Mark Zuckerberg just filled his nappy!!! Facebook's DIRTY tactics against STEEMIT...

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Have you ever wondered why steemit posts get little to no attention on Facebook?

Well that happened to me and it not occur to me why? As a minnow I am obvious scraping the last few crumbs of my brain to find a way for my posts to reach more people as it take very little time for a post to sink and disappear when i don't have a huge following yet. But I didn't get a single like or a response at all. Nor did my friends know what I am talking about when I ask them if they like that think I posted on facebook. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? We will go deeper into that...

So what's going on? Are INTERNET GIANTS just as dodgy as any other sales based company? Do they do the dirty when it comes When their profit or their EGO are threatened? Well let's have a look at what these GOATS are up to.


has just been fined $3.27 billion dollars for manipulating search engine results to give themselves an unfair advantage of other online sales websites as they have THEIR OWN sales services now...


has been flagging steemit posts as SPAM, and in some cases unaware to the user, any post with a link in it does not show to to any Facebook friends... (Shadow Banning).

No sweetheart, more and more people are experiencing no reaction when posting on Facebook. And Google getting fined is all over the news.$3.57-billion-by-european-union/8657470

So why would Facebook give a shit what links it's users are posting. I mean among the mountain of meaningless crap people post on there it usually care. People go there have fun, talk to each other, get likes, be pointlessly addicted to the validations and selfies, keep in touch with families, etc. As long as there are a TON OF PEOPLE THERE doing their own thing they profit from advertising. And now people are shopping on Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I have loved Facebook for d=nearly a decade now for all sorts of reasons. It's fun, and it's handy, and at times I find myself senselessly burning many hours on the clever consecutive video streams.

As I was saying, as long as there are lots of people active all the time, they will be exposed to the advertisements that Facebook gets paid for. There is no concern about good content or content at all. Suddenly STEEMIT gets on the scene. And it there is an incentive here that encourages us to create good content and create it with integrity. People who do well here stay away from pasting a link and calling it a post. Or copying and pasting other people's content and calling it a post. And being rewarded with a currency for good content is let's face it. On Steemit people and conscious of what they put out and care what they create that takes time and effort and time. And with @MinnowSupportProject helping so many of us minnows, it can be very rewarding. We cannot do 200 posts a day, we get to do less, but at a higher quality. Remember when taking a photograph required paying for film and then costs money to develop? We valued every shot. Facebook posts are like talking pictures on your phone... It's unlimited, quality does not matter, costs nothing. Much like most Facebook posts. A game changer.

Now I for one, and I am sure many other steemonites here are spending less time on Facebook and more time on steemit. And Facebook does not like that. If there is no huge crowd there grinding towards nothing... then their sales go down in the sales department, and the paying advertisers stop paying.


  • Do they create and offer their users an equally rewarding experience?
  • Do they modify their platform that encourages quality content?
  • Do they say or do anything about the mountains of trigger happy content?

They set the platform to recognise links as SPAM.

![Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.37.43 PM.png]

Or worse they SHADOW BAN some material so no one sees it and the poster is none the wiser!!!!!

Hey if big organisations behave like that they will ultimately lose out as everyone will lose. Imagine if all of us here at steemit behaved like that...

Everytime someone does better than we do, like if they make more money on their posts, or get a more followers faster than we can.... and it hurts our EGO's. Or we are dumb enough to be roped into thinking steem is scarce and worry that we miss out. And have a tantrum.

And instead of improving our own quality of post and go and flag anyone that's doing well. The whole community will fall in a heap.

What is your opinion on this? I invite you all to join me in a discussion in the comments section. I love a good discussion and I like to drop upvotes and follows in comments when I learn something or something cracks me up. And if you liked this post please RESTEEM to improve the discussion. And an upvote and follow would be much appreciated if I have earned it :)

This post was inspired by an awesome post by @firepower.

