have been trying to get my hands on some SBI for a while. Entered a good few compo and challenges 🤣with no luck to date. Mabr this is my chance