SteemApp 2.0 update - Feed functionality is more than 60% complete

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What is SteemApp?

SteemApp is a completely free mobile application for iOS an Android currently in the App Store and Google Play with slick design and comfortable UI and UX. You can read full article about the released version here

In the current 1.0 version you can publish your posts on Steemit with SteemApp, and our devs are hard at work to make new functionality in version 2.0. Right now they are working on Feed functionality and we are thrilled that it is more than 60% complete! I really can't wait to use this app every day!

We are expecting the update SteemApp 2.0 to come out somewhere in 2 weeks. We are happy to see the development going well for both iOS and Android. They are expected to come out at the same time.

iOS updates


What has been done

  • Feed view User Interface design has been implemented
  • Database structure

What needs to be done

  • Inner article view
  • Commenting functionality
  • Image ratio like in Steemit
  • Upvote, resteem, flag requests
  • Testing

Android work in progress

What has been done

  • Feed view User Interface design has been implemented
  • Feed database architecture
  • Post information (number of resteems, number of upvotes, title, post body, main image, username, number of comments, author reputation, payout)

What needs to be done

  • Feed caching
  • Image ratio like in Steemit
  • Inner article view
  • Commenting functionality
  • Upvote, resteem, flag requests
  • Remove image and urls from text body of feed preview
  • Testing

What is next after SteemApp 2.0?

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We don't want to stop there. We would like to make the app functional, simple to use and with good modern design. Here is a list of functionalities we will be working on in later releases after 2.0:

  • Ability to add custom beneficiaries for your posts
  • Ability to delegate Steem Power through mobile app
  • Make custom footer templates for your posts
  • Make and save drafts of your posts for later use

What we are doing for Steemit?

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Helping minnows - we currently have a Discord channel where minnows can get their post promoted an curated. We usually upvote 5-20 well written posts daily submitted by our followers. With every upvote we provide guidance on ways to improve the post. Right now there are a lot of people from Indonesia and Argentina who write well written posts, which don't receive a lot of support by the Steemit community. We try to change that, and with more Steem Power from being a witness we can help even more people.

Build applications on Steemit - After making a good version of SteemApp for our loved Steemians we would like to continue making application based on Steemit blockchain. For example, our friend @darrenclaxton is a song writer and he wants to be able to sell his songs online through Steemit with a click of a button. That is a very great idea and we want to help him achieve this.

Attract new users - applications such as SteemApp, Dtube, Dlive Steemit build on top of Steemit will help to attract more traffic and more users to the ecosystem. That is our goal and we want to make more valuable apps for our fellow community.

Easy sign up with mobile - we have an idea how we can make Sign up process much easier with mobile phone. In-app-purchases will help us to register users faster. New users will have an option to either Sign up for free like it is already done in Steemit and to register for an account for $1 through us. Of course we will need a lot of Steem Power to delegate to new users for at least a month. That is why we are planning to make this available after we become to 20 Witness. With the community support we believe that this is very easily achievable.

@yuriks2000 a soon to be a top 20 Witness and a CEO of BoomApps developing SteemApp, a completely free app for Steemians

Clickable images below

App_Store_icon 1.png


We would love it if you could support our project and our Witness so that we can further improve the app.

Go to


Or vote for us through steemconnect

Supported by ADSactly

Click on the image below to join ADSactly Discord Channel. Post about my experience joining ADSactly and who they are can be found here

Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Have a lovely day!


I’ve been waiting patiently for the right steemit app that I can finally use to convince all my friends to sign up. At the moment things are to complicated for the average human ..

I see what you mean, that is what we are trying to achieve here. We are also planning to make the Sign up process much much easier.

Keep working. Good hustle.
I think the best steemit app will take over!

Go guys, you will rock it! :)

Me too, very eager to test the next release!

Congratulation master @yuriks2000. Best regard from indonesia.

Thank you @djamidjalal for supporting us!

You are welcome. I've also used this steemapp app. and promote it on my blog for the citizens of Indonesia. I think this app is amazing.

Love your new app man! Thanks ever so much for your support with my idea! Let's hope we can make it happen very soon!

Looking forward to the feed functionality being released!

Thank you @wilfredn, will keep you informed

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