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Hello Friends, Welcome to Steemit!

This post was written for YOU - the internet surfer, browser, blogger, link-sharer, thinker, educator, artist… or my actual in-real-life friend who I’ve been hassling to join this new online community.


Steemit is a new social media website.

As appearances go, Steemit.com looks and acts a lot like Reddit. We’ve got a “trending” front-page where you can see a wide range of popular daily content... there are individual profiles, post feeds, followers and so on... But there’s one huge difference that allows Steemit to stand above any other social media website today. Here, you get paid to post... And I cannot emphasize that enough… Likes (called “upvotes”) = real dollars and cents. Every single day - you are rewarded for creating content, discovering, curating and commenting.


Get Paid for Clicks

Engagement is rewarded. If you like a post that someone has shared, simply click the “upvote” ^ button to express your approval. It’s the same as a “like” on Facebook, except your click = currency. Even more amazing, voting on posts doesn’t take any currency away from you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In fact, if the post you “upvote” continues to gain momentum (and possibly go viral) you receive a cut of the final payout. You get paid for discovering and curating content just as you get paid to create it.



Steemit is powered by the same technology behind Bitcoin. There’s a local currency used here called “Steem” which (like Bitcoin) is digital money. There’s no geography or boundaries to this “token”... no central bank. These types of currencies are “de-centralized” meaning your digital dollars are securely held across a global network.

Both Bitcoin and Steem are organized through a network-technology called “blockchain” (a buzzword that has been flying around a lot recently.) You might have heard that word used before with respect to big companies like Microsoft, Blackrock or IBM. For these guys, blockchain is exciting because it allows monetary and data transactions to happen in seconds, as opposed to in hours or even days. For example: think of how long it takes to deposit a check in your bank account… you give a bank teller a check and then wait 3-5 business days for that money to appear in your account. When you move currency through the Bitcoin blockchain, it takes only 10 minutes to process. When you move currency through the Steem blockchain, a transaction takes just a couple seconds. [ Mic drop. ]



how it works-01.png

The Steem blockchain generates a new pool of “Steem” currency every day. Just as a government prints paper money, the Steem blockchain creates digital tokens. When you publish content on Steemit, a percentage of that daily pool is allocated towards your blog posts and comments. The more popular your posts are, the more of the pool you receive, and the higher your Steem rewards become. Together, Steem and Steemit are building a new and self-sustaining online economy!

As I write this post, 1 Steem token is worth about $0.25 cents. So 4 Steem = $1 USD. So as an example; when you see a post that’s worth $10.00, that author will be awarded 40 Steem. Post values can range from pennies to thousands of dollars in value. It all depends on the popularity of the content and the value of Steem as a currency!


Like Bitcoin, you can purchase Steem on a digital currency exchange. (Similar to how you can also buy or invest in the Euro or USD.) There are hundreds of tokens out there that are available to buy and trade. As with any marketplace, it is important to remember that the token value fluctuates pretty often. In just a few years, the price of Bitcoin has bounced up and down anywhere from $3 to over $1,300! (But the trend is up!)

However, Steem is not just a currency like Bitcoin. Steem is a currency tied to an online communication platform. Action and engagement give it value. Steem is tied directly to the happenings and content shared on Steemit. Price action can skyrocket one day or go “to the moon” (another term you’ll see) based on a positive change to the blockchain, a mention in the news, or a new Steem-powered project. Just like how the USD will rise or fall based on how well the American economy is doing.



Content is valuable!

You publish so much stuff on the web everyday, why aren't you getting paid for all that hard work and time spent? Social media companies make a lot of money off of your effort and what do they give you in return? The value-factor of Steemit makes for an entirely new (but seemingly obvious) online environment. Having something at stake creates a very different social-media experience. The community here empowers good content while spammy posts fall into the background. Steemians take a lot of pride in their community and in the support of good authors and content creators!


Community is Key

When I first signed up I remember reading a welcome that heralded Steemit as “the internet’s first small town.” That has always stuck with me. Why? Users here (referred to as “Steemians”) really do treat Steemit like a small town. You’ll find that we are extremely supportive and constructive. There’s no incentive for nasty comments, so we have very few of them. Steemians just want this social platform to be a success! It’s a brand new experiment, a totally new economy and a new way to engage and empower one another!

You can connect with people. Not just high-school friends, neighbors or work colleagues. Steemit helps you find people with like-minded interests and ideas and encourages you to engage with them. Comments receive rewards, so people truly take the time needed to compose thoughtful responses and feedback. You don't see that extra effort anywhere else on the web. Steemit might just be the first true social media platform.

This is the central reason why I am writing this to you, today. Our small-town experiment is expanding and growing quickly! We have a strong network of Steemians all over the globe and we’re ready to take this community to the next level. I want YOU to be a part of this. I need your own unique perspective of the world, your talent, passion and engagement to help build a stronger future for Steemit.



1. Sign up. Then say hello! #introduceyourself.

Create a post and tell us a little bit about you.

2. Explore! Scroll around and find content that you like.

Follow a few people. Read a handful of posts. Comment a couple of times.

