Wow! 3 years at Steemit

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I've made friends all over the world with Steemit

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My time at Steemit started first with the fact that we saw a crypto currency "STEEM" on Bittrex that climbed high on the charts.
It looked so exciting and we wondered what was behind this coin

This was something completely new and exciting where you could be rewarded for writing a post and also being rewarded for commenting
It didn't take many days before we signed up for an account at Steemit.

I quickly realized that there were great opportunities to gather more SteemPower So I could give many more votes and that with curation rewards that I earned would also get more Steempower

I still think that Steemit is one of the biggest things on the internet so far. It has given many an opportunity to make money when doing a good job in Steemit and not giving up.

A good example is my friend @sultan-aceh who has built a house for himself and his family for profit earned in Steemit.

you can read about the house here

When starting up with Steemit, it is quickly made to make mistakes for example with pictures and texts that lie on the web and paste it into the post without thinking of giving credit to the proprietor.
Such mistakes can be made and then it is good that some say in to you so you don't have to be flagged. I was also ignorant of my start at Steemit. But I was lucky and got a very good mentor in Steemit, she is very skilled and her name is @englishtchrivy
If you haven't visited her blog yet, you should do so

And remember that if you see someone make a mistake, tell them and help them do the right thing. Don't just give them flags

There is a lot new in Steemit and I have great faith that the Steemit community will grow in the future. I would encourage everyone to collect more Steempower now.

Another good friend @davidad has also gathered Steempower since he started and is soon a dolphin in Steemit.
It shows that it is useful when not giving up too early

A video that I made and posted earlier I will share with you again.
If you find the video useful, you are free to use it


Greetings @xpilar,

'Jolie Anniversaire' .....What a journey! It seems a lifetime already. ^__^

Yes.....Merci Beaucoup to @englishtchrivy for introducing bleujay to you.

Appreciate all the optimism and lovely artwork you bring to Steemit.

Wishing you and yours all the best. ^__^


Nice to hear, thanks @bleujay

Yes, time flies but can also seem like an eternity.

It's nice that @englishtchrivy introduced me to you

In September, you also complete 3 years at Steemit
and I appreciate your art during that time and Principle of the Day.

Yes thank you @xpilar for the support, I remember when I first got here the journey was so roughly and unbelievable, copied others work without credit it or source it, your advices and encouragement help me alot in this community; when you told me that I need to get my own personal work posted it kinda hard but with persistence determination and dedication I get it right and I discovered my childhood passion back which is photography and bloggers writers... Today I can see where the results take me now... Which I am still wishing I could continue to grow beyond where I am now....

Thanks for your usual support and encouragement without you; I don't see me progressing in Steemit, but with @xpilar I believe I can grow more and more thank for your support Snr @xpilar.


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thank you so much @davidad

I look forward to your progress in Steemit
and soon you will get a new title "dolphin"

You are Snr @xpilar I believe soon I will reach another level meaning that am progressing in Steemit.. I look forward to that day!!!

Happy 3years birthday once again Snr. @xpilar

Your impact on my lives here on Steemit are noticed and well appreciated, bless you more for blessings others. You are one kind who always support, and encouragement and bless many lives... We really appreciate your kindness towards many of us...

Togetherness Team @Xpilar #Team Norway, #Team Aceh and #Team Nigeria

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The day is not far away @davidad 👍

Thanks Snr. @xpilar I could feel it knocking my door hehehe.... I am coming to join you and @sultan at the top little by little hehehe....

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hello @xpilar
congratulations to you, have traveled very far on #steemit.

my best regards to you
so far it has helped me and other steemians to grow with you, by doing the best in the #steemit community, which is very popular in the internet world.

Home and Steem Power
you are right @xpilar
I have made a house for me and my family in Aceh.
for example, that I was able to make a house with #sbd and #steem results,

to get the results, I also, got full support, from the results of the #original photo of my artwork. I know, the results I get, will be able to add Steem Power automatically, and add myself regularly, 21 steem every 1 month.

although, it is like joy and sorrow, tirelessly all the time. face mistakes, positive mindsets that we must use, without having to mark them first.

