Steemit's First What's in My Purse Post - Doomsday Edition!!!!!1

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I am very pleased and proud to bring you Steemit's first What's in My Purse post. People on Youtube live for this. Since my normal purse is really boring (I only keep my wallet and phone in it), I decided to be a little different and show you my doomsday purse instead. This is the purse I'd take if I felt like something was going to go down that day and I wouldn't be able to go home for a few days.

Here it is. It's really cute and colorful with a cute little bow in front. I got it at Kohl's in case you are wondering. My husband got me the blingy Juicy Couture heart keychain one year for Christmas.

First, I'll show you what's in the front pocket. I don't know what use the earbuds will do me. I don't even have an mp3 player. I guess they're good to have in case I need to hop on a plane and want to watch all the movies. In the little vial is bug repellant. You're gonna want some of that if you ever get stuck out in the wilderness. Then of course, I have a water filter straw that filters out fluoride, VOCs, bacteria and everything else you don't want in your water. The black rubber thing is to attach the straw to a faucet and flush it out. I've already done that so it's good to go. And last, I have a mushroom hunting knife. It'll come in handy if I want to eat mushrooms or if I need money, I could find some wild mushrooms to sell. Those can bring in a pretty penny. The two other black things are just cases for the water filter straw and mushroom knife.

Now on to the zipper compartment. All I have in here is a digital camera, which is good for documentation, a compass and flashlight.

In the main compartment, I have my Ka-bar Dozier knife. It was only like $20 but it's very good for the price point. You never know when you'll need to cut through something or defend yourself. I also have a local map of Southern California so I can find my way around and look for good bugout locations. Next I have a nutcracker, because what good will it be when you find some nuts to eat and can't even open them? The pink rope thing is a monkey ball. It's supposed to hurt if you hit someone in the head with it but I never tried it. Then, some oil blotting papers because I'll probably get shiny out in the hot sun, and a Tide to-go pen and Shout wipes because I won't have access to a washer. The My Little Pony keychain is actually a USB stick. It has all my pictures and stuff on it. If I can never get back to my computer, I don't want to lose everything. It has the key to all my savings on it. And then, it is good to have a whistle in case you get separated from someone or need to get someone's attention.

Finally, there is another zipper compartment on back of the purse. All I have in there is some Doxycycline and another bug repellent. If you're going to be in the wildnerness away from doctors, antibiotics are very important. Even if you never need them, they make great bartering items.

Obviously there are a lot more things I need to add to survive doomsday. I need to find the cable for my camera so I can charge it. I have a solar charger that I will add. I'll also add a lighter, matches, glasses, bandaids, iodine, alcohol wipes, superglue, hand sanitizer, a space blanket, salt packets and sugar. Maybe some rope and a small saw. If you have any more ideas about what I should add, tell me in the comments below.

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I have a newborn baby and have a huge bag that I carry everywhere! It has many of the things that you think are important for doomsday and I think that I may need them for daily life LOL. You can get mini first aid kits on amazon for like $8 that have bandaids, alcohol wipes, burn cream, etc. I literally carry a change of clothes for me and my daughter, diapers, wipes, toys , blanket, hand sanitizer, first aid kit and my phone plus phone charger everywhere I go :)

Wow, I was shocked. I was expecting make up and tissues and stuff like that. It was very surprising to see that you had all that survival gear inside your purse. Some of the stuff you have in there is very important for survival.

Keeping a whistle is very important if you are lost in the woods. It would be good to add a little signal mirror in case you need to signal an aircraft over head. A compass and map are also very important.

I would definitely add iodine water purification tablets, as you never know when a disaster strikes. I believe they are one of the most important things to have in a survival kit. Also some fireproof matches would be good as well.

This was an interesting read, beyond my expectations!


Oh yea, I will need to add a signal mirror too. Good idea! And some water purification tablets since that straw doesn't last long. I'm glad you liked my post!

i guessed wrong i thought you be packing some heat ;)


I wouldn't carry it in my purse. I think a holster's better.

That's a great idea! You could say that we are kind of "preppies", but in a throw it all in the back of a unruly and head for the hills kind of way. What if you can only get out with what you could carry? What would you grab? You've inspired me to make an emergency bag for myself! Thanks for sharing!


Yay! It's always good to be prepared!

Eeek, women's purses are a forbidden terirtory for men. First, you can't find anything. Second, you don't know what you will find in them and what will jump at you. Definitely not for me.

Otherwise, a great post. A bit scarry but great anyways :)

you will need a very big bag for all of this


I still have so much room in my purse. It's like Narnia.


fair enough my queen

There is space

Nice, you have a knife and a compass and a map. That's great! I live in Montana and have a complete bug out bag full of survival goods. If shit were to hit the fan, the urban jungle would be a helluvalot different than out here in the subalpine forest. Good for you for being prepared :) QM

Interesting post!
You can take a needle and thread for mending of torn clothes and etc

WOW. If I ever get stuck on an island I'd want your purse! Fully equipped :)