3. Connect! Reach out and begin a conversation.

See where it takes you...

Let’s build something together. I hope that you will consider becoming a member of this community! It’s entirely free to join, in fact, Steemit will even give you a few tokens to get started. Whether you join this platform as an internet surfer, browser, blogger, link-sharer, thinker, educator, artist or my in-real-life friend. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then...


Welcome to Steemit!

Sign Up . Welcome Page . FAQ

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Fellow Steemians, I'll be using this introductory post as a way of recruiting new users to our community. I hope this post can be a resource for YOU as well! Steem on!

Ill also be sharing this post to my friends @voronai really informative post that I think is very instructive for nooblets.


Thanks very much @skrt glad it could be of use! :)

Great work @voronoi!

Thanks man! It's not coordinated with anything actually... I just wanted to make a post that explains Steemit super simply, cleanly and illustrated like a conversation. - IF the Steemit team is scrolling through - I do have 1 helpful takeaway from this exercise...

It would be great if our welcome page was organized like a casual conversation. Maybe even 2 approachable characters (like the "Newbie" and the "Steemian") Anyway, I'm sure they've got some excellent ideas already in the works. Just my 2 cents!

Yes totally agreed... note: @andrarchy
Is this getting pinned in some way? @timcliff. Personally I'll vouch for @voronoi to take up the design matters for steemit lol! Looks like a pretty good onboarding storyboard..

Definitely! Condenser/Steemit.com contributors, please take notice and get in touch with @voronoi - material from this post can spruce up the Welcome page immensely.

I'm really blown away at the response to all this... thank you guys! If anyone wants to reach out, please do!

Very well written @voronoi . I too will be using it to explain steemit to my friends.

This is brilliant! Please make this the Welcome page on Steemit.com. Way better. Illustrations are critical.

Illustrations make a complex narrative so much more approachable! Steemit should be understood in a just few frames, like a comic book.

1. Sign up. Then say hello! #introduceyourself.

Create a post and tell us a little bit about you.

Remember that it's fine to remain anonymous (you don't have to reveal your real life identity in such a post, though many choose to).

Absolutely. Great point @demotruk. You can join completely anonymously... as I first did. I wish my real name was "voronoi" unfortunately it is not ;)

I thought it was haha. Do you refer voronoi to the color of a horse?

More geometry than horse :)

oh gosh u r such a nerd <3

Who would have thought that it could mean such a thing, definitely not me! I only heard that word in regard to horse color haha. Thanks for clarifying!

SteemVerify.com can help with this!

Good job on the graphics & animations!
Very nice post to forward to new members.

Steem on!

Thanks so much for the kind feedback @sirwinchester! Steem on!

Loving those infographics. Great work!

Thanks @opheliafu glad you like it! I had a lot of fun making them :)

Great job with this post man. IMO this should be THE welcome post people get to see. Really great work.

Thanks man! That means a lot coming from you. Really glad you like it. Hopefully it does some good!

I think it will!!

@voronoi! This is wonderful.. thank you for creating this. Tweeted, Resteemed, and I will definitely use this to help invite folks offline as well =) Cheers!

Hey thanks so much @lovejoy! I really appreciate you spreading the word! Cheers my friend! :)

The best explanation I have seen so far. Well done!!

I've been writing so many emails about this place it's about time I just make a post!

A very useful post. good work @voronoi

Thanks for your support @rizkiavonna!

Amazing post!

Thank you @chitty! That means a lot!

Great job!

its good explanation. thanks..

Thank you for reading!

Good work

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Most excellent @voronoi, boy do I wish I'd had this when I joined!! It's the perfect intro.

Likewise! I stumbled through so many awkward explanations early on. Writing this down really helped sequence it for me. Cheers!! :)

Love the initiative! Resteemed and reposted on my Facebook account.

Awesome, thanks so much for the support @whotiewho!

Really cool!!!!!!!!! resteemed!

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Very useful post. Especially for new users. Let's make it viral!
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I am a noob and I liked how you laid it all out for people to grasp the concept easily. Thanks for your time and effort, I am sure this article will reach many. Cheers and much LUV

GREAT post! Thanks for the effort, I really hope it makes joining this wonderful platform a little less daunting for potential newbies. Followed, upvoted and resteemed!

@daisyd thank you!! Likewise + following you :)

Thanks @voronoi appreciate it :)

Great and informative post! Shared on Twitter.

Awesome! Thanks for spreading the word :)

great work. I love this artwork very much!!
good job and great way to attract newbies. Greetz @detlev

Thanks for the kind feedback @detlev! Hopefully it helps some newbies get their bearings!

great post @voronoi , simple and clear, although it could be shorter. resteemed, upvoted and will follow. Steem on !

Thanks a ton for your support! It could absolutely be trimmed down. Getting to the bare bones here will be critical in onboarding new users. Steem on!

I wish this post existed when I signed up, however it's still very helpful, thanks!

Same here! It helped me a lot just by writing it. There's a lot to sort through on Steemit, I hope this helps boil it down to the basics.

Really nice post thank you. I have reposted four different ways. I love the graphics.

