Steemit Art Register #3

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Are you passionate about art and want to share your blog with other artists?

Welcome to the Steemit Art Register!

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Today's promoted artists:

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REVELATION painting time-lapse
by @alexandravart


A picture glowing in the dark. My experience, step-by-step review.
by @prostosun


Character Drawing Process (Procreate with iPad)
by @dunsky


Hello, Huluu, lalaa, I will show you my work in linography!
by @emilygiovanna


Cat-girl Challenege | Kitten Masha form Russia | Creator-Guilds Contest
by @marinaart

🤗A huge THANKYOU to the amazing artists featured today!🤗

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this looks like a promising effort.
good luck to you!

Joined! :D

Thanks @spaceginger. I really like @alexandravart's work. The video timelapse of that painting is really cool. I couldn't stop it evennthough I had to go back to work!!!

Will look at the rest of the artists soon.
Thanks for sharing the art!

Thank you @spaceginger for this wonderful post! All works is very interesting!

Great Iniciative! I hope I can fit in this community... There's so many talented artist I want to know :D