Announcing the winner of my ‘Um, random giveway!’ post :-)

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So, now’s the time to calculate who’s the winner!


The final entrants were:
1/ @apprentice
2/ @alexandraioana26
3/ @anindia
4/ @yushaina

As previously specified, the hash of the bitcoin block at height 507050, would be used to determine the winner; and, the following (very simple) calculation was to be used: ‘I will take the modulus of 4 of this, using python; then I will add to 1, to get a value in the range of 1 to 4, to match the list given above.’

The bitcoin blockchain has spoken, and therefore the result must now be in!


According to, the hash for this block is given by
So, when I type
print((0x000000000000000000050ab2b33615e33de65bb8da1a0fc9a4923508d22dbf92) % 4) + 1) into python, I get the following output:
Therefore, the winner is (wait for it... 😉)



(Ok, sorry, maybe a bit OTT for the actual prize! 😁)

Anyway, the prizes are going to be as follows (I upped the amounts slightly from my last post due to today’s falling crypto prices😱):
@anindia - 200SBD
@apprentice - 35SBD
@alexandraioana26 - 35SBD
@yushaina - 35SBD
@a-alice - 15SBD
@wahyu07 - 15SBD

So, congrats!👍

I’ll make the payouts in something like 24 hours time. [This is to allow a short period in case anyone has queries with the maths. And, please note: the above results are subject to change if there’s something up with the calc.😬]

As for another giveaway: Hmmm - not so sure now (I think I would fast run out of SBD this way)!😳

So, I’m thinking maybe somesort of lotto-upvote thing instead...?😀 But, this would require quite a lot of Dev work first. (Comments/suggestion on this possible idea - very welcome.)


Awww cool, congrats to the winners! I hope you have more contests to come lol.

...‘Lol’ haha 😜

P.s, so you’re not above posting ‘cute/girl/gif/meme things’ in the hope of an upvote from my[shallow]self? 😜

It looks like I have changed while you were away hahaha. I've learned how to use memes and gifs. At least that is not me with ... she's too crazy lol.

I can’t be sure (without watching the movie again), but I’m thinking it could be the Margot Robbie character from suicide squad, hehe. If so, it would qualify for also for my favourite movie genre too (super hero movies, even better with the character being a kick-ass type girl)😀. But i’d also give big points for someone like Iron Man (love that [smug] character!). Or even better, that house of his (before it got destroyed in one of the movies)😆

I am just thinking that Harley Quinn (better with the red and black costume) might be closer to this Steemit character called @diabolika lol or maybe that is just my anti-hero fantasy...hahaha. For the past few months I kind of built that villain character. I have been unfollowed, followed and trolled but that is Steemit life haha. But hey, I'm still here lol. Nicer now.

I got it that you like Iron Man's super modern house. Oh and thanks for the hint lol. I'll try to include those anti-hero memes in my next comments.


And, yeah ... however much crypto tanks, even to zero😱 —— one can at least still dream about a $100M (or more) house on the California sea cliffs😼

Trolled/unfollowed - really? I’ve yet to see anything like your dark side, then?! (but I’m sure there’ll be ample time)😜

Very minimal lol. Maybe it's just in my head... sigh, diabolic voices. 😈

Yeah as long as you don't go away again. I'll wish for your super modern house to come true. 😎

Thanks, seriously .... I need the motivation! Get off my a** and get back to doing some work for a change! X.

Iron Man, you say ...


That said, even without the upvote, you do amazing work in this community and I have great admiration for it.

Hehe.... if you say so😉

I do say so -- and I am also very very glad of the upvote lol 👍😱

Much appreciated 😁

"you do amazing work in this community and I have great admiration for it." --Yuppp. :)

do you care for small and rich people like you, but they love you and hope there will be good things ,, i just remind to remember the weak but they love you very much ,, :)

What I missed............................~<>^>

What about if we comment our best post and you choose the one you like the most?

Interesting idea. Thing is, I want an automated system ... but it’s difficult to figure out who’s real, who’s fake, and who’s a bot😳....without very careful examination! But maybe I could pay someone to do this job, perhaps 😀

This would be amazing, I got some ideas, I can support if you need help :)


do you want to trust me ,,
and help you in this ,,
i will help you on this

I have a friend and I am sure he can do it for you,
you can contact him @zikra he is the right person to do your job
please contact him at

your status changed ,, i know you are a trader ,, and you must know this picture for trader😀😀
i just want to joke with you because i think you are good


This to u again lol and lol
Owh yeah @xaero may you follow me,, i want to be a friend with u,,
Original person is u man...