Hope to see you soon




I spend maybe only 3% of my time on FB, from what i used to. And I personally promote steemit offline. And it works !

I think you are right. Mst steemians will spend substantial time here and only a few minutes on Facebook to address family or friends and not post much as it is pointless. Telling people about steemit offline is the way to go and then it is up to them to decide if it is there thing or not.

Thank for your comment.

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this info needs to be broadcast and addressed.

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Agreed @surfyogi , crazy stuff bro!

Sorry, I tried to resteem this article, but I guess i'm too late, it won't let me, I missed it by a few hours I guess?
Great article. Very informative.

You are a very bright guy, but keep in mind, you gotta tone it down so your viewers can take it all in; fire hoses are just too much at once, right?

I always like advice from you. But tell me more as I am a keen learner. I ask in good context. WHat do you mean by tone it down?

I really don't know they seeing steemit post as spam. Its really bad behavior. They know steemit is more popular and more and more people join if they see that ads. Facebook may be not like as steemit is at that place. I always notice that if someone doing batter then they not like and try to pull down but not thinking about that we do more batter then it. I also spend less time on fb because people there only doing timepass and post anything meaningless so its batter to spend time on good place like steemit.

I'm also spending much less time on facebook since joining this community. I think the best way to spread the message to your friends is through personal messages, those can't be censored the way a more general post can be. I have been reaching out to my friends that are great content creators and informing them of this amazing space. :) Onward and upward, just followed ya.

I totally agree. Personally i promote steemit offline. How? I have described it in several my past posts. Check it out.

Nice! I've been sharing it with friends and neighbors and at communal gatherings. :)

Yeah.... totally as I was saying before they are mostly trigger happy posts with little or no quality.... posting like that on steemit will see that you have no followers or upvotes..... integrity in posts is a big thing here.

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Really thx for sharing this post because i really not aware of it and i also noticed its less like and less people visit through Facebook and may be they not appear on other wall as we can only see on our wall but still Facebook don't know that though they do whatever to stop people but they can't success in it because however good thing automatically come on front of people.

Thank you for your support and compliments.... success is a win win game. That is law......

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strategic raids on facebook to eat more of their marketshare is on the table right now. new personal mission of mine.

Facebook needs to die. Steem is a battering ram.

Zuckerberg's fall from power will be a blessing to humanity.

I don;t want anyone to suffer... not even Mark. At least facebook keeps me in touch with friends and families... just that now I spend all my time here... I won't be seeing their advertisements and same goes for many steemians....

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I don't wish him personal ill. I just want his business to crumble for his obfuscated censorship and political engineering. Steem is the tool to do that :)

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Fakebook is doing this because of the same reason that gods lick their balls

Lick my balls.... hmmmm. Hahahahaha

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:) lol

i also did a little mind mmm

Lol. Hope that's all u did hahahahaha

facecrook more like...

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Followed you i have. And also, screen-shotted the header pic of MZ and added it to a thread on my fb page -- workin it Holmes!

Wow! I can't believe that facebook is doing this! It is extremely unethical and I hope that they get into trouble for it.

They probably won't except that they will lose a lot of revenue from advertising. I was an advertiser and it is frustrating when the audience disappears ....

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I noticed that something was wrong. The same post when posted directly into Facebook can get 150 likes and comments. When it is linked to Steemit "zero" likes "zero" comments. Wondering if I posted the link to Steemit inside a seprate blog address like eblog or Speaking Tree it might escape the facebook filter.

That's because Facebook is doing the dodgy on ya bro :)

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I think this is a good in depth analysis on Facebook versus steemit and I don't deny that this is happening. But I'm also skeptical. I just recently shared an article I wrote on Facebook and I got a pretty God response from friends. They didn't have good things to say about the site though. So I think the issue here is an ignorance of the masses. Most people on Facebook really don't care.

