Steem Basic Income - Updated Transaction Memo Guidelines

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Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

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New Transaction Memo Guidelines

Thanks to amazing development help from @holger80 (click to support his work by voting for him as a witness), we have been making great progress on our development roadmap again.

We now have a test system in place that is building member records from transaction history. That makes now a good time to refresh and update our transaction memo guidelines for enrollment memos!

You only need the @ and username of your sponsee in the transaction memo (e.g. @josephsavage). It's fine to send a list, but we prefer a comma after each name. (@josephsavage, @sneakyninja). Please keep a balanced share count per member if you send a list (i.e. 2 STEEM with 2 names, 6 STEEM with 3 names, 9 STEEM with 3 names, etc.). If you want to sponsor multiple members with different share counts, please break it into separate transactions.

These examples are both perfect! Comma separated @ list, with the number of sponsees matching the amount of STEEM, or separate transactions with 1 STEEM sent for each member are both perfect. Model your transactions after either of these and you will be fine!

This is great, too! We will recognize the 5 STEEM and add five shares to both sponsor and sponsee!

These were fine during manual processing, but to simplify the development for automation, we need a more consistent format. Specifying 'sponsorship' or explaining your transaction is no needed. The @ is optional if you are sending a single name, but to ensure accurate processing, please always include it for each user-name in a list.

Please do not include other wording in your enrollment memos, especially names of other users that are not the persons being sponsored!

We also support special sponsorship transactions. Many members for their contests have asked about setting a separate sponsee as the 'sponsor' for the second share. This is supported via '@sponsor:@sponsee'. For example, a transaction comes from @josephsavage with a transaction memo that reads "@katysavage : @babysavage". This would be interpreted as @katysavage sponsoring @babysavage, even though the transaction came from @josephsavage.

You could also use this to submit enrollment transactions through @blocktrades or other exchanges. If you withdraw to @steembasicincome with transaction in this format, you can still receive credit for sponsoring (or sponsor people anonymously by having neither name be from you!)

These updated guidelines facilitate the automation for enrollments. We are making good progress toward automation, but enrollments are currently processed manually.

The official currency for enrollment is still STEEM. We are not currently accepting SBD for enrollments. Please allow up to 7 days for your enrollment to be processed..

Upcoming Steem Creators Conference!

Come meet us and many other talented Steemians in Toronto this Fall!

We had a great experience at the #steemcreators conference in April and we are excited for what is in store this September! This is a fantastic opportunity to network with other Steemians and learn skills to improve your Steem performance.

Purchase your conference tickets Here and don't forget to book your place for the Steem Creator's Concert after-hours event featuring @wolfnworbeikood and many other amazing creators!!!
We would love to see you there!

Here is @josephsavage's presentation on Steem Basic Income from the last conference:



Please read our FAQ. Most questions are addressed in our FAQ or in the additional resources that it suggests. If you still have questions, ask in the comments section or join us in our discord channel. To review your share counts, we recently introduced our new SBI Member Lookup Tool.


You just planted 0.15 tree(s)!

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Hi @steembasicincome. Thanks for the update. I sponsored @funbobby51 10 days ago and have not seen that the addition of our shares has been processed. Are you running behind or was it missed? Thanks.

We were running behind and have been working to catch up. This should have been processed now and welcome transactions sent.

Got it. Thanks!

I used to be able to enter the username in the tool. It doesn't let me anymore....

You have to make a copy of the tool into your own Google Drive now. We had some vandalism issues and had to shut down making changes to our copy.

Thank you. Worked like a charm.

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I didn't receive any upvotes from sbi3 for my posts yesterday. I wonder why. Is there any way to find out why? Thanks!

Looks like your vote is back today. So, maybe there was a hiccup somewhere yesterday. I really don't know what happened, but don't worry about it. Thanks!

We are currently using @steemauto for upvote delivery on most of the pools, and they were experiencing some server issues for a few days. Everything should be working now.

I see. So, that's where the problem was. Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.

I see automation on the horizon. 👍👍

This is good new guys. Keep it up this is a good project.

Thanks for your support!

