Steemit is not a website but a world on its own (1)

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According to wikipedia

Steemit is a blogging and social networking website that uses its Steem blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers. Source

For many new users, this may be true, but for users already in the system and that know the modus-operandi of the blockchain, Steemit has turned to a lifestyle for them.

New users are still struggling to find their feet on the website. Some old users are already making their daily income off steemit. So I say Steemit is not a social networking website, but a world on its own.

Creating a world is not an easy task, the modalities, the operations are not carried out by an individual but all the beings of the world. Steemit is a virtual world and we the members are the beings of that world.

In the physical world, we have countries, states, the police, the banks, the business men and women, the scientists and their inventions, the bad eggs etc. Same applies here, the countries can be likened to the communities. As most countries are not equal in the physical world, we have the super-powers, the minnows. We have them here in the virtual world too, the super-communities to the most minute communities.

As each country is noted for something likewise each community. They have their purpose and aim to fulfill it.
In the physical world, interaction is key. In a world of billions of people, constant interaction within your community and outer community is key to you being getting recognized. Interaction can be in the form of developing something for the world, providing value to the world.

This also applies to our virtual world. In a population of over 500,000 users, no-one will recognize you if you don't interact with them. You must interact with the right people, with the virtual world either by churning out upvotes, quality comments, resteem, inventing something of great use for the world. You are on your way to success if you can fulfill this in the virtual world.

People die in the physical world, what about here. Opening an account and being inactive for months, that is an example of virtual death. Many users come to this world with the hope of YES let me drop this article and run away with the tokens, like the popular saying

Man proposes God disposes

Same apply User X proposes Steemit disposes.
You posted your article but have not made friends with anyone, have not made any interaction with anyone in the virtual world. You will only get upvote from a stranger. It is the same as displaying your products/services in a close with no neighbours. You will be hoping for someone to walk by aimlessly or mothers luck before you can sell. Meanwhile, in that same situation proper interaction with other people on residing at different streets would be a means of advertising your products/services to the community.

The next post will highlight the similarities between the physical world and steemit.

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This is a great and very educative write up.. With the help of this write up, a minnow like me on this other world now knows what it takes to be successful here, i now know that I must deal with this platform like I deal with a real world, I must interact with people, make friends and post creative articles for me to have an impact here.. Thanks a lot for this enlightenment.

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Interaction and consistency is the key on here. Consistently write good content and intreract with likeinded Steemians. And interacting with a range of different Steemians who write content you enjoy or have opinions on

Thank you for the comment

I love how you described it. I'm learning to survive on the platform, my high point on here is making friends. Apart from getting upvote, you get to meet like minds and share ideas. Thanks for this.

You are correct. You meet and share ideas with people. You can make connections through that.

Yes. I love it here. Thanks

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I agree steemit it's turning in a lifestyle for me too, i check it often and my mind think more " this could be a good post" than " i must pay my last bill" XD

Thank you. I can count the number of times I have opened other social media accounts. Steemit has turn into a sort of daily bread for me. Checking and keeping tabs on the activities every minute.

Good analysis boss @zoneboy. Been a while. Steemit is truly fast becoming a phenomenon on this planet earth. A new world inside the old world.

Topcoach here form the defunct Euronation WhatsApp group.

Best wishes.

Yeah. You got it. A new world inside the old world. A fast growing world.

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True, steemit is more than a website

Nice explanations