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RE: Mark Zuckerberg just filled his nappy!!! Facebook's DIRTY tactics against STEEMIT...

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I really don't know they seeing steemit post as spam. Its really bad behavior. They know steemit is more popular and more and more people join if they see that ads. Facebook may be not like as steemit is at that place. I always notice that if someone doing batter then they not like and try to pull down but not thinking about that we do more batter then it. I also spend less time on fb because people there only doing timepass and post anything meaningless so its batter to spend time on good place like steemit.


I'm also spending much less time on facebook since joining this community. I think the best way to spread the message to your friends is through personal messages, those can't be censored the way a more general post can be. I have been reaching out to my friends that are great content creators and informing them of this amazing space. :) Onward and upward, just followed ya.

I totally agree. Personally i promote steemit offline. How? I have described it in several my past posts. Check it out.

Nice! I've been sharing it with friends and neighbors and at communal gatherings. :)

Yeah.... totally as I was saying before they are mostly trigger happy posts with little or no quality.... posting like that on steemit will see that you have no followers or upvotes..... integrity in posts is a big thing here.

Awesome comment upvoted...

Any chance of a follow and resteem if I earned it?;)

Really thx for sharing this post because i really not aware of it and i also noticed its less like and less people visit through Facebook and may be they not appear on other wall as we can only see on our wall but still Facebook don't know that though they do whatever to stop people but they can't success in it because however good thing automatically come on front of people.

Thank you for your support and compliments.... success is a win win game. That is law......

Any chance of a resteem so more people see this. And I would love an upvote and follow if I have earned it;)

resteem done

Thank you :)

strategic raids on facebook to eat more of their marketshare is on the table right now. new personal mission of mine.

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