Never Do This On Steemit... NEVER... NEVER... NEVER!!!!

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I have three friends that made a monstrous mistake on Steemit. Disastrous... and you should never make the same mistake. 


All three of these friends are people I personally invited and thought had potential to do well. They are clever and make good content, but all three made a mistake that they'll regret one day.

What is the one thing you should never do on Steemit?


I know it can be hard when your account value dropped from a couple thousand to a few hundred, but NEVER GIVE UP ON STEEMIT.

Here's the deal, you're still accumulating the same amount of Steem as you were before, but it's just worth less. In the future, I really think it will be worth a lot more. I don't think I'm alone in feeling this way.

Steemit is a hard platform to gain traction, but it is an incredible community. The truth is, none of us should give up on Steemit. 

I've been on here a year now, and I can tell you that not giving up and engaging with the community will pay off. In a year, I've built up a lot of knowledge and some crypto thanks to Steemit. The thing I think I have done the best is build into my future. 

There is no doubt that blockchain technology will be huge one day and crypto is a part of that. Just what I've learned on Steemit has prepared me for the future better than I could have received if I paid for it.

Steemit isn't easy, but that is what makes it great and worthwhile. Don't give up on it. Even when you see $1 Steem, don't worry. Don't give up, and just keep building on your future.

Go Steemit!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Thanks for reading.

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This is the best opportunity to get to know the future steemit influencers (those who stick with it) and to earn MORE steem as the price is low. Yes, gotta stick with it. Think of Steem as $15, by that standard this post is already over $20 and counting... in the future. @ironshield

You are very right @walkingkeys. Never surrender. Even though I see things going uphill, I do not give up. Even though I notice that the road is long, tall and difficult, I do not give up. Even when I realize that my posts are not completely valued, I do not give up. Even when there are days that my internet dies, I do not give up. Even when I feel that I put my heart and my soul, I do not give up. Just beginning, I have only 5 months in the community, that although it is not little, it is not much either. I have cocechado some fruits. And my knowledge has grown. Steemit is like a school, where you can learn about what you want. Investing time and life in steemit will never be a bad investment.

I managed to get a handful of friends to come on as well and all gave up after a few weeks. They would rather post for free on twofacebook than to work at making friends here. People don't like to leave their comfort zone and the cronies they know will thumbs up their latest selfie.

You don't even need to keep posting, just don't power down.
Drop in, do some reading, do some commenting, do some upvoting, make some friends; even if it's only for an hour a week.

Here's the deal, you're still accumulating the same amount of Steem as you were before, but it's just worthless.

Yes. Your actual value is your steem power. Continues hard work will gives you alot of....

My friend got banned for trolling in chat his first week.

I'm the one who is thinking to give up :(


Don't do that, mate. Until we're out of beta, all that matters is followers.
Poll the top earning 100 youtubers, and ask,
"Would you rather lose everything you've made on youtube, or would you rather lose all of your subscribers?"
Most of them would rather lose the money; because they know they can make more money in the future than they did in the past. Followers are really cheap at the moment, they're on sale just like STEEM is.
Fewer people posting, means more people looking for good content.
Don't start paddling when the wave is under you; it's too late then.

I agree...good post
you hang in there too

I agree with you @walkingkeys. As I have say in my recent post 'stay long enough for we actually have nothing to lose because we actually start at zero'.
I would like to share my post link here for all those who once think to give up on steemit.

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Hope you don't mind me dropping by in comment box @walkingkeys. I like the positive aura in this post.

checkout the links before you decided to give up @abdulmanan.


okay brother, let me visit your profile, Thanks :)

true .. keep going