When You Speak Out - Back Down To 54 Rep

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Understand The Repercussions

As I am sure most of you have seen, I have been slightly vocal against the abuse that I see coming from some of the people on Reddit. I knew that this might include retaliation from those I try to point out as being deceitful in their use of the platform and the PUBLIC reward pool. The pool that is suppose to be given BOTH to good content creators, and theoretically EQUAL to other content that is being put forth on the platform.

I Believe

I still believe to this day, @haejin has a crazy amount of bots that up vote his posts. There was information put together by @jaredcwillis for others to view and make their own conclusions from.

While the author of this wonderful post stated he was not trying to prove one way or another, just offering information to the drama, and one of the members of the Drama couldn't allow that information to be made available. To me, only people who are guilty try to hide information.

Lies to get Delegation, Downvotes everyone.

@haejin posted earlier this week that you should delegate your SP to him so he can,

Why delegate Steem Power to @haejin? I will use to UpVote ALL who had been unfairly downvoted by @berniesanders and his posse so as to restore your posting/commenting status.

So let us take a look at what he has been doing.

Steem reports states he has flagged 32 times.

Haejin Flags.PNG

And up voted 22 times, with 39.4 percent of the up vote weight going to himself.

Haejin Upvotes.PNG

I have chosen 7 days because since the time of writing this post, it has been 7 days since Haejin asked for delegation.

Do bare in mind, the number of votes is actually the number of people he voted on. And the percentage is just the percentage of vests given if they all were added up.

This means, he has spent any SP that was delegated to him on down voting more people than he has up voted.

He specifically down voted comments with no rewards just to hurt my rep, bringing me from 55 down to 54.

Me Getting Flagged.PNG

His 100% up vote, according to SteemNow, at 39.75% VP is $30.73. Which means he spent a ridiculous amount of voting power on comments with no up votes, just to hurt my rep.

Creeping on SteemD

Since @Haejin likes to down vote me, I sometimes creep on what he is doing on Steemd. Today, after down voting me, I noticed something weird. After his Steemd wall being rather quiet, it exploded with constant up votes from random accounts.

Accounts methodically upvoting heajin..PNG

Accounts Methodically upvoting Heajin2.PNG


This is constant for about 30 minutes, if not more. Accounts looking like they are systematically, usually one after the other, just up voting every post they can of Haejins.

Why would so many accounts, at one single time, randomly just come out and up vote 3-8 of Haejin's posts one after the other.

Let's add some SteemTracked

According to SteemTracked, after loading his 9535 followers in, 8121 of those followers have less than 99 SP. That is a whopping 85% of his followers.

6246 of them, or 65.5%, have a Rep between 20 and 30. I can 100% up vote one person to 32. This just shows the amount of empty bullshit accounts that exist that follow Haejin. Could they be the above mentioned accounts that up vote him like a bunch of mindless script accounts?

How many accounts exist that follow @haejin, have a delegation from Steem, and siphon money from the reward pool?

How many accounts have delegated to @haejin, just so he can continue to vendetta against those who just want answers?

I REFUSE to be silenced by his bullshit flagging and bullying.

He likes to call @berniesanders a bully, as he steals delegation from his followers to down vote people he shouldn't even care about. I am a person simply trying to figure out why so many shell accounts exist, and yet I am the fourth most down voted person by him in the past 7 days.

Honestly, it is just sad. He is not down voting content that he believes isn't being effective to Steem, he is down voting content based off of personal hatred towards those who want to show the community who he really is.

If anybody has legitimate reason to explain why so many shell accounts follow Haejin, please, be my guest.

I am NOT saying that what he puts out might not have some merit. I personally don't care. I know that following trends in charts and buying habits can be productive in investing. But when an account seems to have thousands of shell accounts up voting on it constantly, that is when an alarm starts to sound.


There is a huge chance that @haejin will down vote this post. If you fear losing your VP/Curation rewards. Please, do not up vote a large amount on this post.

I would however appreciate a 1% up vote just to show support in some way while the community tries to deal with these issues. (Which are widespread and not specific to @haejin. )


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I like that you spoke your mind. A good man who says nothing about something evil is as Evil as the Evil perpetrator.....Nice One sir!
Nemesis is not faraway

Thanks for the support buddy!

Keep the light shinning and let every dark corner be illuminated.

Damn this is legit turning into some butthurt shit for you just pointing out greedy practices... i do have to say your a detective out here for sure man, hopefully more people will realize whats going on and cut these tumors outta the ecosystem


I like to make connections between things. It is just something I enjoy haha. Makes it easy!

And yeah, I expected the backlash so it isn't too bad. Can't complain when you know what is coming! I just wanted to double down with some more research haha.

Hopefully something can be done to fix this. The people involved don't seem to care to stop.


shit man well i think what your doing is what needs to be done, and i guess going in knowing your going to get mad hate kinda lets you brace for it.... but still damn..

Yah..what you said is really true..some of the persons of highly poewerd members and old users are most of the used yo ipvote their posts through the bots only the used to send some sbd to bots and get s high power votes and their post comes to top of the trenfings or hot section.. some one who joined nwely people think that its good post he had a more sbd snd upvote them .so that post comes top if some put a comment nagetive to them ..with using their reputation and power fllaged the people...@biasnarrative

With blockchain all transactions are transparent, it's almost impossible to say something and do something else, without being noticed. That's one thing I love about blockchain in general. 😁 Not all of them are transparent though, but really whats there to hide. Any abuse on here can be dug up and verified, I guess it's a need to accumlate alot of steem before steemit blossoms, that is motivating alot of abuse.


I don't think after it blossoms, the abuse will stop though. It is to easy to keep going.

We need some sort of fix for the issue. @dan had a good post about it yesterday. Talking about Good Governance and how it is missing in Steem.


I just think good governance really comes down to us as individuals. It's like there is no need to give anyone too much power at all, the moment the system allows for that than you have a loophole for abuse.

Simple things like a post limitation of 1 post per day, should at the least limit abuse of the reward pool. But than it limits us all as well, especially minnows who dream of making it big on here. It's just going to discourage a lot of people.

While replying to your post: I thought of an idea I posted on @dan post on good governance