Yeah....Many on Facebook would be ignorant and/or lazy. But there sheer headcount means that 10% coming here would be huge. And it does not have to be one or the other. I am researching on the 'how tos' in using Facebook to leverage steemit posts. I mean I spent 10 years building it, I'm not just going to delete it. Up voted. Any chance of a follow and most importantly a resteem if I added value? :)

Yeah I'll follow. I enjoyed the article. If you're looking for information on crypto investments I'll be posting a chain of articles explaining my investments in the near future.

@yoda1917 great article, thanks for sharing. @mountzsamuel I'm interested in your journey, have followed you both

Thanks Yvonne..... I invite you to come and visit @yoda1917 My recent articles are very heavy on my journey and a bit emotional.

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I won't judge nor Facebook nor Google or other "giants", it's a normal practice and we also use it in our job.
They can ban whatever they want or are scared off.
If Steemit was as big as Facebook I think they should do the same.
That's just a business, nothing personal...

I see what you are saying and it makes sense. I believe though that if steemit did that there would be a mutiny, as the members here have a lot of integrity, it is the structure of the platform.

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My personal opinion is that Facebook will try to BUY Steemit, and if they not succeed in buying the project they will copy it for sure as soon as it gets attention from and get used by the masses, like they always do (what's app, Snapchat, Instam, ...). :-/

You make a great point. And I never thought of them buying out steemit. Do you think the founders here would give in to 8 figure temptations though?

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FB ia a Cia operation. It is collecting filtering data pigeonholing people and influencing their behavior. Wait CONTROLING their political social and private behavior. Much like TV public schools public radio etc. We are being programed . Its real obvious. Google same shit Youtube YES Steemit so far rocks!

Always had a sneaking suspicion people should not share too much on FB Its like taking a sick day then checking in to the beach for you boss to see lol. And I love the underlying topic of your response. I listen to Coast to Coast am everyday....

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No problem I would love to Thank you!

Doesn't surprise Facebook and others would do this. They see steemit as competition , in my opinion. Just shows steemit is on the rise!

Think you are right. And silly acts like that will just make steemit look good and reach more people :)

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Got a link?

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hmmm from looking over your blog and the vote numbers I think you have recently learned something went from pennies to wow ...

Lol... I am not quite at a WOW... but I certainly am getting a better understanding in what makes people tick here. I used to run and then owned an online forum And a lot of that knowledge applies here.

Facebook has started blocking anything they don't agree with or in other words can effect their profits. I tried sending a friend the site I use to hold my BTC since they give me interest and they would not let me post the site to the thread ( We have to remember that they are very much a for profit company and as with most major companies they will do a cost analysis and usually make the call that it is a cost benefit to do if they get fined. It seems like it is always about the profit and not taking care of the users.

Great comment. Upvoted..... yeah you are right. That need to look after profits...... but also the people there needs to be a balance.... if they carry on this nonsense they will lose more people which leads to losing more profits...
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"Fakebook" censors content that goes against the interests of globalists.

Using Steemit you have no way to be controlled by a central power, and this the globalists don't want. They want to control everything you see and do.

They have already fight agains bitcoin without success, and now they want to create their own cryptos.

Don't worry, we will win this battle.


I am slowly learning through meeting people like you here that they have sold out to globalism. It is sad.

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I joined Steemit only 3 weeks back... I must say that the steemit community is far better than facebook... And steemit is definitely the Facebook of Blockchain... At least people share and post something creative here... If you look at Facebook, users are bombarded with advertisement and spams more... And they tell steemit is spam?? One fine day I am sure facebook wont exist.... Monopoly doesnt exist for a lifetime... Revolution s take place always during such monopoly and I believe steemit will revolutionize the social media one day .... 😎😎

Why are Facebook ( and Google ( integrated into to track and spy every move on you? Get "Privacy Badger" to see for yourself and to block this spyware!