Heh.... wow, another me! Nah, I’m not on you-tube actually😔

are u sure🤣🤣🤣 you are very friendly and happy i really like you..

There should be a site dedicated to these types of posts ..... they are wasted as replies😆. Y’know like dMania ... just can’t think what you’d call this genre🤔😂

i see dmania like unjust ,, they just take advantage and unfair to nenilai ,, those who often buy bots will surely win .. owh yeah may i make a post to you specially for you ,, i assume you are fair person and most fair in steemit ,, i write your name in my article ,,, and the title of the article (how to choose fair in steemit) ,, how do you think


Last year I fell into a ‘rabbit hole’ of responding to requests for upvotes. Only solution was to stop doing any at all really🙃 C’est la vie🤷‍♀️

Owh yahh,, you like utopian,,
I see u approve witnes to utopian-io,,
I have contribute in there😎😎😎

Coool! I don’t know much about it yet though... I should try to find out more. But it sounds good!😀

Check out my last post there is an idea about helping new creative steemians im one of them this my second month here in steemit i really love to help people even if my SP are weak , ( photographers designers and painters compitition will be great) everyone post his work and much upvoted work get the reward ( SBD or Upvote both are good) what do you think about this idea like this will take steemit platfrom to the top and in the same will help some creative steemians to improve themseleves here

Interesting. Similar to another comment. Need someone to do the selection though. First thing though I need to do is get some basic functionality working if i can 😀

If you need me to help i will be here because i love to help people and share love everywhere our community needs people like you mate you are kind and humble help everyone you are doing great job.

Hey mr make money,, lol
I like your gif this so funny wkwkwk
I like ur post boss,,
Owh yeah this is my first post,,
I hope you come,,
Share Gif:

I have an idea that I've proposed the benefits of to many large stake holders in the past, I'll run it by you. If you would like to automate your voting to reward quality content without having to delegate and give away your curation rewards, you could follow the votes of some well known curators at a low percent. Alternatively if you aren't worried about the "curation rewards" that the platform offers as they are fairly small compared to the rewards granted, you could delegate to some curation services that find and support new users. The benefits of this are that we increase the quality of content and retaining quality authors on the platform, which over time grows the value of the coins you already have and makes you and everyone else money at the same time. Many prefer trying to amass tokens without building up the platform and I can't tell you which way to approach things, but you did ask for comments suggestions and that's my best idea.

Thanks for detailed comment .... for now though I think I’m going to try set up a node (if this isn’t impossible!) and then maybe an upvote-y website, ideally if I can 😀

Welcome back my friend, is there any other giveaway coming soon? I missed the last one i hope you do an other one 😥😖

Yeah, I need to persuade a friend of mine to help with a server haha ... too much work to do this by hand 😀

Heeey xaero1's friend!! ,, help him 😡😡

Well i have an idea... You make a competition on creativity .. (anything​) the most creative post (photography , drawing, singing,sport,...) Winnes your upvote (not clean sbds, with this way you will save your sbds ;) )

Thanks for the constructive idea. Wonder if anyone would be will to do judging though for me! I think it would actually turn out to be quite work-intensive 😀

I agree, i can see that you re a lazy boy lol😂

Yeah, lol..... but seriously, the pro’s around here literally would not have time to reply to each one of a 1000 of replies 😉

As i said , i agree with you it will be a thousand of comments and participations,, but you can do somethings.. you leave the votes judge who has a lot of votes winn (however you need a serious help with that 😂)

Hehe... 😀

I thought this contest was excellent, it helps to maintain the dynamics of competing in Steemit and I think it's an excellent reward from your part @ xaero1 ...I hope you will do another contest ...


@xaero1 you're a graet person :)

I remember that one.....yes, an old favourite😉

I really remember your service in steemit, you I helped me so much that I can be like this now, thanks for everything
but do you have time to reply my message on discord and :)

What an excellent initiative @xaero1, I would like to learn a little about this topic and be able to participate in your competitions, this is really what the community needs.

Congratulations for your great contribution and great idea.

Greetings Joha: *

Thanks!! I think lottery stuff would be another good (and disruptive ) use of the steem Blockchain IMO.
Greetings too 😀

I guess you posted after two months but still, you were receiving some little money through wallet spam :P

Congratulations everyone who won this contest!