Thanks so much you for your support! :)

Nice post brother :)) i will follow and upvote you. Thank's for the sharing @voronoi

Thanks man! I really appreciate the support!

Urwell brother :)) @voronoi

i love how this post organized so well using simple words to clearly understand people. Great content @voronoi, thank you for sharing ;-)) Instant UV and RS!!

Many thanks @fernwehninja! That was the goal I'm very glad you like it :)

No. I don't like it, I lo0ove it @voronoi :D <3

Amazing... love the illustrations too!

I had a ton of fun illustrating. It helped to break up the text but also piece together a casual conversation that might unfold as you describe Steemit to a friend. Cheers!

THANK YOU so much. I've been waiting forever for this. It's like finding Big Foot and more! These are the times when I wish I could upvote and give you everything I have for the day!

Hahaha! thank you so much @pitterpatter! :-)

This clears out a lot of confusion :)

This is about the best intro to Steem I've seen anywhere. It explained a lot of confusing things in simple language, with pictures. I needed that rather badly. Thank you!

Great I'm glad it could be of help!! Thanks for the kind feedback :)

Your little cartoon graphics are perfect!

Glad you like them @gardenlady! Thanks so much for your support :)

Re-Steeming this! Great job!

Nice!! Thanks for spreading the word @acidyo!

Really great stuff!

Thank you!

Super introductory post. Great explanation, creative graphic contents and an aluring proposal for noobies. Thank you.

Thank you for the kind feedback @bilbop!

Your post deseres recognition. resteemed

Excellent post, definitely deserves resteem!!

So nice post ! Best animation . Thank you so much ! Upvoted and Resteemed !

Hi @akkha, thank you!

Welcome !

Nice post! However, as a recent addition to the Steem community, I would get a little confused about much of the jargon that is thrown around. For example, what is this business about Voting Power, whales and what not? What is the deal with Steem Dollars, Steem and Steem Power?

Since so much of the posts on SteemIt are about Steem, it's very easy to be intimidated by all this and have the feeling that you don't really understand it...

This is just a thought, based on my personal experience. I do think the post is an excellent introduction to SteemIt.

im newbie on this site @voronoi, i like to read everythings and finding new friends that can exchange the exeperiences.

Thank you voronoi, I too will be sending this around, but not until I memorize it. :-)

Great! Haha, well in that case I apologize for the length! There should really be a "Steemit in 3 words" contest...

Great work!

Thanks! :)

Hey voronoi, can I translate and post this in spanish? I think It would help other users to use it to invite people that only speak this language.
Great post, always helpful, thank for explaining it perfectly and give us the tools to make Steemit bigger!

Of course! Absolutely my friend. Translate away! This is a resource for everyone.

Will be directing people to this post as an introductory. Great work!

That's excellent, thank you!

great you put it in layman's term.

I did my best, I am myself a layman after all!

Good post for sharing in social networks and recruiting new users to Steemit.

Thank you :)

That was an awesome post. So well explained. It got me excited and I didn't need any convincing!

Did you do the graphics too! Fabulous!

Yes absolutely! (I do a little graphic design now and again.) Thanks for the kind words @kus-knee! :)

thats awesome.

followed you

Thanks so much for the support!

Awesome post!
Every time I explain what is steemit to a friend, I just think some budy should do a post explaing what really is steemit, then I just had to show the post, and they just understand it in a better way, and you did it! Thanks!

Thank you very much @em3di! Glad to hear :)

Your Welcome @voronoi, Keep going on!

Thanks! Steemit is awesome!

Shared it to friends who were curious about Steemit. Thanks for making those infographics. They even taught me a thing or two.

That's so great, I'm glad it could be of use! It helped me a lot (too) in trying to get a conversation down on paper. Cheers!

I'm not sure how it is done but I want this to be on the welcome page for new users who want to know how our site works.

Gotta get around to doing that introduceyourself post soon enough hahaha
Nice content @voronoi

Haha it'll be there when you need it, no rush memeguy!

My friend is trying to create her account and was told that an email would be sent once she was able to log in (she verified her email, phone number, and saved her password). How long does she have to wait because when she tries to sign in, it tells her that her username does not exist. I heard there is a problem recently with creating new accounts - has it been resolved?

Hi there! I'm not in any way affiliated with the Steemit Inc. team... I'm just a typical Steemian like yourself! I'm sorry that your friend is having trouble logging in. Try logging into Steemit.chat and ask this same question there. More learned users will be available to help you... https://steemit.com/welcome#Live_Help

Thanks! I already posted the same question in the Help Channel so we will see :) Nice article btw! Upvoted!

If you do not mind giving me coins steemit

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German translation is ready whenever you are :) look at your steemitchat.

I've had the craziest time trying to break Steemit down for my Mum (she's 63). This is so simple and to the point! Thank you!

Do you mind if I translate this post into Japanese?

Sorry I missed this! Message me in steemit.chat I'd be thrilled to drop in Japanese text to the graphics. Just let me know image by image - what the captions translate to. Cheers :)

Wow, this post is just perfect! Very helpful, simple yet precise information to share with our friends and family. Going to use it.

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