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What, I had a 10 dollar post yesterday which is now worth 9. Then tomorrow you will see the post go up to $12. And the whole time your voting count stays at 25. If you are new here you might be wondering what is going on. What is this magic? It is just the value of steem going up and down as the market changes. Remember you are not getting paid in cash but steem, which is a currency like bitcoin, that has a financial equivalent depending on what the market says. Right now 1 steem is worth $1.77 USD, so it is worth more than money from a lot of countries. Tomorrow it will change. Maybe it will go up, maybe it will go down.

You have to also keep in mind that the value of your post is based on a seven day rolling average. It is not a live exchange so it going up or down based on the average. So, I think, as days with high and lows pass out of the seven day range, it can have a drastic effect on the amount. Just think of it like a stock that goes up and down.

Now if the price goes down and you lose a lot of 'value' on your post, you are still getting the same amount of steem. So
if you hold it is can go back up, or, can go even higher. I, personally, think the coin will see $5 plus by the end of the year and I am in now hurry to sell them. But they are your coins, do what you think is best with it.

Just know those dollar values are based on the market so they will fluctuate constantly.

Here is the site I use to check prices:


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Imagine if Steem hits $20!!

yeah it would be crazy

Now do the math @$100 just for comments Holy $#it

how is it going so far?

I have some idea of how bitcoin is created. I have no idea how Steem and Steem Based Dollars are created, nor of why both are needed. I lost $10 SBD last night by sending them to my Bittrex wallet where my Steem goes. Wrong move, you need to send them to a different wallet. I don't know if there is a cap on SBD or Steem, and so really don't know if they will rise or fall in value. People who are saying they can go to $5 have to explain why they think so and how the coins are created.

Ahhhh it all makes sense now! My first introduction post which I made 5 days ago gained $95 in votes in the first day and now its down to $67 so I was very confused wondering why people were down voting my post. But now it all makes sense. Thank you for this explanation!

I understand the stock prices of the currency rising and falling but do I 100% understand cryptocurrency I would have to say no, but I know I get really money so I know it works and that is what matters when you need money to be able to get it

@whatageek thank you for creating the post, i actually had 3 people asking me this same question yesterday and this morning. Passing it on.

I hope it helps them.

It did, a lot. my two daughters are on here some what, ones in the gaming topics and the other is in the funny, cryptocurrency, and some tech stuff if its math involved and they were trying to understand why it was bouncing back and forth also. So you saved the day man. Thanks.
If you got a sec check out @paperbackbook and @firefoxkitten better keep yours steem it will grow up..!!

@Jerryperkinsii this is a great post that explains what we were discussing earlier. Well, explained much better than my poor attempt. lol

Thanks for the kind words, I'm sure your explanation was good.

Good post! I'm sure lots of people are wondering what is going on! I just ignore my payouts because what I really want right now is the Steem!

Keep steem into your wallet. The price of steem will rise a lot in the future!

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the share buddy. Resteeming for sure,

Nice information for steemians. I have one question how can we grow fast on Steemit ?
Thanks for sharing @whatageek.

good info,thanks for sharing.

that's awesome to know, thank you. I had my first triple digit post this week and I was really excited, but now it's dropped a lot. Was wondering if I was getting flagged or something. Thanks for the info!

Nice post!

Were very fast reader here. 13 second read. World record. Haha

Thanks ;)

This is helpful! Thanks for posting! :)

Great analysis article blog post.Upvoted & Promoted! :)