A gift i posted it e days ago now


I hope so 😉
Are you in steemit-chat ? I need some advices

awwww! :) LOL cute! I like The Steemit shirt add on :)

Hey @xaero1 , thanks a lot for upvoting my post.
You were not very active on Steemit anymore when I last checked your profile.

Yep... I plan to be back now😉. Or, maybe I will implement an upvote bot, and it’ll just be ‘the bot’ that’s back😂

The price of steem is nice...though it could easily go back to where it started. So, either I should try to get a return from it .... or else I should sell it (which I don’t really want to do, since I like it)😄

I also want to keep my steem forever in my wallet :D
An upvote bot?!?.... that's really interesting! I have used several bots; only few are good. I look forward to your bot. Good luck with it :)

Congrats for the winners! and I bet this is the coolest calculation to draw the winner.. I have no idea. :D

Yeah, I think proves that it is fair.....and I hope a tiny bit educational (for me included!) about another cool use of Blockchains (for random number generation)😀

Very good post,
And a fun video video, hahaha
I will follow you and I will always wait for your next posting,
Sorry I am a new member in steemit, can just see your posts now,
You are creative,
If you wish you could go my blog.

You are welcome, friend

I need your help, I keep watching and waiting for you every day.

Hi @xaero1 interesting contest, It's a pity that I lost it :( when will you do another?I have many ideas.

I'm a model and I want to share them with you greetings and kisses @xaero1

Greetings and thanks for the welcome. You're very kind ;)

The post is good with a very funny meme video,
Looks like you like to joke,
I really like people who have funny souls like you,
Want to have lots of friends like you who can joke every day,
Sometimes life does not always take us seriously, we have to laugh,

Honestly I really like the post and follow you
I will always wait for the next post

I love your initiative. Hope you can continue to help more people

how good it is to see that you dedicate yourself to your followers.

hello friend. if you've forgotten me, I've been waiting for you and you're back. try checking my profile @emily1
@xaero1 maybe you forget me😂

Nice anime..... kind of ‘old school’ colours!😄

Hello dear friend, I could see that you came back after so much time and that you have also returned wanting to continue growing, I am also here constantly working for a good development, I could also see that you have made a challenge and I would like to participate in any of they, I wait anxiously to support each other, Greetings from venezuela Your friend stefany!

Hey, thanks for the really kind comment. Best wishes!

Thanks for helping the steemians to grow up

Congratulations to the prospective champion, hope the champions are happy with the contest made by the great guy that is @xaero1 and say thank @xaero1 for helping the steemians :)

kind words..ta ;)

lots of winners and very happy to know the results congratulations to all

this is wonderful to see you are back and congrats to winners

holy smokes wow lots of winner there and what a surprise

perfect entry damm the boss is back in the town :D missed you bro

winners deserve it thanks for sharing and where have you been i missed all your analysis and posts :(

I think you you have one of the coolest usernames on steemit, @cutiepie!

  • cheers 😀

congrats to the winners keep sharing :)

excellent winners huge rewards wow :)

congratulations everyone who won thanks @xaero1 for sharing

omg bro awesome to see you back :) and congrats to winners

Congratulations to all of the participants. thank you so much for your generosity @xaero1! You rock!!
The way you chose the winner is so original and suitable!
It's a great idea to organize a lotto-upvote thing, it would be awesome for all of us! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you are back for good @xaero1!

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Intereresting stats😀

Wohooo congratulations to the winners and to the host :D

Wow so very cool master @xaero1

Thats a neat way to do a giveaway.

Very nic video clip.

Wow... congrats to the winners. Kudos and thank you for doing this @xaero.

Very nic post.

Great video sir and great things your doing for the Steemit community we appreciate all you do please keep up the good work

Wow, congratulations to the winners

Wow a good master contest. And I am very happy that our lagendary is back again @xaero1

Woow amazing very good l like

Wow @xaero1 come back

Waoooow amazing

long do not see you ,, and finally you come back ,, i miss your upvote hehehehe congratulations for the contest winner from you ,, it is very good to help fellow

I have make one post,, but this is not have a price,, make a good post is not good idea for now,, they are not want see again ,
I know you a long ago,,
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01 you are just awesome! :) I bet you made everyone's day just now :)

So, where’s the elephant post? 😆
I want to see a cute elephant! Haha...

P.s. ideally cute ‘baby elephants’ please😉😉😉😉😉

She wasn't a baby elephant... but I PROMISE you will fall in love with her! :) I did.

