Now accepting video clips, music, & animated Steemit logo submissions for TIYM 2! And...GO!

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I am now accepting submissions for the "This Is Your Moment 2" community video project!

For those who aren't familiar with this project, back in November I made a call out to the community to submit short video clips with your best 1 second. The response I got was, in short - AMAZING!! See the resulting video at the bottom of this post.

I originally set a 3-week deadline, however we ended up going over that by about a week. So, this time I'm going to give everyone a solid month.

Today is 5/23, the deadline will be in one month.
So, be sure to turn yours in by 11:59PM CST on 6/23 (5AM GMT 6/24) .

The submission guidelines are pretty much exactly like they were last time - feel free to refer to the details in that post by clicking HERE.

Here are the basics:

How do I submit a video clip?

Great question! It's actually really easy. Just upload your video to either Youtube, Vimeo, or even Google Drive. Then, you can either reply to this thread or email me at with your link.

How do I submit my animated Steemit logo?

Another great question! Because only 1 logo will be chosen, the submission will be a bit different than for video clips. Upload to your preferred file sharing program (ie, Dropbox, Google Drive, SoundCloud, etc) and email me directly at with your link.


How do I submit my music?

Same deal as with the animated logos. Since only one will be chosen, please submit your link only via email at Please DO NOT reply to this thread with music submissions.

Everyone, just as before, we have everything we need at our disposal to create this video. This site is LOADED with some of the most talented people I've had the pleasure of sharing web space with, and I can't wait to see how much better the video ends up this time!

Here is TIYM Part 1:


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Thank you! Here you got 3 in 1

This is a Clip From A Rap Video for Viva. I had a truly fun time creating it with my daughter. I have snipped a 4-second clip of us dancing and will include it below. Use it as you wish. Looking forward to seeing your creation @winstonwolfe!


That's awesome!

I'm glad to see this project back again!

Take your pick of what will work the best. Either right at the beginning. 0:32 I give a thumbs up or maybe 1:55 or 2:01 where I jump off the 50 foot cliff.


Very cool! Thank you!

Woohoo! I've been waiting for this announcement! I'll have a clip by the end of the week :D

This sounds exciting !

This is the kind of effort that puts the unity in community. Thank you for putting this together.

Wow! Great video!

And Dan is very handsome guy by the way! :) :)

Sounds like an exciting video project! I think this is a great idea and will encourage Steemians to get more involved!

i was bawling my eyes out by the end of that - these people are mining a government free currency out of sharing their expression, expertise, art and soul... what an awesome realisation - we are creating our own fun free new world

fantastic work on the video!! will def throw some songs in for consideration

The best straight on views in part of me NOT being harassed by police as a peaceful protester, are still in the video link you used for me last year on this if you want to recycle that content and pick a spot you like again or use the same one man.


Such awesome! Wish I knew about this last year. Sending you over a video clip right now :)

What a great idea! TIYM Part 1 was really cool, so hoping this will be just as good.
Re-steemed :)

I like it! Awesome idea. Please include the Rat King.


Awesome idea. Please include the Rat King.

Here is my video for the next TIYM 2 @winstonwolfe
It's a video for the steemit logo and some fireworks. Hopefully you can find a good second here!



Awesome! Can't wait to see all the entries!


You're not getting away that easily! You gotta submit yours, too! :D


Okay, here's my bit... My latest project in action.

I just wish I had the skills to add the Steemit logo to the blue buckets in the background.
If anyone wants to take a crack at it... go for it.

Upvote for pure awesomeness