Thanks I'll look onto that. Any chance of a resteem? Before this sinks into nothingness lol

The only thing I could find in which justifies marking steemit links as spams is "We also ask that you respect people by not contacting them for commercial purposes without their consent."
Are they keeping it so generic so that they can throttle links to their competitor websites as well? :P I doubt that they would stoop down so low.
While I see your point I think your claim is a little exaggerated that facebook is doing that on purpose. It is just my opinion, but for all we know you could be right :)

You know I think that you are right.... It's a play on words that they can later use as an excuse.

Hey can you resteem this for me as I am trying to get through to more people before I release the facebook article I am writing now. Much appreciated :) I am also going to mention what you just told me in it :)

Ill be that guy and just say it. Fuck Mark Zuckerberg.

I live in Silicon Valley, minutes from Facebook and all the tech giants. Apple, Microsoft, groupon, yahoo, you name them does great things for the community and the Bay Area. But I don't care what the news says, what the internet says Facebook doesn't do shit.

I own my own business and I try to expand all the time and Facebook literally buys buildings and they sit there empty. I don't know how many times I have tried to lease a nice building, later to get outbid by Facebook or a subsidiary.

This needs to be shared and addressed everywhere. RESTEEMED and UPVOTED and FOLLOWING you.

Wow..... see you have information that noone will ever hear about. So what you are saying is that even if they don't have anymore room to grow, they will occupy precious space to stop others from doing anything. Hey if I have your permission tell me a little bit more and I will write an article about this. I would love to see some pictures of these places you are talking about.

Sure, Ill go through my emails from my realtor of buildings. Its more of shit like this, for example. We have highway 101, main freeway, then we have 92, 85, 280 side freeways, but we have a expressway called Central, lawrence, montague and san tomas. One day Facebook decides to have a bike to work WEEK for them and all subsidiary companies. No worries, sound cool, gives them good press, shows they are green.

Well they clogged up all side streets and the expressways, and the commute from San Francisco to San Jose was now 2+ hours because of all the sides clogged on 101, they heard about this issue on Monday from 1000s of people to news stations, radios etc. Yet, they did nothing, continued all week, everyone in "REAL LIFE" is pissed off, but on the Facebook and intsagram world it was "all positive", all bullshit.

What did you mean by 'bike'?

Like ride your bike to work, talking about 100s of employee, which then had 100s of other people also motivated to join in, it got worse and worse all week. Don't get me wrong, great for the environment, "less" cars on the road, but traffic was the worse its been all year, made cars stay in traffic twice as long. Didn't accomplish shit lol

Oh dear... I hope nobody got hurt

And if you have pictures of the fiasco that day and some reports of injuries, that would be useful too

Great info! I don't use FB for personal but I figured they would do something like that. I recently wrote about how THIS sort of censoring is what they are planning for our entire internet:

I'll have a look at it. But more and more I see less ethics from the big corporations. It is a sign of times man.

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What bothers me about people who have opportunities that prosper from them, then turn a cold shoulder is the fact that they have not come from a vast community. When I say a vast community, I am describing the term, "It takes a village...". People who are raised in vast communities do not have a problem giving back, educating others on how they can become just as successful as their mentor, influencing progress, and leaving a tradition and a legacy. Mark Z sees Seemit as a goldmine that he has no control over. He has decided he is a demi-god (not a god) and he stops others progress. Shame on him!!!

And this action of his to ensure he can buy 2 ferarris instead of one will hurt a lot of people. I understand where you are coming from. And thank you for your comment.

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Already Resteemed...I will follow you if you do the same for me. My dreams are coming true by allowing me to post my loves, my dislikes, etc. I refuse to allow Mark Z. or anyone else to delegate my profit potential. Thank you for what you do!!!

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Shady but no surprise. The word will get out to people sooner or later as Steemit is gaining lots of new users by the day if not hour.

