This is a Real Game Changer!

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Want to shop locally with steem backed dollars?
We're getting local merchants to accept your steem dollars directly for merchandise and bringing in thousands of new users, here's how.

Ever look at your shopping list and wish it was something a little more?
Ever think the whole world would look better in 8 bit?

Well we've made a game out of steemit!

We're building it right now! It's called HAVIN

Here's how this works...

Users download our game, HAVIN and create an avatar in the system.
This is a real steemit account, because we're using the blockchain to save infrastructure costs.

As you run low on items in your house, or just find merchandise you'd like to spend SBD on, you simply scan it in and it's uploaded to the blockchain automatically.
You're now in a live action role playing game, powered by the finest in 8 bit graphics.

Every time you add an item to your list you are given a piece of "The Sacred Map" and this is where the fun begins!

Your epic quest, is to adventure out and find all the items on your list. Each time you go out on a quest, the game takes you to local retailers but, because you have pieces of the sacred map, you will also be searching out Hazinas!

Hazina means treasure!

These treasures were hidden in ancient times throughout the world by the Empire of Old Havin!
What's in each treasure chest? No one knows! Some think it could be the riches of the Ancient Steemian Empire from before the Synereo wars. A war that was eventually won, but only at great cost. Many voices were silenced in those days, never to speak again.

If you're a player, each time you make a list and go on a "quest", you will be rewarded with something, and of course you earn points and level up your character. The game keeps a spendable change purse as well thanks to blocktrades.
(note to folks reading this, we give you a fresh account)

These are all brand new accounts we'll be bringing into steemit by way of Google Play and the iTunes app store.

Now here's the reason we're doing this...

We believe that steemit has enormous potential as a social engagement platform and
SBD has the potential to redefine the payments industry.

You see...

Even the smallest merchants waste thousands of dollars just trying to get people in the door!

Yet here are the shopping lists and spendable balances of thousands of players in their local area. So we setup a bidding situation for the merchants. This enables them to convert their loss leader items into faithful customers.


Barbara has a shopping list that includes "lipstick".

I need more lipstick!

Charlie's Corner Market has time limited deal from their vendor making the wholesale price of lipstick $0.25

Hi! I'm Charlie from Charlie's Corner Market and Discount Makeup Shop

But he's small and no one knows about him.

He sees that Barbara wants lipstick, so he makes this a freebie item for her as "Hazina".

There's treasure nearby!

She was on on her route to the MegaBucks big box retailer but now she stops into Charlie's and starts scanning all the items on her list until she finds her treasure.

Her entire list is up in her hands the whole time she's in the store! Plus she's now "show rooming" and she can see what these items would cost on Amazon as well as at the MegaBucks big box store. Of course she's going to buy most of her list at Charlie's!

Of all my options, Amazon, Megabucks or Charlie's. Charlie's is the only place accepting SBD! So yeah I'm getting my list here

Wait! Why would I accept SBD? explains...

Because SBD is the ONLY way to buy promotional space within steemit's "promoted" section. And the game's servers will automatically upvote promoted ads coming from our merchants. The curation earnings will be used to create completely random cash "hazina's" in the real world, in order to encourage more players to play. While the merchant gets HUGE amounts of exposure to a global audience. An audience with money to spend at their store!

Literally everyone is a winner!

HAVIN We're building it right now!

On Monday it will launch in a closed beta mode. This beta is exclusively for existing steemians and is by invitation only. If you're a whale, you're automatically invited, just express your interest below.

The purpose of the closed beta is to shake out the tech basics.
Nothing like this has ever been tried before, we still need to make sure we're playing nice with the blockchain. That's why it's closed to all but a handful of minnows at the moment. If something goes wrong while testing, the whales have the power to block the game while we sort things out. @onetree and any other merchant that would like to play, this is open for you as well, even if your store is online.

After October 1st, we will enter "open beta". This beta will be available to everyone who already has a steemit account and good rep. We do give you a whole new account for your character.

The game is expected to exit beta and go to app stores in time for Halloween. On Halloween we will have a "trick or treat" special , where we will put hazinas within a 10 mile radius of every player. That will be our official launch and at that point we plan to begin heavy marketing of the game around the country as a...

Pokemon Go for Your Business!

Just in time for Christmas and of course "Black Friday". Although I guess nowadays it's "Blue Thursday" since folks want to stand outside freezing to death, just to get the best deals. At least this will give them something to do though.

During our open beta period, we will begin advertising the game heavily and nationwide. Our primary hook being that it's just a fun way to manage your shopping lists & wishlists while getting a discount at retailers and oh it also has social media integration and a built in wallet including full "ondemand" cryptocurrency exchange courtesy of @blocktrades

By the way, we do have a full RPG planned here, with backstory and actual quests for people who are serious about their role playing. Content is a primary concern here, but we want to avoid any "death by pokemon" stories. Still I'll personally upvote and resteem anyone that goes out in full costume to play the game and takes a selfie @lordvader I'm looking at you.

Future announcements on the game will come from the official account @hazin and most announcements will be coming fast and heavy, so you should follow that account if you aren't already.

FYI: The game world was originally called Hazin (pronounced Haz In), but too many people felt it had negative connotations including being a bad word in Turkish, so we changed the name of the game but kept the account.

If you're interested in participating in the first or second phase of the beta please make sure to indicate it below. The second phase is first come first served and should start in a week.


A game-changer indeed. Give it time and go big!

I'm having trouble editing the post but I wanted to give a shout out to @someguy123 who runs among other things. He's responsible for the infrastructure side and why we're able to create accounts for people in the first place!

If it goes viral like that pokimon thing - Wham!

