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While we're on the subject of voting etiquette, particularly of the self voting kind, there's a new bot on Steemit who only upvotes comments...

...but he won't upvote your comment if you've already self-upvoted it!

He even goes so far as to say that you can go back and upvote your comment after he's upvoted it, and he won't retract his upvote.

So I think it's settled: Upvote your own blog posts, but let someone else get first dibs on your comment curation rewards. You can upvote them... but later (maybe on day 4 or 5).

I'm not about to argue with a bot!

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I've been graced with a few votes by Gentlebot and its partner thing-2. I'm glad to receive comment votes because that's the only content I've been creating here for about a year. Nice to not have comments forgotten; I'm glad for these bots! :-)

Oh really.. That is cool. @wiser, From what I have learnt, I understand there is a time-frame which is usually the best time to upvote just to increase or improve one's curation reward, does this bot intelligently factors in the timestamp of the post while doing this?


No idea :)


Yes. The bot is somewhat intelligent. :)

Upvoted and resteemed! Great work @wiser!


Thanks :)

Excellent Information, Thank You

I've stopped voting up my own posts and comments, but I'm happy to take any bot votes. Human ones mean more to me :)


I hear ya!


Thanks for the tip. That is a great find! Yes, it looks like there is quite a bit of support for the anti-comment-self-upvoting contingent. I couldn't tell from the article if smackdown kitty ever comes back to downvote comments which are not self-upvoted until a few days later. Do you happen to know?


I guess it might evolve in this direction, technically there wouldn't be any problems to implement it.

it's cool because if you upvote yourself it won't show up so then you will always wonder if it would have voted on your comment if you didn't vote on it. Nice way to encourage people distributing their vote more, I like it

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