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RE: Mmmm Yeah Baby, Put It In My Reward Pool

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LOL. I mean, I personally wouldn't consider your posts great content. The formatting could use some work. And the content itself was kind of bland. What risk did you take? What part of yourself did you expose? What controversial opinion did you put forward?

I get it that most of your posts are "how to bake a cake" and "how I made this dress," and that's fine. I suppose the dress is unique and shareable if you're into fashion. If that's your niche then I would smash that button until it bleeds, but I don't think Steemit is the platform you should be focusing on. Instagram and Facebook are much better for that.

This is a blogging platform. If you're into fashion/makeup, start doing makeup tutorials on dtube. That's easy money and a no-brainer. Plenty of famous YTers got their start doing the same thing. I find it boring, but then again I'm not a girl and girls eat that shit up.

All that said... I am going to do something I rarely do on here, which is give you a genuine compliment. Ready? Here goes:

You are a hustler and you are working with what you have. You are reasonably attractive and post pictures of yourself that the boys will find nice to look at. You are actively promoting your business on my post, putting up lots of pictures of yourself to tell people that you exist.

You need to spend more on the upvote bots and clean up the formatting. Start pimping the Instagram more, set up an online store if you don't have one and start researching Facebook PPC ads. A lot of work, but you're on the right track. I may use you as an example in the future as someone who is at least trying to do the right thing.


I have to disagree with you. My posts do have great content, maybe just not the written part.

Steemit is not just for writers (like you). I am not a writer and do not intend to be a writer. I also don't want to do anything about my formatting.

There are enough talented creative people on steemit who are not born writers. Many of them, including me are here to show our work or talent(creative people). Not to be an excellent writer. So great content isn't just writing/formatting ( here on Steemit). If so, this platform would be super boring. I personally rarely read lengthy posts without any personal images.

Most of the time I like to read positive posts of other Steemians with a certain talent like artists, photographers, DIY-ers with many images of their work. Steemit is also for diy-ers, 3d designers, artists, photographers. We show our "Great Content" through images of our work. we don't need many words or be a good writer, that's not the focus of artists/designers. Instagram and Facebook? You're kidding me! I am not focusing on selling here on Steemit. Some of my followers or people who comment on my posts say I have to sell. I just want to share my passion here. If someone wants to buy, thats nice, but if not, I am fine too.

I am much more than being attractive and I am not here for the boys. I care less about boys. I have two boys myself ;-). I am also not interested in make up tutorials. (That's not the same as making custom made dresses)

Steemit is for everyone and you can't say who belongs here and who doesn't. Maybe Steemit isn't ready yet for creative people, but I hope I can make that change because otherwise this platform would be very boring if it's just for writing. As you can see, we all have different taste what we think is boring. I think this platform would be more interesting if there is a combination of everything: a guy who complaints about the people on Steemit, a mama who makes delicious muffins, a wife who can custom made clothes, a guy who likes to vlog, etc. I am interested in many different sorts of people/posts here. Hundreds of @yallapapi would be pretty boring as well as hundreds of @fathin-shihab. Wish you all the best and keep complimenting people here. I promise you, you will feel good about it. Just stay positive.

Lol. Never mind I take it all back

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