As long as nobody walks out in front of a train or supm, ok.

Completely agreed!

@felixxx I got your DM from in my email, I agree, but just send an email to [email protected] for that.

That's pretty much our thinking too! Only we're thinking more like a real world, "World of Warcraft" or proper D&D larping setup. People have forgotten how to play with humans now days.

I would like to participate in the next phase.
Please notify me.
This sounds super cool!

This is so cool and I really think this could save the planet. I'm in!

Well I dunno about the planet, but it could certainly let you get out of the house to save the world from dragons ;)

Oh! I miss this one when it came out :( Can I still have the opportunity to try the game @williambank or the beta is already close? Please let me know and if yes you could get a free chinese TV :D

We have been late on beta. The previous week I was working fulltime trying to get imaxess onboarded. This week we've really gone hard with the code, but there seems to be a major incompatibility between the dev tools and windows 10 anniversary update, that botched the build chain.
I just got that resolved, and now am busy stuffing in the cordova / phonegap stuff while @tyler-fletcher has been working UI, and @someguy123 have been hard at work on the backend.
We're getting there though!

All future announcement on the HAVIN project will be coming from me, just an FYI.

I just followed your @hazin account to be up to date on your project. :)

Why dont you snap up the havin account... looks like its still available?

Hello There!

Wow that post came out creepier than I meant it to.
Sorry was just letting everyone know I have @havin now as well.

Haha good stuff :P

Doin it now, thanks for the heads up!

I'll be honest, I don't completely understand it, but I like the experimentation. From what I gather it does seem to have a chance to become huge. Looking forward to seeing more.

No worries. Just think, stores getting sbd from customers and burning it to run ads in the promo section of the site. Rest of it is just a shopping list and a game in order to get people to play.

Plus I've always wanted to be dungeon Master for a live action roleplaying game. So here's my chance. So ready the shiny armor the swords and the light sabers ;)

Sounds a lot of fun,will have to work hard on here so I can afford to buy my lipstick, brill Idea

Pokeman kind of freaks me out, but this game sounds fun. At least we're looking for something real. Call me old school, but when we wanted to walk around looking for things that were not really there, we took acid like normal people.

Well that's the end of that keyboard!
Guess I shouldn't be drinking coffee this close to the computer.
Why's everything suddenly smell like cream and sugar though?

Guess a new keyboard is on your shopping list in your new game app.

I'd like to be in that beta but I don't have a smart phone, just a tablet on wifi.

That should be good enough. Especially if you happen to be a merchant.
OTOH this IS steemit, let's see if we can get you enough upvotes to buy a smartphone of some kind.

I dunno where you live, but where I live they sell them as low as $50.

Yeah, I can get one, I don't want one, but don't let that stop you, I would have to power it up until I can figure out how to put it on a card, and so far that isn't worth the time.
I like voting power more than stuff, anyway.
I sell an esoteric product, hard to value in dollars.

Wow, awesome idea!! Let me know if you need any help!

Absolutely! We always need help. Right now it's 5 of us trying to crank all of this out.
Drop an email to [email protected] and let me know any place you'd like to help. Pretty much anyone with a pulse could be of assistance, but really we need CSS & art skills in general.

Note the email address is still on the domain, it was too much of hassle to change it when we did the rebrand.

Great, I should be able to help with the CSS. I'll shoot over an email now.

Thank god! Styling has been the biggest hold up on this thing so far.
I can't check email until this afternoon though.

can you get on Id like to know more about what framework you are using.

I cant reply to your last comment...

Ok great. I have played with Ionic 2 some but know Ionic 1 fairly well. No worries, not very urgent I was just curious :)

ionic 2 is the basis, all theming is scss we derived straight from the base application and haven't touched core at all. Most of the work has been on getting the fiddly bits like barcode scanning to produce something useful.
Give me about 15 min I'll be near a starbucks so I don't have to try and do this on my phone.

Also just PM'd some examples over on

This seems pretty cool :) Can't wait to check it out.

I totally agree let's rock this thing exclamation point

WOW, I am blown away by your creativity and how intricate this all sounds. That's a lot of work for a short time frame! I wish I could help but I'm not a developer. But the more I think of it, I could be a merchant. I'm a front-end web designer. I use WP and primarily DIVI, my ideal clients are independent artists. I would be more than happy to be paid in SBD. Hmmm....

Hello, congratulations on your idea. I'd love to participate in any phase possible. Thanks.

That's awesome! Thanks for volunteering!

This is no kidding a game changer and just huge for small shop owners to get back on the map and compete with the big guys! This can replace the need of clustered streets with billboards and tons of useless newspapers ads and flyers.

Yep that is a design goal. What good are billboards in a world where no one ever looks up from their phone?

Facebook had farmville. While we have, "HAVIN"

V.Cool - I'm interested in playing / testing in the beta

Can I sell a week long sailing trip in the Caribbean with it? Stone age will accept Steem for a passage, right now. Want a 7 day SCUBA vacation at some of the most incredible places in the western Caribbean? Utila and Cayos Cochinos. Equvalent of $4,000 USD per couple Includes all food and beverages on board and up to 10 dives each - provided by our dive parters in various locations.
Can I?

Sure I don't see any reason why not.

Wow what a sweet idea! I want to play!

i love this idea, kudos

Count me in, sounds fun. I am not experienced in game playing so I might need to ask a LOT of questions, but will definitely be up for offering treasures. Thanks for the mention!

That's so awesome! We really do need merchants to try out the merchant interface. It is supposed to be a little different.

Okay, but I will need help, I am seriously not technical! :D

Yep, no worries there! If I'm doing my job right then you won't need to be.