If I've lost you as a follower, what can I do to bring you back?

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Yeah, yeah...I know. It's usually me.

So I've been perusing through my follows/unfollows on https://steem.makerwannabe.com, and while my follower base has greatly increased quite a bitover the last 2 weeks (thank you!!), I've also noticed that, every now and then, I'll lose a follower or two.

What can I do to bring you back?
Have I inadvertently done something that made you decide to stop following me?

I ask these questions not because I'm being whiny and I think everyone should love me, but because I can't know how to improve myself and my content without input from my followers. You guys are my audience, and without feedback, I don't know what you'll enjoy or what's turning you off. Of course, if indeed it is the content I'm posting, we can use my current material as a starting point if you'd like, then we can go from there to perhaps steer it in a direction that interests you.

I have a feeling, given the timestamp on some of the unfollows that occurred, that it might be due to my mass posting immediately following Hardfork 19. If that's the case, you'll be pleased to know I've backed off quite a bit, with a max limit I've imposed upon myself of 6 posts per day. Not only did HF19 hit, but that was also around the time that I discovered the 4-post limit that used to be implemented was no longer there as of HF18 (yeah, I got on that train a bit late).

While I do acknowledge that I got a bit carried away there, I do take pride in the things I post (lol usually), and I'd rather not do something when I shouldn't (or not do something when I should) and run off my followers.

I won't point out any names, because I don't believe that will necessarily help anything, and I'd find it to be at least somewhat inappropriate. All I ask is that my current followers who can see this please resteem my post so those who are no longer following may be able to see this.



First of all, you didn't lose me as a follower, but if you lose a follower, who cares? I mean that, and not trying to be rude. I mean, if you lose a follower, it is unlikely they followed you for the right reason in the first place. I would strongly suggest catering to the 1200+ followers you have instead of worrying about the couple that you lost. I think it will serve you better in the long run. I try to vote and reply to your stuff often. You do a great job on here, and I wouldn't worry about the people that stop following if I were you. With all due respect. I think if you put that energy into making your current followers happier, you will see better rewards over the long run. Just trying to help. Great blog as usual. I'm not going anywhere as a follower. Keep it up!

Just to clarify, I'm not hurt by people unfollowing me, but if there's a reason, perhaps I can either fix it or improve upon it so that problem doesn't repeat itself. Surely if someone unfollowed me for a particular reason, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that others might do the same for the same reason. If I don't know what that reason is, then I can't plug the hole in the boat.

I agree 100% trying to figure out why you lost followers, but coming from a social media professional, unless you are losing them in droves, you are not necessarily doing anything wrong. It is part of the process. Some people unfollow because they tried to get you to follow and then went back in their list and cleaned it up to make it look like they have more followers than people they follow. Those are not the kind of people you want. In my experiences in life and online, I have found that the time spent focusing on the people that unfollow or unlike is better spent catering to the people that are still following and liking. I think you put out great content. I really do. If people are leaving, I am willing to bet a fair amount of money it isn't for things you are doing. It's people trying to game the system or get the attention of a "whale". I wouldn't worry about it. Just my suggestion. Just trying to help.

Yeah and over time peoples tastes change too. Maybe a week or so ago someone was into the subject matter you write about @winstonwolfe but then lets say 4 days ago they suffered a small stroke and believe they have found their true calling as a dog whisperer. Now all they want to do is fill their feed with Chow Chows and Yorkshire Terriers and sorry pudding you aint no pug. My point is people are crazy and then top that off with art being subjective and you have can't help the inevitable. Trying your method feels like going against the current. You can not let others dictate the current or you'll just get swept up in it and burn out with exsaustion. You may be afraid to try new things or hesitate when going against the current. All you can do is be your best self because your best self is unwavering. Post about what matters to you and gain the followers that sincerely care about those things with you. Those are the followers you want with you because they just ride the wave with you, supporting what you want to do without needing you to be anything but what you are. Moving with the current feels good, the work goes by faster too. So do this thing for yourself and let the following happen as it may. That is my plans anyways haha.

I voted for this, then realized it was only 3%, unvoted, readjusted to full-punch-to-the-face vote power then voted again.

Maybe a week or so ago someone was into the subject matter you write about @winstonwolfe but then lets say 4 days ago they suffered a small stroke and believe they have found their true calling as a dog whisperer. Now all they want to do is fill their feed with Chow Chows and Yorkshire Terriers and sorry pudding you aint no pug.

My God, this is beautiful.

You've gained me as a follower, so I hope to make up for some of the lost ones!

I had followed you and you're not following me. No hard feelings. Followers come and go, maybe at some point they lost interest for whatever reason, or they're trying to sort out their list. I wouldn't worry much about it. Personally, I do take the time to check my new followers, if they are actively posting something that interests me, I'll follow them. It's a dynamic world. The most important thing for me is to stay consistent in my views and writings. If I'm consistent, my followers will remain loyal.

I found you from a blog you commented on from 10 months ago. Started following you today!
Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 7.25.39 AM.png

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki article about Follower. Thanks and good luck again!

I'm still following you yo. I enjoy your posts. I was going to wait for my milestone 750 post to talk about this.. but I have 700+ followers in such a short amount of time. And of those 700 followers my posts might have 100 people tops even look at them. More likely 20-50 and out of 700+ that's not very good odds. So I'm to the point I would be fine losing 600 followers and getting down to the people who have actually looked, commented and upvoted.. Not that I want to lose followers. But what is the point of amassing followers anyways if not to get people to engage!

Thank you so much for following me! However, I'm going to disagree with this idea only because I believe visibility is the key to this place. Even if you have 1000 followers and only 100 actively follow you, those thousand people at least see you. You are in their feed. The only way they can remove you from their feed is to unfollow you. This tells me that even if they don't engage very often, if they at least see your post then you raise the chance of them reading it, voting on it, resteeming it, and of course commenting on it. You definitely don't have that chance at all if you are not being followed by them. Your only chance in that case would be for them to browse the new posts.

I know the feeling. With my 430, I struggle to breach $10 a post. Hf 19 is awesome but it has affected who people vote for...

You have me nailed to you therefore I will always be a follow because I like your quality posts. I do not chase people or tell them that they must stay with me if they want to unfollow. Better stay with less people who have interest in your posts than thousands who dont care.

I'm a newbie, but I've enjoyed reading your posts. They've proven to be informative and entertaining. Is it possible these unfollows happened because they were expecting you to follow them back?

I am still here. I have enjoyed your posts. I have noticed a bit of a purge of followers from a few people lately.

I would appreciate some support though...

Now you have a new follower mate!

OMG I thought I wasn't following you haha I already do ! So all good :)

you have not lost me ! ;) I was on here for less than 6 days and I was flagged I had to ask a friend what that was. These places are so sketchy but if we can communicate and be honest it makes all the difference in the world. Keep on steeming on.

Brilliant title btw, you had me there. At first I agreed with you and wanted to know why my followers left me too. By the end, I was hoping more would leave. I have just over 100 followers and every time I post only a few veiw it and even fewer comment/upvote.

I wish I knew why too

If you bake me any type of cake i can assure you ill be your follower for life

and thats a promise