Yeah you're right, they will just make people know they are dodgy even faster lol... Any chance you can resteem this for me? :)

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I agree with you fully, Facebook and other social media platforms must be viewing the Steemit phenomena with alarm. There is a whole new paradigm developing here, I as a 70 year old with limited social media experience can see the writing on the wall, what must they be seeing?

Nicely put :). Like how the Chinese government had to do something about the Falun Gong...

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Yesterday, I boogled "Halliburton", you know, the multi trillion dollar company that the vice president got all kinds of govern-cement contracts for?

And boogle returned two pages of links. All positive.

I know there was lots of hate pages about Halliburton back when Cheney was VP. So... where did they go?

F-c-book and Boogle are not in this to make money.
Making money is a distant third.

  1. They are there to control what people see. (this is what the big marketing agencies are all about)
  2. They are there to collect all the personal information about everyone.
  3. And, if they can, they will make money on it.

You are the third person to teach me these facts :) I often wonder if people are oversharing and should not.

If I have added value I would love a follow and upvote, and most of all if you can can you please resteem this for me ;)

Oversharing? Not until everyone has heard it at least three times.
If you investigate all the tentacles of the octopus and then put the dots together, you will come up with the same set of facts. They really are obvious if you look.

Not sure what you mean lol

trueee! fuck FB! SteemOn!

Wow great post, I really learned a lot. I am definitely subscribing! hope you can do the same! struggling minnow here xD

Thank you for following, please check out my profile @yoda1917 I promise there will be something there for you and have a good laugh when you are there ;)

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Thank you :)

Your welcome. Their is a lot going on in Facebook right now.

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Hi, I wrote as my Facebook account is blocked for sharing their posts who wrote in Steemit.

Are you fucken for real?

OMG!!!! I just saw this post in the trending page for facebook.


Haa haa.... Facebook's time has come.? Upvoted. 👍

Hahahah Thanks... I think they will need to make it better for users or their time WILL come. Hey I hope I earned a follow from you as well. Can I ask a huge favour and get you to resteem this form me so more people get to see it?

A whale has been here, as this went up $10. But I have no way of finding you. I wish you will identify yourself. I am dying to meet you...

My question for people using facebook and mainstream social media is this. Zuckburger et al have made billions of dollars from your content, from your pictures, literally from your life. How much have you made?

Ditto..... But he did provide a service in some respects. And some use it for marketing and make money off it indirectly.

Hey can I ask you to resteem this for me as it is a day old and it would have sunk into the bottom of the minnow pit already. Thanks :)

No wonder all my post doesn't really get much of a respond. That is just sad yo. But on the other hand, i can't really blame facebook for being that way because simply they are protecting their business as well. Oh well, guess we just need to work very hard to get more ppl come over to steemit and have fun, for now :P AT LEAST, those who are reading this post, my comment and others comments here, we're on the front carriage of this train! Some of us might not be the first few, but at least I know that i'm not that last one to be here.

We sure are bro.... better times are coming....

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I still go on facebook sometimes just to see who has a birthday that I forgot, but steemit keeps me very busy so just steem along it will come for you dont post your steemit posts there (only my opinion)

Exactly..... I still use Facebook as my friends are there's. But I'm not there long enough anymore to see any ads because I am always on steemit.... when I pull my phone out it's steemit first now lol.

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When I try to post to Fakebook, I get an error message. Knew it wasn't a [email protected]

Yup.... that is what they did. Any chance of a resteem so more people sees this. And if I have earned it I would love a follow and an upvote :)

This is interesting. I was wondering what would happen if someone tried promoting their page on the larger social media platforms. I can't say that I expected anything else though. Good looking out!

No one cares about FB anymore. It is just a tool for most people

Does anyone remember a company called Empower Network some sort of MLM blogging thing....yep facebook did it to them too marked it all as spam. Shameful facebook I am using it less and less since joining Steem. What a wonderful post thanks for sharing.

You got that right bro...... Facebook won't be getting me to see any of their advertising anymore. I'm always on steemit. I only go there to post something to me family and friends and maybe check my notifications. Then I'm straight out.