Sorry I missed it. Saw it now. Adorable, yes, hehe😀
Really cool the whole eco thing with that natural reserve.
And 🍌 I did not know!!!😆

:) hehe it's all good!

HMMM maybe I'll try to post it tonight! I just need to double check all of my facts tonight :)

Posted! With a video too ❤️❤️❤️

You know what’s different since 5 months ago? My timezone is now behind yours. So you know what that means?
Now, i can get the last word in of the day😂

AHAHHAHAHAH! For now, that I am in Taiwan... but when I'm back home... MWAAHAH! I'll be back in the game! :)

Well, as they say: ‘Flattery will get you, er... everywhere!’😀

01! How are you doing? I saw your updated status about the "bear" market? ahahaha Would it be better if it is a Christmas tree reading? :P

Anyways, just wanted to thank you for the resteem and support on my post. Means a lot to me :)

hallo my friend,
How are you today, you have not seen my article for a long time,
and this is my wonderful moment with family

thank you @xaero1
You have helped me a lot...!

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Sorry, got plans for the steem power.... I want to a do a rando-whale type thing. Because I need to maximise what get from it.... and I don’t really want spend my time doing steem curation as a job ;-). Got some other work I need to do. And there are many replies I get like on this post and many people message me on .... so I don’t really have time for that right now.

Anyway, if I happen to spot an interesting post once in a while I may still upvote it ... but yeah, long term probably not that much.

Thank you,
Maybe I expect too much of you,
And I just want five thousand steam power

do not you help me anymore,
and will never help me again

Look, I don’t know what to say. So I think this might be the final thing I do say.

Here’s how the platform doesn’t work (i eventually realised): Ask someone to help their post / upvote it. It just won’t work that way. It’s not a good or fun experience for me (and I think most people).

It will mean steemit wont succeed against its competitors (reddit, medium, etc) where people want to see the best quality posts in the trending section. And, if steemit fails then my stake will be worthless, so I don’t want to see that happen.

Here’s how the platform is supposed to work: You write content. If people see the content and like it, then they may upvote it. But there should be no expectation. It’s a burden, unless that person specifically wanted to take on that responsibility.

Quite likely the whole model will end in failure. I think it won’t work out for most people (if they are trying to do it simply for making money rather than creating content for its own sake for example).

And, in which case the best thing to do may be just to leave. Which is a pity, because there’s a lot of good content that is destined to go unrewarded.

I'm very disappointed with you, after all this time I know you,
this is what I got

I want to ask you a question ...?
where and whom I ask for or hire steem power,
I want to improve the quality of my account

Sir,, i have a team and comunity,, we want make a contest about writing story in atjeh,,
I need your donate sir,,


Good work to motivate new commer..
I joined the steemit platform in jan...
Was not aware of loutry ticket giveaway😕😢
Why dont u plan for one one loutry ticket give away for we new commer..
Really want to do much new thing better.. But cant
Dur to low rep..

Eagerly waiting for ur next giveaway...
Lastly congratulations for all winners...☺️🙋

waw, I think this is very fun,
and I think I'm a bit late to join in steemit,

hi mister xaero1
Your posts are amazing,
I will resteemed this post
please help my vote.
Welcome back mister xaero1

very lucky for the winner ,,, hope there is a contest again in the future ,, this will make everyone to race .. see my posting😂 i write something to you and i think you can laugh after reading


waw .. this is very interesting ,, i always support you

thank you for choosing me to be a winner, in the category you created,
I am very grateful to you for helping me and supporting me here,
I really want to tell you a little bit, but I do not know what to call you where and with what

thank you @xaero1
I will wait and really expect it to happen

Congrats on being the lucky winner (and I’m really glad you’re still around to hopefully see the transfer😀...and this must be about the longest delayed lottery result in history!😂😂😂)

Please upvote, comment resteem and follow @afriza..
Thanks to back in touch for upvote.
i miss u @xaero1

congratulation for the winners . Hope you`ll do more giveway contest :)

wow, congrats for the winner, Say thanks to master @xaero1 for the contest :)

You are good at sharing and sharing useful information @xaero1

welcome back my brother. I have long waited for you, hopefully we can be close like it used to be friends again :) @xaero1

welcome back my brother. I have long waited for you, hopefully we can be close like it used to be friends again :D @xaero1

hope you can help me like before :)

I request to you kindly when you are free then visit my blog one time plz.

hello mister xaero1, I am still new in steemit I need your help, please help vote my post

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