Great to see the community continuing to grow; think it may be time for me to have another contest/giveaway when I roll over 500 followers!

Keep up the good work-- one of Steemit's best initiatives!


Thanks for your support! We think it's a good initiative too, but there may be some bias in our opinion... ;)

Don't go on vacation or take a break folks; you'll lose your income.

That limitation does exist in our current design, but we have a plan to resolve that problem once our full automation is ready.

Thanks for the info! Thumbs up!

(or sponsor people anonymously by having neither name be from you!)

Money laundering! O.o ;)

Theoretically, you could already do that through @blocktrades. Somebody interested in money laundering would find this to be an unnecessary complication. Particularly because we do not support on-demand refunds in most scenarios. It would be much easier (and have shorter recuperation times) to launder through bid-bots.

But bid-bots (and the chain) show where from and to the money went.

In case of exchanges you have to look at the cahin AND into the exchanges.
For blocktrades it is also a 1=1 transfer each time, you always know where a certain amount wnet to??

What if somebody used blocktrades to exchange LTC or another crypto into SBD and had it sent to a bid-bot with post in the transaction memo? Do they offer enough transparency that it could be traced?

I haven't posted for quite a while but I just made a post yesterday and I didn't get an upvote. Someone else paid for my share so I'm not complaining ;) but I wanted to ask: did the vote stop for good or will it just wait a while before it picks back up on voting?

The way we currently manage inactive members is moving them to an Inactive list, where their share counts are preserved. We monitor the list for accounts that start posting again, and reactivate any accounts that return to activity.

Sounds good, thanks :)

Thanks for all of your hard work @holger80! You just got my vote for witness. : )

Where am I able to see what I payed and to whom? What if I wrote a mistake in the name of the person I like to sponsor?

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We have a full record of the transactions we have sent and received on our master tracking sheet at

(look for the trxin tab - it's a little cumbersome, but you can use your browser search function to find your username and see your sponsor history)

We usually spot typos and sent queries requesting correction, but if you realize before we ask, you can send a 0.001 memo with correction 'sponsored user @incorrect should be @correct instead' and we will fix it within a couple of days (corrections are manual, not automatic).

@elleok thank you for adding me to your sponsor 🧡🌺 i wish i could do the same in return, but i just dont have the full 1sbd to do it. One day when im better seen i hope to return the aloha 🌺 im very greatful thank you again this is a great program.

You are very welcome! There is no need to return this favor I'm just happy to be able to give something back to the community after about a half year on Steemit! Make sure to join my next raffles maybe you are lucky and get yourself a second share. 😜

How do i join your next raffle? Im not sure how you even found me lol.

Since you tagged me I get notified via GinaBot.

Just visit my profile and search for the #14 raffle or click this link to immediately get there.

No i mean how you found me to sponsor me? Do u remember how you found me lol

yeah you won a raffle I host and you participated! 😅

Oh thats right i did post on your blog haha.. err dont mind me im a total blonde sometimes haha

You don't look that blonde in your picture.


I am interest your project.

PRICES HAVE CHANGED TO 0.150 and 0.151!!!

Current price is 0.150 or 0.151 SBD for 200%, 250%, or 300% upvote based on tier level.

200% ($0.30) - Bronze Level - No requirements
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300% ($0.45) - Gold Level - SteemAuto Upvote of 100% or $0.02 AND 50 SP delegation

All delegators make a "striking" return on your investment!
50 SP --- 100 SP --- 200 SP --- 500 SP --- 1000 SP

That being said...


The ground shakes as incredible power lights the sky. The thunder tests the quality of your post and deems it worthy, rewarding it with an upvote and comment from @thundercurator.

Investors who delegate SP to @thundercurator are entitled to 75% of @thundercurator income after curation. Get on-board early and grow with us!

Hi From @super-grand-ad

How do you know If you have been sponsored If the Sponsor did not tell you that they have sponsored you on steembasicincome?

We send a confirmation transaction the first time each member is enrolled. If they were sponsored, then it includes the name of their sponsor.

You are also welcome to use any blockchain analysis tools of your choice to see if your name appears in any transaction memo sent to us.

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