Better Steemit Promotion: Ask people what it is, don't tell them.

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Advertisements. Not too many people actually enjoy them, so the advertisers are coming up with more and more creative ways to break through that thick layer of refusal that people have in order to get them to pay attention to them.

Here's the thing...

Most of the campaigns I've seen for Steemit have all been getting people to understand that there is money involved with blogging. Okay, great, but people already know bloggers can make money. But so what? If you play it right, you can do that on Wordpress. The problem is this: people don't understand that's not quite the same thing as Steemit. It's a different animal all together.

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People like to feel smart, so instead of TELLING them what it is, we need to ignite their curiosity by ASKING them what it is. I propose we flip the script and instead of stating "Steemit: Get paid for blogging", perhaps we should simply ask:

This way, instead of bombarding people with information, we make them hungry for it. Instead of saying "THIS IS STEEMIT AND HERE'S WHAT IT DOES", we simply ask them "Have you heard of Steemit? What it is?"

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We need to make people curious enough about it to investigate it for themselves. In the process of investigation, they will come up with their own questions to seek answers for. This might work better than simply throwing answers to unasked questions right off the bat by saying "Come to Steemit, this is how it works!" Besides, for those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency that's a lot of information to process upon first introduction to the concept.

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Frankly, I would pay more attention to a billboard which asks "What is Steemit?" than I would a Billboard that's trying to tell me what it is. I don't have time to read that as I'm driving past, but by planting the question seed of "What is it" will get my brain cranking. I feel that I'm more likely to think about it because I was asked, not told.

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Hi @winstonwolfe, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads today and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Great points! People love to feel like they taught you something or figured it out for themselves :)

Where has this worked well before?
I remember a few years ago a lot of sings around saying, "what is the matrix?"
And how did that turn out? :-)

You have a good point, and a good plan. Who do we need to get this in front of so it can be actioned?


It worked with Rogaine in the 90's, too. Nobody knew what the hell it was since the commercial only showed men being men and showed a phone number. That was it. If you wanted to find out what it was, you had to call the number.

Very clever. I like this approach. Make "What is Steemit?" into a meme and put it everywhere.


Right? Even bumper stickers.


It's a brilliant idea. Let's hope everybody gets behind it. I think the Steemit team are looking at pushing the marketing forwards - this would be perfect.

Interesting approach, I will try it.

not bad man!!

Love this approach. Consider it employed. :)

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Steemit needs to improve it's user interface, it's editor in particular so that it is the equivalent of (hopefully better than) any other blogging platform. When that's the case it will be on more of an even footing with BlogSpot, WordPress and others. Right now the Gooey drips.