I hope this will be the best experience in becoming a member of the #steemit community.

Hilsen to you @xpilar.

Thank you @sultan-aceh

I think back when we first got in touch with Steemit.

I noticed some unique pictures of birds and gave you some upvote on those blogs. But I also checked your photos on the internet to see if they were from you. From all your pictures, there was only one picture I found on the internet. And I told you not to post pictures from others. But the picture was yours and was used on the internet.
It was the start of a long-standing friendship at Steemit and we made competitions together at Steemit.

I also asked you what your goals were and you answered a house to you and your family. I replied that it is possible and you worked hard to do it. You have now proved that and I hope others will see it and can set goals with Steemit.

Everything is possible, but those who believe in light goals will never do it

ja @xpilar

nice to hear it back from you
hopefully other friends can prove it
by holding fast to their stand
that the #steemit #community can make changes to them and their families, by earning #steem and #sbd.

hilsen @sultan-aceh

Yes @sultan-aceh,
the possibilities lie there for those who see it and understand that it is not done overnight.

Congratulation @xpilar

Your journey in steemit for three years consistently and actively without giving up, that's one thing we deserve to be an example of. Exemplary of a true steemian. quality and original posts are guaranteed by themselves. Your three-year experience is shared as a form of encouraging us. even past experiences with mistakes in the beginning of joining Steemit convinced us that nothing was impossible. When wrong then getting a flag is truly a very memorable experience. I have felt when I was new to joining. Even had experienced downvote, only because he gave comments on one account that was considered a rival. From your explanation, mistakes when we are beginners are very reasonable things and very likely to happen. You advise against flagging because it makes the account owner feel sad. And we should tell the error and give advice to fix it. Experience is what will forge itself into an increasingly good account.
As long as I am your follower, I increasingly know how you prioritize doing good for everyone. You have proven by helping @sultan-aceh to own a house.
. Your generosity helps fellow believers make people respect, and certainly has the same desire. how do we live then we will achieve it.
We also see that you have experienced the ups and downs of steem, from the glory to the deterioration in the value of the current system. You exemplify the good things by consistently working and helping.

Thank you for your kindness and support to us.
It s Great to have row model of example in Steemit.
Please accept my greetings from Indonesia.

Thank you for your kind words @rokhani

If everyone helps others understand, this community will be a place where everyone can succeed.

@ sultan-aceh set goals with Steemit and has worked hard for it.
He is a living proof of what this platform can provide
He also understood this by collecting SP from his start so that he can give other upvote and also earn Steem / Stempower

I hope that many will understand the value of collecting SP

I will do your advice. It is better to collect SP and then we will have strength to upvote and earn. I am sure with Steemit we can learn and earn.
With your guidance We will grow well, reach the success
Thank you @xpilar
Greeting from Indonesia

My Steemit Heart is delighted with what you say @rokhani

Wow. That must have been a long journey

yes, but also educational @adenijiadeshina


Today is a perfect day to praise your work

It's three years of effort and dedication

Where with your art and creativity you put your heart

@xpilar is synonymous with altruism in steemit

@xpilar for me is synonymous with support and love

May God bless you and fill you with health, creativity and kindness for many more years

In Steemit he is appreciated and in Venezuela he has a friend.


Nice to hear, thank you so much @anasuleidy

Happy anniversary @xpilar !!
Thank you for sharing with us for so long, I did not know that @ sultan-aceh had built his house with steemit, what a pride.
Knowing that steemit has changed everyone's life is fascinating, but that some have taken better advantage of this medium is admirable !!

thank you @jdbs

Yes, @sultan-aceh is a living proof in Steemit that hard work is working on this platform

Happy steemit birthday

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Wow congrats I’m just starting up again

thank you @tornadoman

nice that you started up again

Happy 3th anniversary in steemit , my friend.

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