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Today I'm going to see someone very special to me. Someone who helped me in the beginning of posting on steemit. I did the first post without her knowing because I had procrastinated enough and we wouldn't be back together again for a while. She was disappointed in the post. I didn't fix my background, my hair and makeup could have been better. I admit I just grabbed my favorite drum, sat in front of my computer camera that I had never worked before and it was just how it was at that moment. Hours later that simple first post happen. I had no plan but to just get something up.

@Broncnutz tells me I can do anything I want with my post so I'm thinking of redoing my introductory post and give what I promised in that first post, an introduction to Feather's Tale Children Villiage in Tanzania and the young man who gave up on life and found himself in Tanzania, John St.Julien. His journey is amazing and we are at a point of watching him die.

Baby Sadie BONGOS - Copy.jpg
My granddaughter is that someone special who will be coming today. She and I would sit and look at my big-screen monitor, looking at ten to twenty post and vote on our favorites She would be the one who left the comments telling them why...I think she was a good curator. I have been amazed ever since with the #photography on steemit. This is her 12 years ago.


I am so glad that your son @broncnutz brought you here. You have added such a wonderful dimension to the site with your knowledge and skill with the art of drumming.

I loved it at first sight.

Of course, I am ashamed to say that I have fallen down on following up with people because of my critically low time allowance for blogging, but, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good asset to the mix.

I would like to hear more about John St.Julien when you find time.

I like the fact that you have jumped right in to the Steemit tank, it is nice to see you all over the platform. Truly. You have a great manager. Hang on to her. I hope she doesn't charge much. :)

Seems to me that she has a natural attraction to the drums. Hehe... apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

As an aside, the introduction is done and if you want to do another, I might do a intro part ll - nobody does great on their first one unless they have been blogging for a while. To me, it just shows how much you have grown in such a short time.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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I'm having a problem in starting the story of John St. Julien. To be able to capture where he has come from and his insane and at the same time beautiful journey to now is overwhelming me on how to do it justice. I've been making a lot of big decisions lately and once they are made I think I can get back to thinking about it and steemit more.

I think I shall plan me a lovely winter by the fireplace writing John's story.

Thanks for the "Intro Part II" idea, it's perfect.

No rush on it. Better to jot down notes and topics to expound on now and give it a go later. I hope making these decisions doesn't upset your applecart. I always say, go with your heart.


Remembering others is beautiful, thanks for the visit

So it is your granddaughter who brought you here? You should post photo of you together! :) She was a very cute kid

Not really. @broncnutz brought me to steemit, my granddaughter was my manager. lol

Oh, my English... )) Get it now :) Have a nice time!

A very keen manager since a very young age!! She’ll do very well in the future too!

Time flies, doesn't it? Enjoy your time with grand-daughter.
Have a great weekend. 😊

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Thats my baby!!! How come I cannot resteem this?

I'm sure you are going to enjoy your visit. What fun !

It was a good one.

Your granddaughter is about the same age as my niece @willowwisp :D
Wow I remember those years because I am still able in those times.
I am glad that you are now part of the community.

Thank you. That's very sweet of you to say that.

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He is really lovely and cute kid with toys and you serve nicely him.

Well he is right you can do as you please. I love all that freedom, dont you?!? I like how Denise said a part 2.

I am not a huge fan of winter, but as you put, it sure sounds nice! It is perfect when we cant do anything outdoor then we dont feel guilty sitting around writing!! lol.

Freedom is at the top of my list.

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