I am thinking of writing a message to Facebook telling them this. I wonder that would happen...

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Thanks in advance

Here's a little something for you ;)

Absolutely my friend resteeming now.

It doesn't surprise me, they do the same thing for Conservative post.

What do you mean?

Facebook is known for creating programs that suppress political post from Conservative posters.

I see what you mean now. That's one thing... but shadow banning kinda sucks when users don't know about it....

Any chance of a resteem before this sinks any further? :)

Thats one thing? Thats larger than Steemit! That effects millions of people! You want to pick and choose who gets banned based on your personal political ideology or investment ideas? That is no different than what FB is doing to you with Steem. If thats the case, Steem is just FB 2.0.

And now there is subtle discloser that the CIA have access to FB where people stupidly over share lol......

I'll never understand people bitching about privacy and then they get on FB telling everyone their life stories. Then to top it off, they report their exact whereabouts....perfect for thieves.

That is why it is better to not do that at all.... see all the girls that love posting skimpy pictures of themselves? Rather silly

I did had the same observation, none of my friends would see my post on Facebook do I quit post them. I believe the competition is always great will separate the sour cream from the milk and is normal for Facebook to fight back. Maybe as they are a bit of a giant they cannot make all the improvements as a in vogue growing development newtork :) Anyway I do like steemonites ;)

If Facebook fights back and gives us a better experience then we all win. But they should not be harming others :(

Any chance of a resteem?

I see this too :) I have in Facebook 4000 followers :)) And I get just 1..or...3 likes steemit post...And also to all other posts :))) funny this ...

Great post!

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Lately, facbook will not open my link pictures anymore... As the image attracts more views on the link. At first all the links came up with the image, but now it only puts the link. That is, no image and there are no views or likes. Very easy trick.

Facebook staff will be in a flurry of ass covering and finger pointing. They are panicking. And for good reason.

Can you do me a huge favour and resteem this for me so more people get to see it. And follow me @yoda1917 and check out my freedom base posts

you are welcome :) And give me time :)

I think this is a main reason why steemit has a chance to excel

I agree and I think so too. Hey May I ask for a huge favour and get you to resteem this. I think it has sunken into darkness. :)

I think it's a great sign for Steemit! If steemit is posing a threat to facebook then it can only mean steemit is headed for greatness! Think about how Facebook did Myspace, and Twitter Did Facebook, How Snap Chat did Twitter!

Sign of times my man and we are in the right place. Hey can I ask a favour and get you to resteem this so I can hit a wider audience. And if I added some value may I have an upvote and a resteem :)

Thanks for the enlightenment
We need to unite and decentralise this money
Enough of centralization

Centralisation is why most of us are slaves in an invisible cage. I want nothing more than for people to be free from this. And this freedom is from within.

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Thank you so much

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Hi @yoda1917... Thanks for this info
I want to ask y r the people sharing their steemit post on Facebook... Whats the use... As they will not get anything(upvote, resteem,..!)..

To get more exposure on particular articles on steemit, especially if they have a large exposure on Facebook and that they have good relationships with their followers. They would supposingly get likes for the great content on Facebook and potentially get some of there followers to come here and become their steemit followers. Facebook does not like that

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Alright I will :)

Thanks 😊! Stay connected!

I know very little about the workings of the internet , but found this very interesting - Battle of the giants it looks like.

And some giants feed people while others eat them ;)

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Very true = will follow and resteem

I always found Faceberk to be a waste of time 'how to keep up to date with people you don't care enough about to be real friends' was my view; I tried to look there the other month and after six years of inactivity they deleted my account, oh well :)
Steemit is a different concept in my view, a place for quality content.

You are right about steemit being at a different level. FB is a nice tool for communicating with friends and family as they have had a lot of time and money to develop the messenger service and other apps which are great. In time I can see steemit being better.

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