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I don't get excited about a project very often, but I am super pumped about this video, and we've got a solid start already. For an explanation of what this project is about, please refer to >>THIS POST<<.

100% of the material used to produce this video
will be content provided by the Steemit community.
Steemit crowdsourcing at its finest.

Thank you to the following Steemians for making their video submissions!

@surfermarly ~ @beanz ~ @mattclarke ~ @transhuman ~ @anotherjoe
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Our goal is between 100-200 clips
So keep 'em coming!

Upload your video to Vimeo or Youtube and reply to>>THIS POST<< with your link .
(Vimeo is preferred as you can set it up to allow download of the original video file)
For the time being, I'd like to stick to only 1 clip per person in the final product. Feel free to submit as many as you'd like for yourself, just be aware that ultimately only 1 will be chosen.

HINT: You can use your 1 second to show us
what Steemit means to you.

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First of all, we need the right music.

So while you're sending me your video links, that's what I'm currently on the hunt for. This is the backbone of the project. It sets the mood of the whole video, carrying everybody's clips from beginning to end. It provides a sort of "wireframe" or "scaffold" onto which the video will be built, and it also determines the length of the project. Once we have the right song, we'll have a clearer idea of how much time we'll need to fill, and therefore how many clips will ultimately be needed. I've been looking at some excellent candidates for music from artists right here on Steemit, and considering what I've seen after toying around with the editor thus far, I believe we've got a lot of potential for a successful video.

If you have any musical offerings, please feel free to reply to >>THIS POST<< with your link .

Animated Steemit Logo

This will go at the end of the video. I've been looking around to see what I can find as far as high-quality animated logos, and while there aren't very many what I've found has been impressive.

Just as with music, if any of you would like to take a stab at an animated Steemit logo, by all means go for it and reply with your link to >>THIS POST<<.

Filming Tips

  • Even though everybody gets 1 second, make sure your clip is at least 5-10 seconds in length. Always better to overshoot than to come up short. And, as always, please keep your submissions clean.

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  • For those of you using your phones, keep in mind that while it's not a big deal when shooting photos, when shooting video the best practice is to shoot horizontally, not vertically. That is to say, shoot in landscape, not portrait. While vertical video submissions won't necessarily be disqualified, horizontal is preferred.

    Image Source 1 - Image Source 2

  • Use the highest quality video setting you can. SD is acceptable, but HD (720p or 1080p) is preferred, and 4K is just you being an overachiever. ;-)
    As far as frame rates (if that's a question for anyone), filming at 24 fps or higher is preferred.

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I'm incredibly excited to get started on this. I can't wait to see what footage you guys submit. This is going to be so much fun!
Please keep all submissions of any kind to the comments section of >>THIS POST<<.

Questions, however, are free to be asked anywhere!

Even if you're not contributing, don't forget to...
so we can get as many Steemians to see it as we can!


resteemed not sure if I have an idea yet but resteeming regardless

What this project all about? what will happen after we submit videos? Am interested

Well i am not sure where all this is going ?? But for sure any project concerning video and steemit community can only be fun and creative so yes count me in @winstonwolfe )

tomorrow morning I will send you something

giving 2 for you to choose


Voted steemed and planning my 10 second oscar winning role! Thank you

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Here is one random from me:

Nice! I like your "thumbs up" to the SteemPowerTwins as well. Thanks for the submission!

Great idea looking forward to watch final video :)

This video i made it with mobile. This Cambodia traditional dance.

Upvoted and resteemed! Let's get these 100 videos uploaded ;)

I like the idea of your project.
Here's a video from a previous Steemit article of mine. Feel free to pick a second of it to use... good luck with creating your crowd-sourced video!

Excellent, thank you!

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Question: In addition to what @opheliafu asked (Deadline?) Do you want a silent clip since it's going to have music background? I have 2 ideas but need to know that info first so I know which one to work on. (One's a talkie, the other is not.) Thanks!

Sound is optional, but not all clips that have sound will have it included in the final edit. It'll depend on what the sound is.

What kind of music do we want? It would help greatly if we described what effect we want for the Steemit video. One could say it should sound friendly, successful, community, happy, serious or whatever, but it would be better to know what your vision of the soundtrack is and then artists could come up with a solution. Of course, a musician could take a gamble and submit what they think is a great soundtrack, but I would like to have a more defined picture of the objective.

You nailed it. Positive, uplifting, motivational, etc.

Is there a deadline for this? I'm going through my video footage today.

As of right now there's no deadline, but that could change depending on if this ends up taking longer than expected.

followed and resteemed!

Exciting idea, will work in a clip. 👍😃

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Built by @ontofractal

Here is my submission, you can choose one of the videos:

Version 1:

Version 2:

Links to download the videos: (Right-Click and "Save Video")

Short Video 1 (7 seconds)

Short Video 2 (18 seconds)

I will publish an article with the videos too.
It will be ready in some minutes.

Thanks to @papa-pepper for inspiring me to make my own contribution!

A bit late in the day but I was reading this again and realised that my old band had a song which I think would be a good candidate to be considered for a soundtrack. If you fancy a listen give me a shout and I will load it to youtube or something similar. The name of the track is "Come so Far" which is awfully apt!!

Cool, yeah! The deadline is for all elements; videos, music, animations, etc.

My videos: