Coded Magnets/ Multipole vs. Magnetic Waveforms

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This first image is a comparison of standard magnets vs. Coded Magnets by the company Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR). They also go by "Polymagnets".

CMR Proof.jpg

I was the first person to get these coded magnets back in 2010 when CMR offered them to the public for demos. They have received major funding since then, so they don't need to sell pairs of magnets for promotion anymore. But, I filmed a demo about 5 years ago so people could see that coded magnets exist and result in different behaviors.
(Was originally arguing with people on youtube because they kept saying "Coded Magnets are fake". "Impossible". etc. Even after providing examples as shown below.)
Don't hear too much from those people anymore for some reason though.

Geometrically Coded Magnets Behave Differently:


Using a 2mm print head as a magnetization yoke, (connected to a circuit and other equipment), CMR blasts a small local area of a magnetic material with high capacitive discharge to make tiny poles. They can make images and shapes out of the connecting Bloch Walls. This can result in unique locks, magnets that attract from far away, but repel up close up, magnets that repel far away yet attract close up, and magnets that equalize forces in other weird ways.

CMR Coded Magnet Printer (video will not embed from DailyMotion):

Smarter Everyday visits Polymagnets:


These 3 videos from DailyMotion won't embed, but they're excellent demos of CMR magnets

Non-Contact Attachment:

The Microswitch:

Max Field Magnets: 6 Times the Strength with Same Mass:

I thought it was amazing when I first saw the concept. So I tried to duplicate Coded Magnets myself and filmed my efforts:

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.54.14 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.54.38 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.54.23 PM.jpg

I quickly learned how much power it required. So I had some friends attempt it with larger equipment than I had at my house. Those other successful attempts are in the embedded video below called Extraordinary Advancements in Magnets.

People have tried to simulate the effects of CMR's magnets by combining different sized and strength magnets together in Halbach Arrays and other inventive combinations. Halbach Array:


But all of the above mentioned is still dealing with Conventional Magnetization. Meaning, no consideration of frequencies. Still hammering the magnetic material with high capacitive discharge to saturate it and get "a magnet". But CMR/ Polymagnets are doing it in dots/ magnetic pixels called "Maxels". It's like a bunch of tiny magnets together within the same material. Unique, but still not magnetic waveforms.

Extraordinary Advancements in Magnets:


Here is the PDF of the above presentation:

Coded magnets are the most unique multipole magnets available. Polymagnets/ CMR has received major funding.
So imagine the attention SEG Magnetics, Inc. will get once the world realizes the significance of MAGNETIC WAVEFORMS.
A completely revolutionary approach to magnetization.


Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 5.26.16 PM.png

Coded Maxels and their Magnetic Printer process is subject to certain laws of physics and electrical engineering.
It has it's limits. Similar to the concept of the limitations with lasers:



Similar to the concept of Moore's Law. That technology is getting smaller and smaller. But will reach a point where technology "goes quantum" because the physical parts can only get so small.
This is where magnetic waveforms comes in. What is smaller? An atom... or a wavelength? Trick question. Since wavelengths can be many sizes. But there is no limit to the increase of frequency up the scale. There is a physical limit to parts being a certain size... but the waveforms can be MUCH smaller than the atoms making up any physical machine parts. These waves can be repeated by the system itself when in operation. Reproducing the frequencies "imprinted".



Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 5.44.28 PM.png

As the magnets spin, they reproduce the electric signature impressed on them. As if an outside frequency generator is sending in the signal. Internal oscillations and gradients. Programmed into the magnetic field itself.

One untapped area of research in energy generation has to do with Magnetic Gradients as explained by Dr. Tom Valone:

Wouldn't it be important if someone were to figure out a way to tap magnetic gradients using a revolutionary Magnetic Waveform technology?
Let's go back and take a look at the previous 2 related blogs I posted detailing and demonstrating the SEG Mockup. To show the proof of Magnetic Waveforms, and a few basic examples and lots of visuals of how they're significant.

Combining Cymatics with Magnetization:

What is the SEG Mockup?:

Cannot stress the importance of this discovery enough...
Imagine a Mag Lev train on a circular track going round and round. With no friction. But at the same time, imagine the system providing energy while repeating the signals impressed upon it.

Magnetic Waves Context:





--Jason Verbelli
SEG Magnetics, Inc.

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YES!!! About time I see a post about CM on Steemit. I originally wrote a blog about this a few months back but it wasn't a technical one like this one. Thank you sir for bestowing this knowledge upon us!

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I was advised by others to have the first tag "steemit" because they said it shows up in more searches and it would get more traffic.
What would you suggest?


What would you suggest?

I think science would've been a perfect tag.


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it would be an ideal project to invest in - am now following you in support


You got that right daydreams! Searl technology deserves everyone's attention and support! Glad I found you on here @verbs! looking forward to an awesome future ahead! Please keep up the great work. I know you know the world needs what you are working on, so count on me for any and all support I can provide. God Bless!

Good Post!
Thanks for sharing.

Inreresting read i could see a lot of spinoff invrntions from this. No pun intended

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